What is This Graceful Life?

You can choose differently and start over every single morning you wake up to see the light of day. You can slowly start to see the energy shift around you so that the drama, anxiety, worry, fear and judgement fade to a dull hum in the background instead of a truck flying at you 100 mph.


Over the course of 4 weeks I will teach you what I know, what I believe and you will walk away from me different than you were when you started.  



  • A deep dive look into your spirituality & the Universe like you have never looked before.  I share with you my process for harnessing the power of the Universe and the ways in which you are blocking your own abundance from reaching you
  • A complete and total mindset reset for the busy modern woman.  Learn mindset shifts and tools to apply to your actual real life situations so that you can shift the tiny moments each day, ultimately shifting the larger moments overall
  • Learn how to release worry, fear, anxiety and raise the vibration of your energy
  • Identify those limiting beliefs and deep fears, and learn how to pick out the triggers that are ultimately driving your life
  • Gain massive perspective from the birds eye view of the Universe and release your fears
  • Take a deep dive look at your life to identify what's working, what's not working and ultimately redesign your life in all aspects.
  • Live a graceful life - harness the power of your beliefs, your new mindset and your dreams to become the architect of your life.  Walk away with the roadmap to the life and legacy you want to live.

The lessons for this course are provided on a weekly basis via a live call.  Calls are recorded and archived for those who are not able to make the live call.

In addition, members of this program are provided free access to the Graceful Life Members Club. Inside this members club Jessica provides additional weekly trainings, expert interviews, live Q&A sessions and so much more. The Graceful Life Members Club is hosted in a Private Facebook group, however the trainings are archived off of Facebook within the program website. (for those who are not on Facebook)

We are currently accepting Beta test applications for this program.


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