Real talk: if you want to succeed in business, you have to get serious. You have to get serious about how you're showing up, and how you're choosing to hide.

Keep reading if you're serious about:

  • Vibration that manifests whatever you want faster and more powerfully.
  • A business that FEELS better to you every day and helps you step off of the hamster wheel
  • A business and a vibration that creates a ripple effect on everyone around you and shows the people you love how life can be magical - and how it all starts within you. 
  • Vibration that makes everything in life feel like it's all rigged in your favor.
  • A business plan that catapults you out of the anxiety and into a place where every day feels fulfilling instead of exhausting.  



If this is you, then we should talk:


  • You know that the only thing blocking you from the next level of fulfillment in your business is your mindset, your vibration and the way you are thinking.
  • You love your work as much as you love your family
  • You understand that to be rich means you have a lot of cash, but to be wealthy means you have BALANCE.
  • Your passion is contagious
  • You feel incredibly inspired when you visualize your dreams and you actually get excited by your own ambition.
  • You know that the in-between moments of mom-guilt, balance and fear are keeping you from the next level
  • Deep down, you understand that it's not about time, hustle or strategy, but it's about your thought patterns, your dominant vibration and your desire to become a master of both.
  • You are not stopping until you master the balance between solid business strategy and that alignment of positive vibration.



Want to explore the possibility of working together?

Private + Group Coaching is available on a limited basis, and is reserved for only the most motivated, committed and coachable AF clients.

Ready to sort out your business + your mindset and finally see your own blind spots?


"I am a coach, and I realized that I couldn't be objective about my own life. I push other people all day every day to shift and focus on how they are showing up vibrationally, and yet I wasn't able to push myself.  Jessica is exactly the kick in the pants I need every week to make me step out of what's comfortable and into a bigger mindset .
She's upbeat and her personality is contagious - you can't help but feel a million times happier after being in her presence, even on a video call.  Her ideas and creativity is truly awe-inspiring and I wish I had even an ounce of it!  If you're at all waivering and wondering if she's worth the investment, trust me, she's worth every penny.  My business has gone from making $5000 a month to consistently generating 5 figures every single month using the strategies Jess has taught me.  NOT TO MENTION: my mindset is 1000x better, and I'm manifesting pretty much anything I ask for - it's finally easy. I am blown away. You will be too."
{Kara B. Life Coach}

"While working with Jessica, I transitioned from having a direct sales business to creating my own business. With her knowledge and guidance, I gained the clarity on the vision for my business and the action steps I needed to implement to take it from a dream to a reality. I've grown so much on a personal level because she has given me the insight into my limiting beliefs, how they hold me back, and ways to shift my mindset to let them go. Working with Jessica has truly been life changing because I am more aligned with my purpose, feel more confident, and have built a business with a strong foundation. I would recommend Jessica and her coaching services to any female entrepreneur that wants to start a business, or who wants to take her business to the next level. "

Kimberly Keane
Speaker | Advocate | Educator

"Jessica is one of the most resilient, flexible and courageous women I know. She is one of those rare individuals who is able to learn from whatever life brings her in the open-hearted, curious way of the seeker. As a result, her guidance comes from a place of deep wisdom born from experience as well as from relevant best practices. One of her gifts is that she is able to simplify the complex into actionable, doable steps [and gorgeous visuals] so that her clients can translate strategies into immediate action. Whereas many business experts try to impose a one-size-fits-all formula on every client’s situation, Jessica understands that there are many doorways in to creating businesses [and lives] that bring us both joy and financial success… and she helps us discover the ones that best fit for us. She has made her life and her businesses works of art. And she shows us how we can do that too."

Susan Sandler
Theatrical Speaker and Clarity Strategist for Women 45+

"Jessica is an amazing coach! She listens whole heartedly and coaches you to become more specific in the steps you are taking to reach your desires. She takes the guesswork out of building your brand and your business with her compassionate directness and expertise. I recommend her to anyone just starting a business or someone needing more precise direction to grow your business."

Alicia Thorp
Consciously Calm

"I absolutely loved working with Jessica. She truly helped me come out of my shell and gave me the tools I needed to get my business on track as well as helping me create a long term plan. Her positivity is infectious and working with her is a pleasure.""

Amy Cucksey
The Healthy Life Movement

Upcoming LIVE + FREE Workshops with Jessica

Twice a month, Jessica hosts live workshops on Zoom. These are taught in real time, and are full of amazing content. There is no selling during these workshops - straight value. REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED.

Alignment for 7 Figure Success

Women in 6 figure business are typically pulled in a thousand different directions, and those many focus points throughout your day tend to tank your alignment. When your alignment is out of place, your business suffers, and that leap from 6 to 7 figures becomes sticky.

Join Jessica as she teaches you how to stay in alignment with your business so that your marketing, your outreach and your client work are more powerful.


Manifesting for CEO's

Whether you are a CEO of your own company, or you are a top level executive in another company, you have desires, dreams, goals and many new opportunities you'd like to manifest. 

In this live workshop, join Jessica as she teaches you the 3 step process to finding the vibration of alignment so that you may manifest easier, achieve your desires more quickly, and ultimately deliberately create the life you can imagine in your mind.


Vibrational Marketing

If you currently own a 6 figure business, and you want to understand how your vibration and your energy can be used as added fuel for your marketing efforts, this is the workshop for you.  

Learn the principles of vibration as it relates to marketing in the online space. You'll learn how to play a little bigger and connect a little better to your audience.



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