You can have the prettiest brand with the nicest logo, the best brochures, and tons of money to spend on marketing, but if you are missing one key component, you’ll never move up that ladder towards those massive dreams you guys have.

Imagine if you went to your hair stylist and said, “the usual” and you placed all of your trust in her to update your roots, add some highlights and trim some off the ends.  Same as always.  But this time she decided you needed to be purple, she forgot to add the highlights and she got distracted before she finished the trim, and so she left you totally crooked.  Would you be pissed? uh, YEAH.

You came to her asking for everything you know she’s good at, you trust her to do and she did not deliver. This time.  Suddenly, she was not CONSISTENT.

CONSISTENCY is the key to anything in this life and I’m going to explain why.

In the role of a small business or entrepreneurs life, we are attempting to get our business, brand and message in front of the right people.  If you are posting on Facebook once every 3 days, or go for weeks at a time without posting, your consistency obviously needs work, right?

Not only are you sending the message that you are too busy for the people who need you – so busy that you can’t remember to post on your business page/group or profile – so busy that you can’t take 10 minutes to maintain relationships on social media.  You are also sending the message that you’re not trustworthy because on a subconscious level you’re saying to people “other things are more important to me than this.” and that doesn’t do anything to help your business.

Whether that’s true or not is completely irrelevant because perception is king – things are not always as they seem, but in the world of social media? No one cares about that.

Being consistent does 3 things for your business:

  1. You show up. Even if it’s just to say, “Hey, how are you?” you are showing up for people. Staying in front of them. That counts.  It maintains a connection – even if you don’t know the person, you’re still in front of them.
  2. You’re building trust and respect. People trust you because you show up.  They respect you because you show up.  Know like and trust?  Being built consistently every day.
  3. It sets you apart because 99% of businesses out there? They are not consistent.  They get distracted. They get bored. They get discouraged. But not you. You are consistent.. You are showing up. 

Beyond your brand and your social media, consistency is key across the board. It’s important that your accounts on twitter, facebook, Instagram are consistently branded. It’s important that you’re consistent in the way you respond to client questions. It’s important that your systems are consistent and clear. But even farther beyond that, it’s important that you are consistent in your effort.  Be consistent with feeding your mind inspiration. Be consistent with your meditation and quiet time. Be consistent with taking care of yourself. Be consistent with monitoring the thoughts in your head and consistently choose differently. 

Consistency – it’s literally the only word between you and everything you want. 

So the question is:  are you consistent in every area that is important?  Truthfully?  If we’re being real here? I’m not. I’m inconsistent as hell when it comes to my physical fitness, nutrition and even making time to meditate lately has been patchy. I’m becoming more consistent with the work stuff, posting, sharing, but I have so far to go. So, ask yourself: What work do you have to do?  How can you take a step towards becoming more consistent this weekend? And ask yourself, What tiny change can you make?

Think about that as you enter another weekend of rest.  Take some time for yourself to breathe, think and evaluate where you can become more consistent.  And then just do it… over and over again until it’s a consistent habit that sticks.

With love and light.

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