Welcome to the Affiliate Program for the Miracle Masterclass!  

The Miracle Masterclass is a 6 week transformational program for inspired entrepreneurs who are tired of playing small and ready to step up their game.

This program is perfect for female entrepreneurs who:

  • Need clarity. They work all day and make no progress because they don’t have clarity in where their business is headed.
  • Share on social media with little to no response, and are looking for strategies to build a following that raves about them
  • Are overwhelmed by the path their business has the potential of taking – how will they get where they need to go when there is so much to learn?
  • Are 100% ready to take the next step, do the hard work and invest in the future of their business

To learn more about the course, it’s values and principles, please visit this link:   MIRACLE MASTERCLASS


As an affiliate of this Masterclass, you will be entitled to 10% commission on all sales*. Currently, the Miracle Masterclass retails for $897.

*Commissions are paid 30 days after the sale, and are not paid out if a refund is issued. The current window for refunds is within the first 14 days.

The marketing window for this round of Miracle Masterclass begins on January 22 and ends on January 31, when the registration will close.  Jessica will be providing value packed content that you will have the opportunity to share while promoting your unique affiliate link.


A schedule of video workshops coming up:

January 22: Confident selling, Sell without selling, know your worth and stand by your value  (Applications open for masterclass open)

January 23:   Direct Sales and MLM – what can it look like to keep an MLM and brand yourself at the same time?

January 24: Instagram audience – use these strategies to grow quickly and authentically

January 25:   Branding 101 – what is your brand story?

January 26:   5 steps to build a tribe of followers online

January 29: Bonus – 3 Steps to build a business that resonates every time

January 31:  Applications for the masterclass close



Does it cost anything to be an affiliate of this program?

Nope.  Affiliate status is currently being offered to people Jessica has hand picked for this opportunity and has no cost associated with it.

How do I get paid?

Our affiliates make 10% commission on the cost of the program.  When someone purchases the program using your unique link, you will earn 10% on the price they pay.  Your commissions will be deposited directly into your PayPal account 30 days after the sale.  If the person should request a refund or the sale does not go through, your commission will not be paid.  Students have 14 days to request a refund from the date of sale.

Why should I promote your course for you?

Aside from the financial benefits to our affiliates, as business owners it’s important to provide valuable, trustworthy resources to the people we serve. By providing this to your audience, you’re not only gaining credibility as a trusting resource yourself, but you’re also solidifying your own status as an expert and a facilitator of transformation.

How do I promote this to my community?

You can promote this in any way you like, however the methods that work the best are:

  • Personal messages – send someone a personalized message with why you think they would like the course
  • Facebook Groups – share the course on social media with a CUSTOM CAPTION that states what you perceive to be the reason your community would benefit from the program
  • Instagram – Add this to IG stories and your profile with your affiliate link in your profile and remember to mention the benefits and why you’re recommending it
  • Email marketing – have a list? Create a custom email for your audience and send out your affiliate link through email, telling your audience why you think they would be interested and what the transformation is from this course.


What is the transformation that a business owner goes through from taking this course?

The transformation is taking that business owner who can feel that she’s on the edge of something amazing with her business and walking her through a process by which she comes out the other side feeling confident, educated, inspired and like she can finally see how to push herself over that cusp she’s sitting on.  She goes from being unsure to absolutely 100% alive with intentional direction. She knows her path. She knows where she is going, and she KNOWS how to get there.

Are you ready to become an affiliate?

Note:  Affiliate submissions close very soon and are limited to 25 applicants.