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 What I Do


I'm a permission slinger.


Permission to accept that what used to work for you no longer does.

Permission to put yourself first - in a whole new way.

Permission to make bold moves, shift your focus and recalibrate your life.

Permission to pivot. To stop hiding and step out of your comfort zone.

Permission to stop working towards things you don't actually want.

Think about the last time you rearranged your living room. 



When it was all done, did you stand there and smile?

Did you feel that zing of satisfaction in the change?

Did you say, "This is just what we needed."


The reason: the change woke you up.

It lit a spark inside of you and reminded you that life is fluid.


That change is how we stay interested in our own lives.


New experiences, new sounds and new versions of YOU are how you make it through this life feeling so very fulfilled.


And I know, it's easy to move a sofa, and not so easy to move a career or a location, or ditch that toxic relationship, or finally focus on what YOU need in this life.

I get it.



We keep furniture that we hate because "it was expensive."


We vacation in the same place every year because "it's tradition."


We hold on to people who aren't good for us because "they're family."


We have been trained to resist change and never ruffle feathers.



as a result of resisting change...


Most likely, your life looks pretty great on paper. 


You've worked hard to create stability, consistency and a life that everyone said would make you happy.


On paper, it's pretty damned good.


But all of that hard work came with a hell of a cost to you.

 You go through the motions of your day, you do the things, say the words, plaster on the expression expected of you .. But something is missing.


Your purpose?


A deeper meaning? 


Here’s the thing:


You can't ignore that little voice any longer. The voice telling you that it's time to make bold moves.

The voice telling you that something has to change.


The good news?  Bold moves and big changes can happen using everything you already have. 

Time. Energy. Resources. 


--> Without having to burn it all down and start over.

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In full transparency, I love change. I always have.


In the first 23 years of my marriage, I have owned 8 homes, moved 9 times and had 4 careers.

Change is how I keep myself feeling alive inside of my own life. 

But change is scary - even for me.


Like you, I spent a long time wondering what my purpose in life was.  What am I meant to be doing in this life?

I believed that I had to FIND my purpose, and that when I did, it would be like waving a magic wand over my life.

I thought everything would fall into place.


About 15 years ago, I learned one thing that changed everything:


Purpose isn't a destination. It's not something you FIND.

It's a series of choices you make.


  • The choice to leave a particular impact.
  • The choice to think differently.
  • The choice to shift your focus on to things you actually want.
  • The choice to intentionally CREATE a life that feels like it was tailor made for you.
  • The choice to remember that this is YOUR life, and you're allowed to put yourself first.


I was so focused on my fear of running out of time, of ruffling feathers, and the fear of choosing the wrong purpose that I spent a long time living a life that someone else said would make me happy.



I had to give myself permission, and that's what I want for you:


Permission to accept that what used to work for you no longer does. 



Because the person you are today is living a life that was designed for the person you used to be.


Your body, your mind, your soul ... they are all evolving and changing ... creating this beautiful new version of you.  


Your job - your only job - is to become an active participant in the process.


 So that the end result is exactly what you need. 
Inquire about Life Design With jessica


She helped me see what's possible, and then helped me start NOW, not 3 years from now


"I am 3 years away from my kids going to college, and I couldn't imagine the future after they leave. What would I do at night? What would I do to fill the time? I work part time now, but do I want to do this full time? Is that it? The kids go to college and then what? I work all of the time? The picture was weird for me, and I didn't see anything exciting about it.  Jessica helped me paint a new, beautiful vision for my life.  She helped me see what is possible, and then she helped me start NOW, not 3 years from now.   Jessica sees things we can't see for ourselves - she finds the blind spots, the new perspective and she is so encouraging - she's fearless and I can tell you that her fearlessness rubs off.  After you talk to her, you feel invincible and excited to do the work.  Run, don't walk, to this woman. She's magic."

Jill Trainor


I was boxing myself in, and she helped me see my blind spots


“Last October I realized how much I hated my job. But I couldn't quit. I had 3 kids at home, a husband, a house, and all of the bills that go along with being a grown up.  My income was integral to our lifestyle, so I had to stay.  I hired Jessica to help me figure out how to make the change without losing money and without changing my entire lifestyle.  She helped me realize that I was boxing myself in, and helped me see all of my blind spots.  It took us 6 months (that's right - TWO of her 3 month packages) and I was able to finally apply for a job in a new industry.  I am making the same money, but my LIFE is so much happier now because I needed this change.  Jessica is a gift. Hire her."

Whitney Arden


Jessica helped me analyze myself, unpack my "head trash" and create a plan for my future that I'm actually excited for 


“I honestly had no idea what I was going to do with my life once my sons were all in college.  I didn't even know where to begin thinking about it.  Jessica helped me step by step analyze myself, unpack my "head trash" and really create a plan for my future that I'm actually excited for.  I highly recommend you go through this process if you're a woman who's about to be an empty nester and you're floundering for what comes next.  Don't even hesitate to work with Jess. She's an angel."

Nina Emerich



I felt more excitement after that first call than I had in 20 years


“I have worked in corporate for over 20 years, and the pandemic hit and suddenly I just knew something needed to change. I had no idea what it was, or even where to begin, but something needed to be different for me. I was ok in my life, but not truly happy.  As Jessica says, "things looked great on paper" but inside, it was a mess.  I didn't even hesitate to schedule a call with Jess, and in one free phone call I knew it was all going to be ok. I knew I could do this, and I knew she was the one to help me. I felt more excitement after that first call than I had in 20 years - and we hadn't even started working together yet.  Today, I'm still in corporate, but in 3 weeks, I'm giving my notice, and transitioning my consulting business into full time. I couldn't have done any of this without Jessica."

Jennifer Williams



My therapist gave me the tools to heal, and Jess gave me the space to dream and design the next version of me


“My husband died suddenly a few years ago and since then I've been wandering through my life. Jess calls it "sleepwalking through life" - I didn't have a purpose, or a meaning to attach to things.  I did what was expected, but never felt that excitement for what was next.  Truthfully, Jess wouldn't work with me until I worked with a therapist, and I'm so glad she put her foot down on that.  My therapist gave me the tools to heal and grieve, and then Jess gave me the space to dream and design the next version of me.  I wake up every day now with actual joy to get started. I am working with kids, writing a book, and I went from feeling like every day was long to feeling like I don't have enough time to do all of the things I want to do because I have so much I am excited about. 

I can imagine all of her clients say this, but Jessica changed my life. She is a literal angel here walking among us."

Geraldine Pitt


Inquire about Life Design with Jessica


I’m not a life coach - I’m a Life Designer.

I’m not here to help you dive into the past to unpack your deepest darkest demons, trauma and inner child.  

That’s what licensed therapists are for. 

I’m here to help you figure out who you are today, uncover your life’s impact and make a plan for You Version 2.0.

Or Version 8.5.  Whatever the case may be.


I’m here to help you find your purpose in life, and make that purpose a reality.


We can make this happen in 2 ways:

  1. Private coaching.   Together over the course of 90 days, we’ll work together to dive into who you are, what you actually want, who you were designed to be, what’s holding you back and devise a step by step plan to get you where you want to go.  Schedule a free Clarity call to chat with me about whether or not this process can help you.
  2. The Life Design Program.  Created for those who want to punch it out, and aren’t in need of hand holding through the process, this online program will guide you step by step to the next version of you.  (Opening January 2023)







Available to those who want to dive into the possibility of working with Jessica regarding Life Design.

Life Design is a 5 Phase process to redesign and reinvent your life.  On this call, we'll get clarity on what you're looking for and have an honest discussion about what that change will take, and whether or not Jessica is a good fit to be your guide through it.

Please only schedule this call if you are serious about 1:1 coaching.  Private coaching begins at $4500 for 3 months.


Included in Life Design:

Phase 1:  The Present Tense - By understanding where you are today and what's not working, we can accurately make changes to your life, routines, career and mindset that do not repeat history. 

Phase 2:  Your Ripple Effect - We design your life from the end backwards, so that your impact is immediate, and the ripple effect you have in your own life and the life of others is memorable. 

Phase 3: Resistance - There are limiting beliefs lingering in the background that make your reinvention seem impossible, hard and not worth the trouble. We unpack those and let them go.

Phase 4: Your Human Design- I provide a private, and deep dive Human Design reading to each of my clients, as it's a tool of permission. Permission to step into the person they know they are supposed to be.  We are all unique in our design, and we are all designed to be different. 

Phase 5: The Reinvention - We design a plan and identify the steps are needed to step into this new you.  Your process incorporates your human design needs, as well as your unique abilities, passions and ideals for your life. 

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In this 15+ page guide, Jessica walks you through the hard questions every person should be asking themselves.  Uncover the parts of your life that need change, and create the plan to make them.


"I loved how this guide broke down the process of getting honest with ourselves. These are HARD questions to answer, but by the end, the picture was very very clear about what I needed to do, what I needed to give up and where I needed help in the process.  This guide is gold."

Emory Trainer


"If you're even thinking about working with Jess, grab this guide first.  It's every hard question that you could possibly ask to prepare you to completely redesign your life.  This guide is something she could easily charge for but doesn't.  Jess is the real deal."

Carol White




one time payment of $22



Slow Living is a movement to be more intentional.  It is NOT: 

Quitting your job

Hiding from your friends

Saying no to everything

Living a boring, unproductive life

Being alone all the time with goats and trees.

Slow living means one thing:



Intentionally designing your life, your energy, your day, your relationships and your work to meet the energetic speed at which YOU are most comfortable.

This guide will teach you how to infuse a slower lifestyle into your busy life - without burning it all down.


Grab the Slow Living Guide for $22

Nice people saying really nice things




"Jessi's like the anti-guru. She's real. Approachable. Funny.  Someone you want to take to lunch and just talk to for hours."

Yelena Frisco

"Every conversation felt like Jess was seeing into my soul. She knew things about me that I didn't know about myself. She helped me to let go of this need to be perfect, and instead just focus on being happy in my own skin, my own life, and my own dreams."

Nicole Patterson

"When I first heard of slow living, I laughed.  There was no way I could make this work with 4 kids, a job and a husband who always travels.  But Jess blew my mind, and my life feels slower now.  I still have the kids, the job and the traveling hubs, but somehow she helped me find a way to feel slower inside of the chaos."

Jill Franklin


"Jessica asks a lot of questions that open my eyes, and in just a few months, she's already changed the way I see myself.  I was able to realize that the choices I was making in my life were for the 30 year old version of me - not the 47 year old version of me.  And this version has needs that aren't being met.  Such a simple, an eye opening thing."

Carol Grey


"I spent 5 years in therapy and I faced my demons - but something was missing. Therapy taught me how to process my past, but not how to plan for my future.  Jessi helped me think about my life and what comes next from a very deliberate place.  Making choices on purpose and thinking beyond career and that 5 year plan - she helps you find the bigger picture so that at the end of your life, you're satisfied with what has passed. This work is priceless, and it's FUN. Thinking differently, planning intentionally and moving through life with a new perspective is a gift I wish for everyone. Life Design has changed everything for me."

Olivia Travis