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3 Types of Content for Network Marketers

Aug 01, 2020

Arguably, when I talk to a network marketer, one of the very first things they say to me about social media is "I just don't know what to share to get people to buy my products." The problem is multifaceted and boils down to 2 lessons before we can talk about content:

1. You aren't on social media to GET anyone to do anything. You're on social media to be social, build relationships and inspire your audience to try your solution.

2. Social media is not about you, and is always about your audience. Even when it's about you.

When you are on social media, you have the specific purpose of building your business, making money and furthering your own agenda. I get that. I do it too. However, you have to understand that no one spends time on social media just hoping to be sold to.  No one opens Facebook and thinks, "Man, I hope someone tries to sell me something today."  It's just not a thing.

People are on social media to be amused, to learn, to be inspired, to stalk their...


3 Ways To Overcome the MLM Stigma

Jul 12, 2020


The world seems to hate network marketing. #ammiright?  Well, not the WHOLE world - just a few thousand Karen's and a Susan or two hundred.. but nevertheless, let’s unpack the MLM stigma a bit.

Disclaimer: this is not a post about hating on network marketers. This is a post about the fact that I LOVE network marketing, and I want to teach you how to be even better at it.

If you’re in network marketing, you know what I’m talking about when I say, "the stigma". The people who run from you in the grocery because they don’t have the balls to say no.  The posts that start out with “Looking for a side job - no MLM please.” Or “looking for your favorite shampoo! No MLM please.”

Or comments like this one I received when I had the audacity to respond to a thread in a group and suggest that MLM is not the devil:


People like that are SO MUCH FUN.

Here’s the thing that most network marketers don't want to...


Getting off of the fence

Jul 04, 2020

I used to be a terrified coach.

Anxiety used to wrack my body when I would consider doing what I really wanted to do, and that anxiety would keep me in place.  It kept me in place for over 3 years.

As a business coach, I can help a lot of people. Business is business. Strategy and tactic can be morphed and changed to apply to almost any situation - and you all know I love a good creative project.  It was that kind of thinking that kept me from making money, getting clients and achieving the goals I had set for myself.  It was that kind of thinking that sabotaged my business for 3 years.

I was afraid of going all-in, and there were a lot of fears under the surface for me.

Fear of excluding people I could help by choosing just one kind of person to move forward with. I was terrified that no one would hire me, and that I would be wasting my time chasing a niche that would never convert.

I had the fear of picking the wrong path. What if I didn't like working...


Coaches: 3 Steps To Improve Your Content

Jun 11, 2020

Content is king when you're building a coaching business right?

  • We build relationships
  • We make connections
  • We build a tribe
  • We make sales

Content is the single most important piece of this process.

Not surprisingly, it’s also the hardest piece to get right.

There are 1000 different ways to approach your content, and so we get stuck in the comparison, right? We see what other coaches are doing and compare our content, we compare our messaging, and we compare our success.

It's paralyzing.

Nearly 100% of the coaches I speak to will tell me that they have felt paralyzed by what to share on social media - sometimes to the point of not sharing anything at all. What ends up happening is that most coaches share content ANYWAY - from that paralyzed place - and that content ends up coming from a place of "get it done" instead of a place of intention.  

Content that is shared just to "get it done" will sabotage your reach, undermine your...


Finding My Coaching Niche In A Noisy World

May 19, 2020


3 years. It took me 3 years to get clear, get focused and get brave enough to build the business I had been dreaming of.

My coaching business has been through so many evolutions when it comes to my niche:


IN THE BEGINNING: I started out as a general business coach, helping anyone and everyone with their business.  I helped with social media, programs, marketing, branding, messaging, mindset and pretty much anything I could talk about or anything someone needed. My business grew - but not by a lot, and I was attracting a lot of new, inexperienced entrepreneurs, and a LOT of network marketers.



THE NEXT EVOLUTION...I naturally moved from there to working with network marketers. I thought that if I could tap into that market, it would be a slam dunk because network marketing is the wave of the future. So, I went all in. I created a program for direct sellers, branded myself as a coach for that industry and gave it every bit of focus I had.



How To Surrender To The Universe

Nov 26, 2019


We hear it all of the time. Surrender. Turn it over to God. Surrender to the Universe. Let it go and let it be. It all sounds so amazing in theory, right? If we could just learn to surrender our worries, our fears and all of the stuff that weighs us down over to some unseen higher power, life would be that much easier.

We both know that it’s much easier said than practiced, and that is what we’re tapping into today. We’re going to chat about what it actually means to surrender, to have faith and to truly “let it go.”

Faith is a finicky thing. 75% of Americans say they believe in a higher power and give it some kind of label. God. Universe. Source. Spirit. Inner Being. 75% of Americans identify as believing that there is a force greater than themselves in control of everything. 75% of Americans say things like “everything happens for a reason” or “if it’s meant to be, it will be.”

Yet- and here’s the kicker for...


When Your Family Cannot Support You

Nov 22, 2019

Everyone has them. Those people in your lives who make you feel as though there is nothing you can do that will make them proud of you.  It doesn’t matter if you are the most successful, most beautiful, richest, kindest or most compassionate person - they will not be able to fully support you with unconditional love.

They criticize everything you do.

They judge your choices.

They seem to take every step possible to try and make you feel as though you are not enough.

It’s exhausting.  It’s infuriating.  And it’s something that you can overcome easily by understanding that these people cannot support you for 2 very simple reasons, and if you can comprehend and fully embrace these reasons described below, you'll have a much better perspective from which you can approach these family members who dismiss you and your dreams.

It all starts with this:

If they praise you for all that you do, it shines a spotlight on all that they are not doing.



How Forgiveness (or lack of) is Sabotaging You

Oct 18, 2019

Truth time:  you're an adult.  It's time to forgive those who have trespassed against you. I don't care if the thing you experienced was huge or tiny - if you are still reliving it today, you need to let go of it so that you can live better tomorrow.

When you hang on to something that has happened in the past - large or small - you are only impacting YOUR now. 

Here's how it works:

The thing happens.  Big. Small. Medium sized.  You're hurt. Offended. Taken off guard.

  • You tell people.
  • You tell more people.
  • You talk about it over and over again.

All of this focus on that thing is lowering your vibration into fear, anger, stress, upset - low, low, low vibration.

When you are in a low vibration, guess what?  You attract from a low vibration.

So, what happens?  You are rehashing the experience, and it's keeping that low vibration active in your life, and the Universe responds in kind.  You attract lots of things you don't want to happen.

  • ...

The Vibrational Impact of Network Marketing

Jan 20, 2019


Right now, it seems as if the entire world has a grudge against Network Marketers. Whether it's the annoyance of the pushy posts on social media, the follow up emails to buy stuff, the constant conversation about products or the never ending stream of sales texts, I can see why.  

Admittedly, I used to be one of them. I used to be annoyed by the network marketers who showed up in my newsfeed. I used to get irritated. I used to think of that career as "less than" that of a typical entrepreneur.

It was 2 summers ago when I was sitting in a theater at a weekend long mastermind training with Gabby Bernstein.  I remember the moment vividly when she said, "The thing you're resisting the most is the path you're meant to follow."  In that moment, I found myself shifting, thinking, uncomfortable and agitated.  It was all centered around the network marketing industry, and it took Gabby's words of wisdom to kick me out of my own shit and into a new space.


How Your Backup Plan Is Sabotaging Your Life

Jan 08, 2019

Every January my social news feed is filled with resolutions, intentions, fitness goals, business goals and a whole host of good intentions.  It's amazing to witness, and always makes me feel like there's hope for humanity because people WANT to change. They WANT to shift and grow and evolve into what they know they can be.

Sadly, by February at the latest, those posts go away, and the people return to their regularly scheduled programming and the resolutions are no more.  This year, I want to uncover the why. Why do we fall apart so quickly? Why do we let go of the change we desire?

Well, the obvious answer is because it's hard, yes? Change is terrifying. Change is difficult and tedious.  Change takes time and we live in a society where immediate gratification is the name of the game and anything less is exactly that.  

The deeper reason has to do with intention and decision.  You see, the people who stick to change and who stick to the "new year, new...

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