Finding My Coaching Niche In A Noisy World

May 19, 2020


3 years. It took me 3 years to get clear, get focused and get brave enough to build the business I had been dreaming of.

My coaching business has been through so many evolutions when it comes to my niche:


IN THE BEGINNING: I started out as a general business coach, helping anyone and everyone with their business.  I helped with social media, programs, marketing, branding, messaging, mindset and pretty much anything I could talk about or anything someone needed. My business grew - but not by a lot, and I was attracting a lot of new, inexperienced entrepreneurs, and a LOT of network marketers.



THE NEXT EVOLUTION...I naturally moved from there to working with network marketers. I thought that if I could tap into that market, it would be a slam dunk because network marketing is the wave of the future. So, I went all in. I created a program for direct sellers, branded myself as a coach for that industry and gave it every bit of focus I had.



Until I realized that most network marketers have no money, and they WANT the help, but they aren't willing to invest to get it. 


I learned the valuable lesson of vetting my audience first - making sure they have 2 traits:

  1. They have the problem you solve

  2. They are willing to spend money to solve it.

My 2nd evolution of business was a flop. Again - mildly profitable, but not WOW-me profitable, and not scalable in that market.


I was frustrated. I was feeling like maybe this isn't the right path for me - maybe I should go and get a "real" job and hang up my hat.  It was a very low moment for me, and I was sitting on the sofa stewing on this - in a complete funk -  when a text came through from my bestie and it said this:



I believe that the Universe intervenes when necessary, and as it would turn out, that "woman" became my business coach a week later.  She changed EVERYTHING for me.. and it only took 2 more evolutions of my focus to get where I am today.


THE THIRD VERSION OF ME.... I pivoted almost immediately after starting my work with Kelly to entrepreneurs, but with her encouragement, I focused solely on coaching "spiritual" entrepreneurs on business. I changed my language, content, built an entirely new program, and went for it.

Using the methods I learned with my new coach, I was able to launch a program called the Intentional Entrepreneur, and have massive success with it. Over the course of 6 months, this program brought in 4x what I was making previously, and I felt REALLY GOOD.  I had a ton of students, a ton of great results, and I had made a TON of progress.

As any good coach will do, mine pushed me to go deeper. To niche further. To take it to the next, more powerful level.


AND THAT LEADS US TO TODAY... After just 10 months running the Intentional Entrepreneur, I was able to niche down to the evolution I'm in today:  coaches.  I learned through my work with the students in IE that I love working with coaches. I love building programs. I love the process and the aha moments that coaches have when they realize their potential.


Today, One Coach is my Signature Program.  It teaches coaches how to simplify their business to the power of One.  One Message. One Niche. One Solution. One Funnel.



One Coach teaches coaches how to skip the many evolutions of their brand and get straight to the one that lights them up and fills their bank account.


I'll leave you with this:

Never be afraid to pivot.  You cannot worry about what people will say, or how you will look when it comes to your business. You must pivot constantly into what works, what feels right and what's meaningful to you.  Sometimes it takes 3 years of constant change before you land on the thing that feels amazing.  Sometimes you can get it done in 6 months with a program like One Coach.

No matter HOW you pivot, I want you to forever more look at your business as if you are always in BETA mode. You're always testing, tweaking, changing and evolving with the way of the world, and with the expansion of yourself.


One Coach is open, and ready for YOU if you're ready to get serious about the next evolution of your business.




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