Scroll through any business blog, Pinterest post or Facebook live video and you’ll hear the business coach ramble on about “knowing your audience avatar.”  I have said it myself, a million times.  But that doesn’t help, does it?  It doesn’t help when you’re in a network marketing business and you’ve got this plan to build your team to a fantastic level, but when you share things on social media, no one responds.  It doesn’t help when you’ve got this dream, but you have absolutely no idea how to make it come to fruition without A. being a pain in the ass and B. alienating everyone you know.

So how do you build your team for your direct sales business in a meaningful and authentic way?  Well, you have to know your audience.  I know, right?!  But here’s the twist:  If you are in direct sales, you have two audiences!  Every direct selling company consultant has TWO DISTINCT AUDIENCES.  The first is your customer who will buy your products or services. The second is the person who loves those products but also wants in on the opportunity the business provides. They each require you to speak a little differently because they are each looking for different transformations.

See, that’s the key word right there: TRANSFORMATION.  When you’re speaking to your ideal audience, you have to speak not so much in terms of “this product offers this effect.” but in terms of “here’s the transformation you as a person will go through if you buy this.”  For example, if you sell makeup.  Yes, you could say,

“This eyeshadow is all natural, so pretty and the best I’ve ever used.” 

OR, in terms of transformation, you could say,

“You know how you put eye shadow on in the morning and by 9 am it’s completely nonexistent because you rubbed your eyes one time? That doesn’t happen with this eye shadow. It stays in place all day so that you can look human all day long. Winning!” 

You’re coming at it from that place of transformation. What was the transformation?  The transformation is going from Point A (makeup that doesn’t last, ultimately making you look like a homeless person by mid morning) to point B (makeup that stays on so that you can look professional and respectable all day long.)

Do you follow me?  Speak in terms of that transformation and you’ll hit a nerve every time.

With regards to building a team, the transformation is different though, isn’t it?  A potential team member might love the transformation of long lasting, non homeless looking eye shadow, but they may also be interested in the transformation that the opportunity provides. They may be very interested in knowing more about how the opportunity has changed your life and amplified your dream.

So, for example if you’re in the makeup industry and you say to a potential team member,

“Listen, I get it. There are a million and one opportunities out there for you to make money at home.  But this one? This one changes lives. It changes womens lives by putting the power of beauty in their hands and then it also changes YOUR life because it takes you from a place where you feel like something is missing – where you feel like you’re made for more – and it gives you not only the financial freedom to buy vacations for your family or dinner at a restaurant, but it gives you the power too. You have the power to make more money, change more lives and morph into this amazing entrepreneur who’s inspiring the masses. Through makeup! From home! How many business owners can say honestly say that?”

The transformation is from point A (feeling like she needs more, wants a little more money) to point B (having the power to make as much as she wants and she’s changing lives at the same time. she’s empowered, and empowering.)  That is the power of transformation. Speaking from a place of transformation will not only up your game, but it will increase your visibility because people cannot resist sharing things that are transformational. Have you ever met someone who lost 150 pounds? They are so excited to tell you exactly how they did it because they experienced a massive shift.

It’s the same with direct sales.  The shift is the catalyst and sometimes you have to help them acknowledge the shift and its possibilities to get them on board with giving it a try.

Right here? This is the point where every person in direct sales says, “Jessica, ok, transformation, great. But how do I actually FIND new team members so that I can talk about that transformation?”  Well, truth time?  You have to build a following. You have to focus not on pitching your friends and family, but on building a community around your brand.  You. Your expertise. Your knowledge. Your secret sauce.

Here’s the breakdown:

You have a certain knowledge base – both around your products and your general level of expertise in a given area.

You provide value packed content – trainings, education, information, humor – anything that will be perceived as having a massive amount of value by the people you’re trying to attract.

That leads to people following you because you’re providing incredible value. Value = Followers.

Where does that get you?  Well, if you have a community of followers who are impressed and loving the value you provide it means they trust you, like you and value what you’re saying.  So, when the time comes for you to actually share a promotion about your services or products, it will land on warm ears instead of cold.  Your offer will be received from a much better place because you’ve taken the time to build up that Know, Like and Trust factor from the start.

Start there. Start providing value. Start sharing knowledge instead of selling all of the time.

Start doing that and next week I’ll be back with my top 4 strategies for building a following on social media in a way that resonates with your mission, message and brand – but also in a way that resonates with exactly who you’re trying to attract.

In the meantime, head on over to the Society of Female Entrepreneurs to hang out with over 600 bosses (all women!) who are slaying every day all day. Ask questions, get feedback and start this year off by making a bigger impact. See you over there!

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