3 Steps To Build A Tribe Online As A Woman

Today is all about the 3 things every female entrepreneur can do to make sure she is consistently building a tribe online that loves her.  This is gold, so keep reading.

I was talking to a friend recently who is in the middle of a big launch. She's hired a facebook ads expert, a funnel expert, a blog expert - she's going balls to the wall on her business and I found myself feeling a little bit of FOMO. The fear of missing out. Am I doing enough? Am I hustling enough? Should I be doing more?

Have you ever felt that way?  You know - where you fall down the comparison rabbit hole only to come out looking haggard and dejected?

We fall deep into that pit of comparisonitis because people work differently than we do. Everyone has a different threshold of risk. They are willing to hire experts when we are scared of spending the money. They are working on complicated funnels while we are thinking “isn’t there a simpler way?”  Here’s the thing: It’s ok if you don't want to hire a facebook ads expert to write ads that don’t sound like you. It’s ok if you don't want a complicated funnel, or if you just want to show up, provide value and be yourself. And it’s 100% ok if you’re not interested in the pay-to-play game of Facebook.

What I realized and what you need to realize is that you get to write the story. You don’t have to run your business the way everyone else runs theirs. You don’t have to listen to the masses when they say, “buy ads” or “hire that coach” or “spend $5K on your website”.  You get to write the story. You get to pick the risk and choose the path.

If you’re a woman, the kicker is that you likely will run your business differently than the men in your life. Men tend to go for the fastest, cleanest route to success and on the journey, they don't share much of who they are, they demand attention and usually get it. They are called "leaders." But women who do that - who show up, demand attention, stay closed off and keep it close to the chest are called bitches. Women run businesses differently than men. We want to open up. We want to connect. We want to show up in a way that serves people and blends our hearts together because meaningful connection is in our blood. We are softer and able to discuss the tiniest details of the party versus the overview of the night.

We can run our businesses differently than men. We can show up in a way of service. Asking ourselves every day, "What does my audience need from me today?" How can I serve my audience today? Looking at our social and answering the questions people ask, or supporting them through the things they are talking about. We can choose to connect in a deeper way and instead of ads, we host events. Instead of funnels, we schedule phone calls. It can look however we want it to look and it doesn't have to be just like everyone else. It doesn’t have to run like the men in our lives would run it.

You want to know how to market your business on social media? Give. Give a lot. Share your story. Be yourself. Show genuine concern for your tribe and be there for them. Every day.

There are 3 easy ways you can use your position and value as a woman to uplevel your presence both on social media and in the lives of your existing clients.



Take the pain point that your client has over and over again with regards to your industry and ask yourself “How can I support them through this pain?” What can you GIVE them that will alleviate something for them, inspire them or help them along their journey?

Maybe you sell fitness and your client’s pain point is Feeling like the prospect of getting fit and healthy is overwhelming, so they do nothing. You could create a live video talking about how in the beginning for you, it was hard, but instead of committing to a week, you committed to ONE single day at a time. You take the overwhelm away by making it bite sized.



Engage with your followers when they engage with you. If someone comments on your post? Reply in a way that starts a conversation - be genuinely interested in what they have to say. You’ll find that most male owned businesses aren’t interested in getting into the nitty gritty conversations about feelings - use this to your advantage and start feeling based conversations with your audience.

Example: Someone comments on your inspirational quote, “Oh my gosh, I needed to read this today.” Your reply? “It makes me so happy that these words had such an impact! What’s going on? Is everything ok?” You’re letting that person know that you care and that goes a LONG long way.


Stop making everything about you. This one’s hard, right? We want to share our stories, we want to share our solutions and we want to say, I, I, I all of the time. But if you make a simple switch and make everything you do about the person you’re trying to reach? You’ll have a broader impact on the world.

Instead of saying, “I had this experience today at the mall and here’s the lesson I learned.” You would say, “This story is crazy and you’ll never believe how this simple lesson will change YOUR life.” Make everything about them and almost nothing about you. Take your own experiences and translate them into language about your audience. Every time.

Your ultimate goal as an online marketer is to engage your audience, be real and authentic and move your audience to think "She's just like me." or "Wow. Me too."

That's it. That's the marketing game for women.


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