Social Media is a beast, and staying on trend whether you are a small business or in network marketing can be a daunting task.  All too often the comment I hear from my client is “I don’t have time to be on social media as much as these other people.” and I want to respond with this:  Do you want success?  Do you want a business that thrives?  If the answer is yes, then find the 20 minutes it takes each day to pull it together and be a little social.  In the words of my lovely friend Jen, “If you have time to pee, you have time to be on social media. Multitask.”

I’ll just leave that right there…. and get on with my 5 tips for effective social media marketing.

1. BE SOCIAL ON SOCIAL –  Sounds like I’m blowing smoke here, but I can tell you from personal experience that when you are social on social media for 10-15 minutes prior to posting something, creating a video or launching anything, you will have a greater response.  Social media is run on algorithms and those algorithms favor people who actually engage on their platforms. Let me be clear:  Liking a bunch of posts without reading them? That’s not social.  Stopping to read, engage and comment?  THAT is social.  The algorithm is smart!  It can tell how long you’ve been on a post, and if you’re just liking and glancing by?  It’s not going to fly.   You have to stop and comment.

In my experience, when I make a live video, I will be actively active on social for 10 minutes prior to my live.  My live viewers are almost 3x what they were before I started this simple little practice.

2. KNOW WHO YOU’RE TALKING TO – There’s nothing worse than throwing a post up on social media without a target.  Sharing cats, food, booze – it’s all well and good, but is it targeting the person you want to reach?  Are you digging into that target client so deeply that you know what they are searching for, looking for and learning about?  You should be sharing your content in a way that is useful to your target audience.  Don’t know what’s useful to them?  ASK.  If you ask them, they’ll answer.  Likely, those answers will surprise you because frequently we think we know what our client needs, but if our client doesn’t know they need it?  Your efforts will be wasted.

3. PROVIDE MASSIVE VALUE  – I had a conversation a few months ago where I made the simple suggestion that the person I was speaking to should volunteer his content to a group of people who are his target audience.  He spent 20 minutes telling me that no one was hiring him at his prices, and upon making the suggestion that he should SHOW people the experience he provides instead of waiting for them to simply trust him and jump, his reply was “I never give away anything for free. I’m too valuable for that.”  And to that I call BS.

You can be known for what you do. You can be the most amazing entrepreneur in the world, but if no one takes value from the things you ARE giving away for free? No one will hire you because they won’t trust you. There’s a phrase in the business world called, “Know, Like, Trust.”  In order for people to know you, they have to see you. In order for them to see you, someone has to share you. In order for them to share you?  You have to give them something worth sharing.  Value. Value is worth sharing.  Provide massive value and you’ll find yourself building the trust of people much much faster than if you hide behind your mask of not stooping so low as to help someone.

4. BE CONSISTENT – Woody Allen was right on the money when he said “80% of success is just showing up.”  More often than not, when I speak with the girlbosses of the world and they say, “I just don’t know why I’m not growing a following.”  it’s because they are either not providing value, not knowing their audience, or they think that showing up once in a while is enough.  Imagine if you were a coffee barista.  Your job is to make coffee from the local coffee shop every day. You show up  without fail, smile, laugh, build trust in your daily customers to the point where they really look forward to seeing you each morning. They love your energy, the conversation and the way you make a killer cup of coffee.  3 weeks go by and you have a small following of people who really love you, but then you get distracted and decide that “I can skip today. I’m too busy. My kids are sick. I don’t have time.”  And you don’t come to the coffee shop for a week.

When you come back, your customers are flustered! Where were you? What happened? Are you ok?  And you start showing up again for a few days before you decide that distraction will win again and you stop.  Your customers stop trusting that you’ll be there, they stop showing up for you and they find another cup of coffee elsewhere.  Your following is lost and you are back at square one.

That is what it’s like when you decide that the drama on social media has gotten so far into your head and you “need a break.” Don’t quit. Be consistent. Be trustworthy.  JUST SHOW UP.

5. BE A DECENT HUMAN BEING – I add this one in there because it’s a lost art among the larger social beasts of the world.  When someone comments on your post?  Please reply to that person.  Even better? Reply to that person in a way that will make them reply BACK to you.  For example, if they leave a comment that says, “Yes. Love this.”  Reply back with “Thanks so much! What was your favorite part?”  Two magical things happen when you do this:

  1. You cultivate a relationship with another human being. THAT is amazing. That is a lost art.  Relationships are how businesses are built.
  2. The algorithm? It will love you.  Engagement in the form of comments on your posts is a trigger to the social gods that “hey, this is getting traction. Let’s show this to more people.”

So keep commenting. Cultivate those relationships and be a decent human being that people can relate to.

Social media is a big place. It’s overwhelming and a beast of epic proportions and it literally changes daily.  Follow these 5 steps and you’ll find that it’s a little bit more manageable and less scary.

Lastly. I would love to invite you to join me over in my free community The Society of Female Entrepreneurs. We are talking all about these tips and how to make them a little easier each day.

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