But that doesn't mean you have to be

It can feel like the world is spinning out of control 

It’s impossible to open social media or turn on the news and NOT feel sad about something.

...mad about something.

...absolutely enraged that people are so horrible to other people.


I get it.

8 billion people not peacefully coexisting is so very draining.


And that doesn't even account for what's happening at home, with your family, friends and every day life.


The weight of it all is heavy. Intense.  

It can make you want to retreat from the world and hide under the covers until it passes.



I used to be frozen by it all. Asking questions like:

  • When will there be peace in my life?
  • How can I feel happiness when the world is falling apart?
  • What can I do to put on a brave face for my kids?
  • Is it selfish to focus on my own dreams?
  • Should I stop watching the news? Bury my head in the sand?
  • How can I find the energy to care about all of these things?


I asked these questions and a million, but the most eye opening question I asked myself every day was this:


How can I stop the actions, opinions + needs of other people from ruining my mood... ruining my day? 


And I was led down a path that changed everything for me.


Today, even though the world is still reeling from a nonstop barrage of unbelievable events, and my family/friends haven't stopped being ridiculous, I’m able to stay sane, calm and maintain a perspective that not only keeps me feeling relatively ok, but my kids + husband too.


Here's what I'm NOT saying:

  • I'm happy all of the time.
  • I'm never triggered by assholes and their choices.
  • I'm always optimistic.


Constant happiness is impossible.  

But we can learn to have more good days than bad.




The biggest and most powerful lesson I learned on my journey to better days was this:


You can’t create a positive outcome from a negative emotion.




If you have a friend who falls into a hole that is 50 feet deep, you cannot help them get out by getting INTO the hole with them.


When the people around us are struggling or the entire world is in crisis, we cannot provide meaningful help by picking up their chaos and taking it on as our own.


And I know this is not what you’re used to hearing.


The loudest voices want you to join in, get stressed, become fearful and pick up the chaos.


They want you feeling all of the negative emotions. They want you on the edge because they believe that your anxiety, fear and worry is the motivator for you to impact change.

But you and I both know it only causes us to freeze.


So, let's think about it differently.


I'm Jessi Barnak. Most of my friends describe me as optimistic, good advice-giver, funny and creative.   In almost every situation, I'm the happiest person in the room. (I said "almost")

It wasn't always like this.  There were years when I was sad, miserable and most definitely not the ball of energy you see today.

My life has been full of heartbreak, chaos, fear and horrific experiences that would probably make a good Lifetime movie.  I've had a lot to overcome.

A lot to process.

Today, I have taken all of my experience navigating the worst parts of life and I teach others how to navigate it all intentionally. Learning how to not only process the shit show of a world we live in, but how to process the chaos, fear and low vibe things that are happening in our homes and in our relationships every day.

  • I teach perspective.
  • I teach vibration.
  • I teach intention.

Because each of these 3 things taught me how to be the person I am today.  

  • The person who people naturally gravitate towards + like being around
  • The person who can light up any conversation in the best way
  • The person who everyone describes as an eternal optimist
  • The person who will one day leave behind a life legacy of change, optimism and unconditional love for others

I want all of that for you because I truly believe that we can't change the lives of the people we love from a low vibe state.

We will never change the world if we can't learn to navigate the low vibe tornado we live in. 

Nice people saying really nice things




"Jessi's like the anti-guru. She's real. Approachable. Funny.  Someone you want to take to lunch and just talk to for hours."

Yelena Frisco

"Every conversation felt like Jess was seeing into my soul. She knew things about me that I didn't know about myself. She helped me to let go of this need to be perfect, and instead just focus on being happy in my own skin, my own life, and my own dreams."

Nicole Patterson

"I used to let the tiniest little thing ruin my day. A coworker's snide remark, my daughter failing a test, or my car breaking down.  Jessi taught me how to be more aware, more intentional and less of a hair trigger about things that don't really matter. She's single handedly responsible for changing me, which saved my marriage, and helped me raise happier kids."

Serena Emerson


"On the surface, this woman looks like a beautiful, bubbly blonde who can't possibly understand struggle.  And then you hear her story and you wonder how the hell she's so happy."

Carrie Miller


"I spent 5 years in therapy and I faced my demons - but something was missing. Therapy taught me how to process my past, but not how to plan for my future.  Jessi helped me think about my life and what comes next from a very deliberate place.  Making choices on purpose and thinking beyond career and that 5 year plan - she helps you find the bigger picture so that at the end of your life, you're satisfied with what has passed. This work is priceless, and it's FUN. Thinking differently, planning intentionally and moving through life with a new perspective is a gift I wish for everyone. Life Design Lab has changed everything for me."

Olivia Travis






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