3 Types of Content for Network Marketers

Aug 01, 2020

Arguably, when I talk to a network marketer, one of the very first things they say to me about social media is "I just don't know what to share to get people to buy my products." The problem is multifaceted and boils down to 2 lessons before we can talk about content:

1. You aren't on social media to GET anyone to do anything. You're on social media to be social, build relationships and inspire your audience to try your solution.

2. Social media is not about you, and is always about your audience. Even when it's about you.

When you are on social media, you have the specific purpose of building your business, making money and furthering your own agenda. I get that. I do it too. However, you have to understand that no one spends time on social media just hoping to be sold to.  No one opens Facebook and thinks, "Man, I hope someone tries to sell me something today."  It's just not a thing.

People are on social media to be amused, to learn, to be inspired, to stalk their high school friends and to see what's up in the world.  They spend time on social media as a distraction from their day - it's become the new "me time," and your content that is always selling feels like an invasion.

Imagine you're sitting at home, enjoying a cup of coffee, reading a book about all of these amazing lives. You're engrossed in this book, loving the silence, and you're really enjoying your down time.  Now imagine that your front door bursts open, and a person you barely know runs into the room, tells you about a problem you know you have but you'd rather ignore, and then thrusts the solution into your face without even saying hi.

Would you be annoyed?

I would.

But that's what network marketers are doing every day on social media. 

It's like pinching someone's ass before you buy them a drink.  (I know... ass pinching is never ok... consent. But you get my point)

The goal with your social media is to build relationships, so that when you want to sell, the person you're talking to doesn't feel like you're an invader, but they feel like you're a trusted friend making a suggestion.

Building trust should be your number one objective when it comes to social media. The goal here is to create a well rounded, authentic version of you for the online space that builds trust quickly and converts your followers into customers - or even team members. 

There are 3 types of content that network marketers should focus on sharing online, and I'm going to outline those below for you.


==> Content that alleviates fear

As network marketers, you have a lot of things to overcome in the online space, but the most common fears that your audience has with regards to your products:

  • Money + recurring costs
  • The stigma of network marketing
  • Will this work for me?
  • If I buy from you, are you going to hound me for more?


And so we have to create content online that helps the audience overcome these fears, BUT we have to partner this with education and instruction so that it's steeped in value. The objective here is to share a high value piece of knowledge that simultaneously helps our audience overcome one of the fears they have about our product.

We don’t just do this by creating content that says, “I know you’re afraid of spending money, so here’s all the reason why you should.”  We want to wrap it in value, right?   Value + Overcoming Fear = trust.

For example, if you're an essential oil consultant, and the fear that your audience has is "Will this work for me?" a great way to overcome this would be to share a case study.  Sharing the story of your client Fiona, who was struggling with anxiety. Painting the complete picture of her anxiety, how she felt, all of the ways she tried to resolve it, and then sharing why the oils were an option she wanted to try.  You educate on how specific oils have different functions to help to alleviate specific symptoms, and ultimately leading your audience through the knowledge piece, but partnered with the piece that shows how it's worked for one person.

Remember:  Value wrapped in overcoming specific fears can be a winning combo.


==> Content that engages on a simple, fun level 

The bottom line: algorithm is a needy needy girl.  She needs your audience to engage with you before she’ll open the doors to show your content to more people. Period. It's annoying, but something we have to intentionally work around.

Knowing that the algorithm will reward your future posts for engagement on your current posts, at least 50% of your content should be content that engages, amuses or inspires your audience to DO something.  Those actions you want your audience to take are: commenting, tagging a friend, or sharing.

Notice, I did not say LIKE anywhere in there. Likes are the most passive form of engagement, and do not matter as much as action through comments, tagging and sharing.


These are going to be very benign posts. Some examples for you:

“Drop a gif and tell me how you’re handling covid.”

“What do you think about this?”

"Here's my fur baby being a lazy bum today. Show me your fur baby in the comments."

"Looking for vacation inspiration. Tell me where we should go on our next vacation."

The goal is engagement right? So before you post, you want to ask yourself:  Would I respond to this if I saw it?  If not, rewrite it, rethink it and then post it. The goal is to create a post that inspires your audience to COMMENT.  

Engagement is how you grow. Period. If no one is engaging with your content, you will not grow.  So try to be deliberate about getting engagement.

Remember that someone who engages with your content TODAY, is more likely to see your post tomorrow.  This matters when you want to share a product, a sale, an offer or promotional post.  You can intentionally spend a few days before the promotion building up your engagement, so that when you post, it has the most reach.


==> Content that builds rapport (trust)

We are trying to create a well rounded public persona of you, right?  So far we’ve created the caring you - the one who cares about the fears of your audience, and wants to help them be better humans.  We’ve created the fun you - the one who just wants to talk to you and be human to human in your interaction.  Now, we have to create the connected you. The one who is not afraid to tell stories and build rapport.


Think about your audience, and consider what they are going through as human beings, and think about how you can share your stories in a way that lets them know, “I’m just like you.”

Your audience, first and foremost needs to know that you've been where they are, and that you aren't afraid to talk about it.  The goal is always to tell stories that are relatable to your audience - that they can completely resonate with because it's an accurate depiction of what they are experiencing. You want your audience to hear your story and think, "She's just like me."

The goal here is to be real - share the good stuff, the bad stuff the hard stuff and the funny stuff.  Creating content that lets someone see the real you is the fastest way to build a tribe, and if you’re not doing this already, I encourage you to do this today. Tell your story of how your life is different today versus before covid started.  Everyone is experiencing this pandemic - it’s the most relatable thing we have right now in 2020.

Here's the process:

  • Think about your audience.
  • Ask yourself what they struggle with as humans (not related to your products)
  • Identify where there's overlap between their struggles and your stories.


If your audience is women over 40, you could tell the story of how you woke up on the morning of your 40th birthday and it was literally overnight that you needed reading glasses. Every woman over 40 will relate.

If your audience is dog owners, you could tell the story of how your dog sits at the door and howls until you come home - complete with video evidence from your Ring doorbell. Every dog owner will relate.

If your audience is moms of toddlers, share the stories of motherhood. The funny things your kids say, the struggles of being a mom and feeling like you've lost yourself, or the fact that you hide in the bathtub and eat oreos to get some alone time.  Moms will relate.

You want to be intentional and share RELATABLE stories that connect you to your audience. You're building that bridge between your life and their life so that they feel like they know you, they feel connected to you and ultimately they continue to build that trust in you.


All of this leads to trust, and trust is what sells products. Trust is what causes people to listen. Trust is the foundation to any business, but especially a network marketing business. Trust is what causes people to buy from you, but trust is also essential as a network marketer to grow your team. People join people they trust, so when you make that offer of the opportunity to an audience full of superfans, it will be received with a greater, more positive response.

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