Are you a “course hoarder”?

Raise your hand if you have ever found a course online, read the sales page, resonated with EVERYTHING the sales page said and purchased a course?  Yes?  Did you finish it? Most likely, the answer is “kind of” or “no” or “I meant to.”

90% of online courses never find their way to completion because life is SO busy.  I get it – we are moms, wives, business owners, uber drivers and have a million other things begging for our attention. We have the best of intentions when it comes to learning what we need to learn to proceed forward in our businesses, which is why we buy the courses, right?  But life takes over and those courses sit in a folder on our desktops waiting for that moment when we will finally have the time to sit and make it happen. But it never does.

I hear you because I am a busy mom too,  and I raise you one solution:

The Recalibrate Academy Virtual Retreat

The 5 Step Process To Building A Tribe Of Raving Fans Online {and how to keep them}


This Retreat will guide you through these steps:

  1. Who are you? What do you stand for? Why does that even matter?
  2. Who is your business?  What is the message you want your business to share with the world?
  3. Who is your audience? Who is that person needing to hear the exact message you’re sharing?
  4. How can you find your audience, engage them and intrigue them enough to become a raving fan of yours?
  5. Once you have that following, what do you DO with it? How do you make money and what does the “after” look like?

Sound like something you need?  Statistics show that if I gave this course to you in a video format, only 10% of you would make it all the way through.  Whereas if I GUIDE  you through it myself?  You’re likely to make it all the way through AND have the massive change that you’re craving.  You’re likely to walk away with clarity, a solid plan and a fire that doesn’t exactly get lit through videos.

On November 29 and November 30, I’m hosting an 6 hour Virtual Retreat for you to put your business first.  Yes, SIX WHOLE HOURS broken into 2 three hour sessions.  Over the course of two days you will work this course, break your business down into pieces that can be analyzed, reworked, reconfigured and redesigned into a shape that resonates with you the person and ultimately with your audience.

Can you devote the time to your business and its growth?  I hope so.  This is how we uplevel.


  • you’re an action taker
  • you can taste the success that is just around the corner.
  • you are ready to stop playing small, stop putting your dreams on the back burner and start showing up for your future.


If that sounds like you, then simply register below for the November class.

This virtual retreat is free in exchange for 3 things:

  1. Show up.  Don’t register if you’re not planning to attend and attend fully.
  2. A survey – after we’re done I would love your honest feedback on not only the course, my presentation style and the content, but the format as well.
  3. A testimonial.  I will be asking each of my beta testers to provide a testimonial if they enjoyed the course and found value in its content.

Ready to go? Register below.