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What exactly do you DO, Jessica?

Are you a coach? Mentor? Advisor?  You call yourself a Spirit Junkie – what the heck is that?!

“I should just go get a real job, because this isn’t going as I planned.”  Have you ever said that?

“I’m in the same place I was last year because my fears are holding me in place.”  Have you ever said this?

“I can’t seem to attract clients and team members who are as passionate about this as I am!” What about this? Have you thought this?

This is what I do. I help you get out of your own way, recalibrate everything from your mindset to your business strategy to finally attract the people who need what you have to offer.  Our fears hold us back, and our inconsistency is killing our businesses.  I strip your business and mindset down to the bare bones, figure out what’s up and we rebuild it in a way that will not only resonate with your perfect client, but make you some money too.  The best businesses in the world are simply beautiful reflections of the beautiful people running them.   We get into everything from your WHY to the best social media platforms for you, to the way your brand, colors and outward appearance online are either working for you or against you.  ALL of this is done in my own Spirit Junkie way. I love to help business owners not only create a strategy, but also address the mindset and doubts that are literally sabotaging their success.

My clients come to me struggling to make sense of their direction and really reach people. They leave me with a revitalized business, a solid plan and a beautiful mind that is programmed for success –  making it all happen in a way that is heart centered and meaningful.

I work with small businesses, network marketers and budding entrepreneurs to literally design a business and a life they’ve been dreaming of. My passion lies in teaching entrepreneurs that with a few simple tweaks, anything is possible.

What are your qualifications?

If you’re looking for someone who can say that they carry a degree in business, I’m not your girl. Being married to a man neck deep in corporate life, I understand the need to cling to traditional qualifications and certifications.  If that is you and you require someone who would fit the corporate mold of “perfectly qualified on paper” – then I’m definitely not your girl.

I do have a bachelor’s degree (from Penn State. WE ARE!), and in the past 15 years I have created two amazing and successful six figure businesses from the ground up. One business: a newborn and maternity portrait studio (the artsy side of me) and the other: an Interior Design Studio (also the artsy, but calculated side of me..)  Both were manifested and sculpted from a heart centered, Universe inspired place and I’m very proud of the businesses they became and also of the many people they served.   My mission in my businesses has always been to serve and serve well, but I also believe that with the right structure, strategy and some ingenuity, there is nothing wrong with making some damn good money too.

Experience is the greatest teacher, and I have a lot of it.

What does it look like to work with you?

Working with me is either one on one or in 6 week increments. Currently, I am accepting only one on one clients, as our 6 week masterclass is full.

One on one coaching includes weekly phone/video calls for planning, mindset, strategy and accountability. One on one coaching is completed on a month by month basis and billed on the 1st of the month.  There is no minimum requirement of monthly commitment. For some, a month is all it takes. For others, we are 8 months later and still working.   Contact Jessica for current coaching rates.

Why should I hire you? What makes you unique, Jessica?

You are right! Everyone is a coach! You can’t throw a stone without hitting one and do you know what that means?! It means that now more than any other time in our history people are STEPPING UP.  People are no longer interested in just maintaining the status quo and getting through life. Instead, they are hiring coaches, improving themselves, their standing and LIVING life.  How amazing is that!?  We are in the middle of an entrepreneurial boom bigger than any we’ve ever seen, and the ones who are getting help, educating themselves, hiring coaches, sitting through trainings and giving it their absolute all are the ones you’ll see on the front lines of this revolution we’re in.

Why should you hire me?  Ultimately, you should hire me because I resonate with you.  Because you connect with my message, my voice and my mission. You should hire me because you’re ready to be held accountable and step up in your life, your business and your mindset, and you should hire me knowing that I will push you, inspire you and support you along the way.

Here’s what I can offer you:  Business advice, strategy and masterminding.  Branding analysis and comprehensive visual brand cohesion – ie: I can help you make it pretty.  I can help you create a business and marketing plan that fits your lifestyle, your business and using my 20 year background in photography and graphic design, I can help you make it beautiful.  When I think about my own business the strategy and planning is one thing, but if what you’re putting out there isn’t also beautiful and visually appealing? You’re wasting your time.  I can help you find a balance to that and bring a visual element to your efforts that represents you and your mission perfectly.

Here’s the thing about hiring me: I only work with people who are ready to take action, ready to answer the hard questions and ready to hear the things that no one is willing to say to them.  If that sounds like something you’re up for?  Awesome. Let’s talk.

Don't take it from me...

“I wasn’t reaching anyone!  Every time I posted anything on social media it was like I heard crickets.  No one was responding to my posts, my videos – no one was hearing me!  Jessica called me and in just 2 hours she showed me how to make little changes that have me finally getting a response!  She tweaked my brand, my website, my message and I just love talking to her because she’s teaching me how to be more optimistic and unapologetic for what I want.  It sounds cliche, but she has literally made me a better person.  My business is on it’s way to flourishing and thanks to her, my head is in the game and my positivity is through the roof!”   -Cate Trogo

“Hiring Jessica was probably the smartest move I’ve made.  I didn’t realize how much I had been sabotaging my own business just in my mind, but she helped me see how I was trying to achieve one thing, but in my mind I didn’t really think I deserved it.  I was sending too many mixed signals to the Universe. She taught me how to channel my thoughts, change the structure of my day and really focus on my dreams and what I wanted in life, instead of what I was missing.  A small thing brought so much clarity to me and my business and I feel like I’m unstoppable. -Melody Bell

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