Getting off of the fence

I used to be a terrified coach.

Anxiety used to wrack my body when I would consider doing what I really wanted to do, and that anxiety would keep me in place.  It kept me in place for over 3 years.

As a business coach, I can help a lot of people. Business is business. Strategy and tactic can be morphed and changed to apply to almost any situation - and you all know I love a good creative project.  It was that kind of thinking that kept me from making money, getting clients and achieving the goals I had set for myself.  It was that kind of thinking that sabotaged my business for 3 years.

I was afraid of going all-in, and there were a lot of fears under the surface for me.

Fear of excluding people I could help by choosing just one kind of person to move forward with. I was terrified that no one would hire me, and that I would be wasting my time chasing a niche that would never convert.

I had the fear of picking the wrong path. What if I didn't like working with this new niche? What if I wasn't good at it? What if my voice didn't resonate with this kind of person? What if....

I had the fear of other experts who were targeting that niche too. I felt like an imposter - like I didn't belong in the big club with the big successful gurus who were making 8 figures a year and slaying it.

So many fears, y'all. So many.

For 3 years, I let them rule my life. And for 3 years, I made very little money, very little progress and very little headway on my dreams.

If you're feeling any of those fears that I felt, here's what I want you to remember:

Choosing the wrong path is better than choosing NO path.

If you are a coach right now and you don't have a niche? You've chosen no path.

If you are a coach right now, and you don't solve one problem? You've chosen no path.

If you are a coach and you don't offer one solution for that one problem - no path.


Here's the thing, friends:

The coaching industry is gaining steam. It's getting saturated. It's one of the fastest growing billion dollar industries out there, and you need to get off of the fence and go all-in on your business.

Choose a niche.

Solve one problem.

Build one hybrid program for that problem.

It's time. Now is the time. Give yourself 6 months to commit to ONE person, and see where it lands you.

  • Every video focused on this one.
  • Every email. 
  • Every post.
  • Every tweet.
  • Every everything.
  • Go  all-in on yourself.  It's definitely time.

And if you need help? Ask.  One Coach is open, we are accepting students, and it teaches today's coaches how to simplify to the power of ONE:  One niche, One Problem, One Solution, One simple, organic funnel.



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