But that doesn't mean you have to be

We’ve all been raised to GO. 

To do more, be more, give more, succeed more, fail more, and meet the impossible expectations of the world.

We’ve been living this way that the chaotic undertones of our lives feel almost normal.

They feel like this is how it should be.

Like this is how it will always be.


Here’s my question:

If the chaos is normal, then why does it feel so damned good to think about slowing down?


  • When you see a beautiful mountain scene, and imagine the peace… it feels good.
  • When you witness a baby animal with it’s mom, just eating grass…. It feels good and slow.
  • When you watch those aesthetic tiktoks of people just lighting candles and reading… it feels good and slow.


It feels GOOD to think slowly.



And that’s because SLOW is actually what’s normal for us.



In full transparency, I learned to live slow the hard way.


I lived the first 40 years of my life in hustle mode.

As an entrepreneur, I was always on. Always thinking. Always acting. Always planning.

There was no slow in my life.

Just constant movement.


In 2007, the Universe bitch slapped me and forced me to be intentional and slow down. I didn’t have a choice.

Both of my daughters were diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis and if you have google, you can learn about it.

Bottom line: it’s terminal and scary AF.


Beyond the normal fear of losing your children, receiving this diagnosis forced me to take a good look at my priorities, and taught me a lot about how to be the person I am today.

CF taught me how to design a life where I could drop anything at a moments notice.

And it taught me how to slow down time because suddenly I didn’t know how much time I had with my girls. 

I was desperate to slow down time.  

And so I did.


I started doing everything I now teach, and within about a month, my life felt different.

My world changed.

My perspective shifted.

And I felt the happiness creeping in to override the fear.


Slow living is a trendy movement on social media right now, but for our family, it’s been a literal lifesaver.


Slow Living isn't about having a perfect home, no job or tons of time - it's about intention.


 Intentionally noticing how you feel.

Intentionally protecting your energy.

Intentionally designing your day.

Intentionally choosing differently for YOU.

Intentionally moving through your life at a speed that feels calm to you - not chaotic.




Slow living can work for you if:


You're rich or poor.

You have a big, powerful job, or a trade job or anything in between.

You have a big home or small home.

You have expensive things or finds from the thrift store (my faves)

You are busy AF or have some free time in your life.


It's not something you buy or somewhere you go - it's a way of BEING. 


It doesn't matter who you are, you can add the critical components to your life - no matter what it looks like.


Nice people saying really nice things




"Jessi's like the anti-guru. She's real. Approachable. Funny.  Someone you want to take to lunch and just talk to for hours."

Yelena Frisco

"Every conversation felt like Jess was seeing into my soul. She knew things about me that I didn't know about myself. She helped me to let go of this need to be perfect, and instead just focus on being happy in my own skin, my own life, and my own dreams."

Nicole Patterson

"When I first heart of slow living, I laughed.  There was no way I could make this work with 4 kids, a job and a husband who always travels.  But Jess blew my mind, and my life feels slower now.  I still have the kids, the job and the traveling hubs, but somehow she helped me find a way to feel slower inside of the chaos."

Jill Franklin


"Slow Living has changed my life.  There's no other way to say it."

Peter Fleck


"I spent 5 years in therapy and I faced my demons - but something was missing. Therapy taught me how to process my past, but not how to plan for my future.  Jessi helped me think about my life and what comes next from a very deliberate place.  Making choices on purpose and thinking beyond career and that 5 year plan - she helps you find the bigger picture so that at the end of your life, you're satisfied with what has passed. This work is priceless, and it's FUN. Thinking differently, planning intentionally and moving through life with a new perspective is a gift I wish for everyone. Life Design Lab has changed everything for me."

Olivia Travis






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