The number one comment I hear from my clients in Direct Sales is: “I can’t seem to build a team that is as passionate or motivated as I am.”  or “People just don’t believe me when I tell them what is possible with my company.” You find yourself in love with the mission, message and company you are working with and just want to attract people who GET IT. I get that!  It’s frustrating to be the most motivated person you know, right?

There are a few things that could be holding you back in this attraction arena.

  1. You could be targeting the wrong people:  think about your target audience. Are you messaging and connecting only with people who fit your demographic?
  2. You could be using language and tactics that are immediately putting your prospect on the defense.  Ever sent a message or made a post that said, “Looking for 3 people who want to lose weight this month.” ?  If you do that and it’s not working, then it might be time for a change.
  3. Your mindset could be sabotaging your success.  Our vibe attracts our tribe and even when we think our vibe is 100% amazing, if we’re not attracting exactly who we need, then something is off.

One of the first things I ask my clients to do in this situation is a Mindset Recalibration.  Your vibe attracts does indeed attract your tribe, and it stands to reason that if you’re not attracting exactly the person you want, you’re not putting out the vibe necessary to do so.  By taking part in a simple recalibration, you can reset your vibe, adjust your mindset (even if you don’t think it needs adjusting) and make the necessary inner shifts so that you can attract exactly the right person to your team.

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The second most common thing I hear from my clients is that you are posting and posting online but nothing is happening. You are sharing the good word about your amazing business, but no one is responding and no one is engaging.  You feel like you’re spamming people constantly, but have no idea HOW to do it any other way.  You’ve been trained to cold message people, share the word about your business and pray someone bites.

There is a better way, I promise you.  Not only can you build a business that actually resonates with people, but you can build a business that will remain standing should anything happen to your parent company or MLM.  Very soon I am releasing The Recalibrate Academy courses to help you with exactly this.  I have made it my mission to teach as many direct sales consultants as I can that you can have a business that allows you to:  still work part time  | stay home with your family  | make good money  |  have a tribe of raving fans  |  be an influencer and change lives daily.

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To answer the most pressing question:  No, this Academy is not crazy expensive.  My mission is to reach the masses – not the elite.