"Happiness Is A Choice" Is The World's Most Frustrating Statement

When you're a mom and you're in the midst of raising children in a judgmental world and surrounded by all of the thousands of negative influences we experience every day....hearing that you can choose to be happy feels bit like a slap in the face, doesn't it?


Over a decade ago, I received a phone call telling me that BOTH of my daughters shared the same terminal illness and had a life expectancy of 25.  It was that moment - on the phone call - when I realized how little most people know about pain.

People would say to me:

"Just stay positive, Jess and it will all work out."

"Just focus on the good."

"You can't think about the scary stuff."

"Happiness is a choice."

Truthfully? I wanted to punch them in the throat.  How does someone stay positive and optimistic when you've just found out that you are going to outlive BOTH of your children?

I mean, seriously - when you're in the thick of those emotions, having someone say to you "Happiness is a choice" is a recipe for rage.

As life and luck would have it, a decade later, I know that phone call was the catalyst for the teacher I am today. It led me down a path to battling my mindset in the midst of one of the most awful things a woman can experience.  And it has served me well to fight that battle.

Today, I teach women like you how to harness their mindset in a way that makes sense and feels natural - BEFORE they are in the midst of the painful moments.

Do I eliminate the painful moments for you?

Hell no.  Nope.

But I can make them shorter. More tolerable.

You'll need less emotional stitching.


You love the idea of changing your life by simply "thinking positive!" There's just one problem: it's easier said than done.

Do you ever... 

  • Find yourself easily triggered by something someone says?
  • Feel like the world is judging you as a mother when you're doing your best to get by?
  • Feel like you haven't achieved what you thought you would have by this point in your life?
  • Compare yourself to other people?
  • Stop yourself from doing something you want to do because, "what will they think?"
  • Find it really hard to say no?
  • Feel like you're drowning under the responsibilities of being a working mom?
  • Worry about every little thing? Will it work? Will she be ok? What will they think? How will this go? Did I say the right thing? 
  • Spend a lot of time thinking, "what if..."
  • Feel like you have to be perfect and "do it all" to be considered successful?
  • Replay conversations in your head over and over again, thinking of new ways to have said something
  • Say, "I'm just unlucky."


You want to feel inspired, lucky, excited and really happy every day, but you're not sure how to do it. Well, my friends I've got your back!

When you have the right tools, perspective and mindset to approach every aspect of your life, the speed at which your life shifts will blow your mind.


I created This Graceful Life - a Mindset School for Modern Motherhood to help mothers all over the world take control of their mindset, their perspective and learn how to intentionally and deliberately design a life that feels amazing amidst the chaos that is motherhood.

When you have a better awareness of the Universe, your vibration, your energy, your emotions and your beliefs, it is impossible to remain in a negative space.  It becomes impossible to stay in despair. You'll always be aware of your inner guidance system. You'll always be shifting to a higher frequency, and ultimately attracting what you want in your life with more ease.

When you know how to do this, you will never UNLEARN it. You will always be coming back to this state of awareness: ready to shift into a better head space, a better frequency, or a better thought.

This Graceful life makes it really easy to take stock of where you are, what you believe, how you're showing up in the world and what you can do to make the changes you need to make to feel better about this life you're living.  


Eye opening, life changing, transforming, positive, and much needed! I've already made some positive adjustments and shifts.

This program is just what I needed in my life. Jessica's knowledge and positive energy is enlightening. I've learned so much about myself, my life, my personal relationships, and my business. I look forward to implementing this way of thinking so I can continue live a graceful life.
Jennifer J.

This is a chance to change yourself from within and alter all aspects of your life for the better, simply by altering the way you come at things and how you think of them.

Jessica is an incredible coach! Through This Graceful Life, she opened up my eyes to how I was standing in my own way simply by how I approached or thought about things. With guided sessions and clear (and pretty!) workbooks, I was able to move forward on my path to a happier, less stressful and anxiety-filled life.

Brighton W.

The perfect program that helps you start down the path of becoming the type of person you really want to be

This is the perfect program for someone who has big ideas, but has trouble getting out of their own way. Jessica's program helps you to identify the things holding you back from being who and where you want to be, and gives you a step-by-step framework on how to move towards becoming your best self. I learned so much!

Henna P.

A beautiful program for direction and clarity; A simple, yet powerful way to dig deep

I loved this program! A non-threatening approach that allows yourself to dig deep to find and allow yourself to be the person you are really meant to be. I have been on the journey for some time now, and this program came into my life at the right time (I was ready to listen and take heart to what Jessica had to say). It has helped me tremendously both in my personal life and with my business. Thank you, Jessica!!

Nancy P.

It's like I hit the reset button on my mindset.


This Graceful Life is a must have program for any modern mother.  If you're looking to stop feeling so triggered, emotionally exhausted and you want to change the way you're approaching your life, then this is the program to get a jump start.  Jessica has an ease about her that is intoxicating, and she's just an amazing teacher. Real. Relatable. 

Audra H.

If you're struggling with your mindset and creating the life you want that this is definitely a course worth doing

This is such a great course if you're looking to create positive change in your life. This course has shown me the areas of my mindset that need some work and given me the tools to improve those areas. I would highly recommend this course, particularly if you're struggling with your self belief or manifesting the things you want in life.
Amy C.

"It has me thinking more positively and that I have been worrying a lot less as a result. The overall message is that we control our path in life and how we see things around us, that we have the power choose if it is going to be a positive view or a negative view. Jessica has such a positive attitude!!! She really helped me look at life with a whole new view. I have always been that "what if" and "yeah, but" person. She was able to show me how to change that mind set and think with a much more positive attitude in just a few short weeks!"

Christine S.
Family Nurse

"Mindset is something I am passionate about. I believe that what you think, you attract and being in this course definitely gave me a lot of 'a ha' moments in that perspective. Jessica is a goddess when it comes to helping you see the light and helping you to get out of your own way. She has a unique way of guiding you to face the limiting beliefs you hold deep within yourself and to push forward, in a positive way, so you are attracting what you want in life."

Alicia T.
Yoga Teacher

Here's What's Inside This Program

This program is comprised of FOUR modules, each with 5-6 mini lessons to break it down, and a comprehensive, deep diving workbook to take it to the next level. 

Additionally, you'll have the opportunity to join Jessica on 4 live coaching calls to ask questions, dig deeper and take this process to a whole new place for you personally.

*Calls are recorded for those who cannot attend live

**Video presence is not required - you may simply listen via audio if video makes you uncomfortable




    • I created this program to help mothers across the world gain a deeper understanding and perspective on life. I see so many women paralyzed by the events of their lives - events like divorce and miscarriage, infidelity and infertility, sick children and dying parents, debt and job loss - the events that happen can cause our lives to become stuck.  This Graceful Life teaches mothers how to get unstuck a little bit faster - stepping out of the chaos of hardship and into a better mindset.  It helps them finally stop caring what other people think of them, being offended by the actions of those close to them, and afraid to do what they really want to do for the fear of offending someone.
    • Is this for you? If you want to take control of your energy, your mood, your emotions, your mindset and shift your life into a space where every day feels better than the last? Then absolutely, it's for you.
    • This Graceful Life isn't for the person who is afraid to take a deeper look at themselves. It's not for those who have no belief in a higher power.  I refer to my higher power as the Universe, however you may say God, Source, Spirit... in my teachings they are interchangeable as the power greater than all of us. If you have no belief that there IS a higher power, then you will not enjoy this program.
    • Each of the 4 modules is comprised of 5-6 mini videos that are short and easy to digest. Each module provides a workbook to go through at your convenience.
    • Participation in the Members Club is completely optional and the additional trainings and bonuses can be accessed at your convenience.
    • Not at all. The 4 group coaching calls are recorded for you to access at any time. The day after the live call, an audio/podcast recording will be uploaded for you. We will email you a direct link or you may access it in your library at any time.
    • I believe deeply in the power of this program and it's ability to shift your mindset, however if you do not find the value after the first 2 modules, you may apply for a refund within 14 days of your purchase.
    • Refunds requested after 14 days will not be granted.  When you request a refund, access to the program, workbooks, members club and it's contents will be immediately deactivated.
    • Please note that if our system shows that you have NOT completed at least 2 full modules of this program, a refund will not be granted.  
    • Yes! Former students of This Graceful Life can apply to be an affiliate for the program. We offer a generous compensation on each sale you send us. Send an email to [email protected] for more information


Have you ever had to write a bio about yourself?  It's the hardest thing, isn't it?

How do you tell a stranger that you've survived everything from an alcoholic parent to your business burning down to hearing the words "Your children both have terminal illnesses."

How do you emphasize the strength and the struggle that took place simultaneously to teach you the lessons and the grace and the drive to keep the fire lit, blazing like an inferno until you came out the other side stronger, slightly charred, but ready to battle again if need be?

How can you share all of the insight into the mind of a special needs mom who calms her child at night  because she's afraid she won't wake up in the morning?

It's hard to express.  It's hard to peel back the layers of every lesson I've been through to find the ones that will paint the clearest picture of who I am.

I am not perfect. I am honest. I am real. I am genuine with a hint of sarcasm. I love chocolate and coffee.  A lot.  I've been married almost 2 decades and love to travel.  I'm a normal mom who's teens drive her straight to the edge of crazy, and if we're keeping it real: I wear yoga pants more often than not. 

More than anything, I am a human being whose mission in life is to be kind, teach where I can, guide where it's needed and make it to the end of my life having made the world better than it was when I got here. 


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