In just a few days you could be attracting the perfect clients to you effortlessly - all through Instagram!

"I just want to know how to find my perfect clients on Instagram."

It's the most common statement I hear about Instagram on a daily basis, and with good reason. The second most common statement?  "What hashtags should I use?"

Most people on Instagram think it's about the perfect hashtag, the perfect picture, perfect setting, perfect lighting and perfectly creative eye. You might be feeling that way too - like you need to be a professional photographer or have a husband with a good eye to take your photos.  

The good news? Instagram has little to do with the professional photos and more to do with:

  • Who you're targeting

  • What they need from you

  • How you can relate to them

  • Where you want to send them

Do the pretty pictures matter? Kind of? But not as much as you think.

What matters more?

  • Find and attract the right customers on Instagram effortlessly and consistently
  • Learn the strategies for hashtags: how to find the right ones and where to put them
  • Optimize your Instagram profile for maximum visibility and reach
  • Uncover exactly who your audience is and learn how to tailor your Instagram content to resonate with exactly the right person
  • Brainstorm + create over a month's worth of content with a simple process you can replicate month after month
  • Create beautiful and powerful stories that connect with your audience on a deeper level so they keep watching
  • Create your Instagram Funnel and learn how to drive traffic to your email list through a free offer, and you'll get my email swipe files!
  • Understand the process of monetizing your Instagram and converting your followers into paying customers through the use of story promotions, your funnel and direct messenger
  • Unleash the power of the DM (direct messenger) to convert your followers into clients

  • 6 Training Modules containing: 15 in depth training videos to walk you through the process step-by-step
  • 100+ page workbook for deep diving into the content 
  • Access to all course updates, new trainings, material and future modules.



  • You feel like you don't know what to post, how to show up or how to target your perfect audience

  • You're not sure how Instagram works to convert people into paying customers

  • You are trying, but your account isn't growing steadily

  • You're willing to put in the work. Instagram takes time, like any platform

  • You're NOT happy with your engagement and just wish you could attract the right people to you

"I was so tired of Facebook. I felt like I couldn't really control what I was seeing, the vibe over there was super negative and I knew that I wanted to switch to Instagram. Jessica's class changed everything for me and showed me that I was coming about it ALL WRONG. It's not about the pictures - it's about the people and finding a way to connect to them.  It's been a total shift in my Instagram since her class. I'm up to over 750 followers now, and I feel like they all "get" me."

- Vicki T.



“Wow! What an incredible course!  Jessica is the Instagram Maven!  I used to be overwhelmed by Instagram.  I didn’t know what to post, struggled to get followers & didn’t get much engagement when I did post.  Thanks to Jessica’s Instagram course, I now know what kind of content to post, get a lot more engagement and have made some incredible contacts for my business!  I highly recommend!”  

-Jess Brennan (The Clean Product Junkie)

Jessica Barnak (@spiritualbosses)

As a business coach and 16 year entrepreneur, I have learned that the way to business success today is to get really good at being online.  I know what it takes to build an online presence that people trust, and I know what it takes to convert those followers into paying customers. 

If you take the time to go through this training you will be light years above your competition and learn what Instagram can do for your business. 

Instagram is the social platform responsible for putting my business on the map, and consistently yields new high paying clients for me each and every day.

You do NOT need a large following to make money on this platform. Do not fall into the hands of that myth! I was monetizing my Instagram when I had just a few hundred followers, and you can too.


Are you ready to be intentional about Instagram so you can connect with new clients?


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