We live in a time where female entrepreneurs are deep in personal development. They are losing friends because they are evolving past the comfort zone of their close circles and finding it’s a very lonely place to be when you’re running a business that scares the majority of your friends. Not because it’s a “scary” business, but because you’re throwing around words like “Universe” or “spiritual” or “meditate”. That is terrifying to people who’ve never experienced it before.  One of those scary words is Alignment.  It sounds so far off in the distance – almost unattainable. And it throws a lot of people – even entrepreneurs – for a loop.

What does that even mean?  Pink is the new black.  Gold is the new silver.  Alignment is the new hustle? I thought Hustle was the only hustle.

If you talk to many 6 or 7 figure entrepreneur they typically have a few common denominators:  1. They wake up early  2. They meditate  3. They journal  4.  They exercise  5.  They spend every free moment on personal development.   Notice this list does not include “work 70 hours a week” or “cold call all day” or “post on social continuously so as to be ruthless and annoying as hell.”  They know that when your mindset matches your vision, the stars will align and you can let things be easy.

LET things be easy? What?  As entrepreneurs we are trained to believe that the harder we work, the more we will make.  The reality is that the easier we allow it to be – the more we trust in our higher power to drive the car and guide the journey – the easier and more abundant the journey will be.  This is hard!!  I’m not naive enough to sit here and say that it’s not hard. It’s freaking HARD.  Trusting your life to the energy of an unseen source of power?  WHAT?  But alas, it’s true.

Surrendering requires you to do two things:  1. Trust that your higher power (whatever you identify that as: God, the Universe, Source, Buddha…) is guiding your journey in a way that is perfect for YOU.  2. Consciously stop trying to control the path you’re on.   Often I will speak with entrepreneurs and they will say, “I trust the Universe to make this happen.” but in truth, they are manipulating the situation by trying to micromanage the process.  Imagine if you are looking for the love of your life.  You tirelessly scour the online dating sites, talk about it constantly, worry about it endlessly and spend all of your time thinking about how you do not yet have a boyfriend.  You say, “I’ve surrendered it!” but yet you still spend hours dwelling, thinking, controlling…. and what you are doing is controlling your way on to a frequency that is out of alignment with the frequency of your higher power.  Whereas, if you would say to yourself, “I’m trusting this will happen when it’s time.”  Go about your life, remind yourself daily that the right person will fall into your path at the perfect moment – not dwelling, thinking, controlling – but TRUSTING – truly trusting.  If you could do that?  You find alignment with that vision and it will be easy and powerful.

We do this with our businesses. We try to micromanage the journey. Obsessing over our launches, our products, our clients.  We spend hours pouring over books and watching webinars.  When if we would just stop to trust that we are in the place we are meant to be in – that this is part of the beautiful journey unique to us – we would find that everything is easier, more aligned and happens effortlessly.

So, this begs the question:  How do we find alignment in the midst of the hustle?  Good thing you asked because I have 4 things for you to try TODAY.

  1. Meditate.  Yes, I realize that finding time to sit lotus in the middle of a busy day is counterintuitive, but the power lies in the space between. Give yourself the time to just BE.  Give yourself the time to simply shut everything off and TRUST in the power of the silence.  20 minutes twice a day should do it. Check out Headspace if you’re new to meditation and just try it.

2.Brain Dump.  What?  Take out a sheet of paper and write down every single thing that is rolling through your mind. Categorize it.  Prioritize it.  Get it all out on paper and then pick your top 3 for this week: The top 3 “next best steps”.  Look at those top 3 and work on those.  By focusing just on the things you can finish, you take the pressure off of yourself to micromanage the journey. Just do what is naturally next.

3. Set an alarm on your phone for every hour.  No lie. Every.freaking.hour.  It should be labeled:  CONTROL FREAK, CHECK YOURSELF.  Every hour check in with your thoughts.  Are you trying to control the situation? Are you obsessing over a conversation? Are you worried about what will happen?  Check your thoughts because my friend Where your focus goes, energy flows. (there’s one of those quotes for you!)  If you find yourself in the midst of controlling, freaking out, obsessing or worry?  Say this to yourself repeatedly, “I let this go and allow the Universe to do her thing. I am ready to receive love.”  No lie, repeat it. You’ll feel a visceral release.  And if you don’t?  Keep repeating it. Print it out and put it on your computer.  Just say it with gumption and honesty.  You may even cry because releasing that stress can be so powerful. Allow it to just be gone.

4. Read something powerful. Listen to a podcast that inspires you.  Feed your mind with love, support, motivation and surrender.  Consciously choose to feed your mind with food that will nourish it. A few recommendations:

The Universe Has Your Back (Gabrielle Bernstein)

Outrageous Openness (Tosha Silver)

Big Magic (Elizabeth Gilbert)

You Are A Badass (Jen Sincero)

Light Is The New Black (Rebecca Campbell)

Listen, I get it.  Falling into the trap of stress, worry, obsession and fear is an easy path to follow.  But if you want to succeed – if you want to be a multi 6 or 7 or 8 figure entrepreneur, you have to get your mind in check.  Find the alignment.  Find the space between and allow yourself to be ok there.  Hustle is amazing. But hustle without alignment is wasted effort.

Want to surround yourself with amazing female entrepreneurs who are finding alignment in their hustle?  Join us over at The Society of Female Entrepreneurs.  We aren’t perfect – in fact we screw it up regularly – but we are diving deep, answering hard questions and finding our way.

Love & Light.

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