Coaches: 3 Steps To Improve Your Content

Content is king when you're building a coaching business right?

  • We build relationships
  • We make connections
  • We build a tribe
  • We make sales

Content is the single most important piece of this process.

Not surprisingly, it’s also the hardest piece to get right.

There are 1000 different ways to approach your content, and so we get stuck in the comparison, right? We see what other coaches are doing and compare our content, we compare our messaging, and we compare our success.

It's paralyzing.

Nearly 100% of the coaches I speak to will tell me that they have felt paralyzed by what to share on social media - sometimes to the point of not sharing anything at all. What ends up happening is that most coaches share content ANYWAY - from that paralyzed place - and that content ends up coming from a place of "get it done" instead of a place of intention.  

Content that is shared just to "get it done" will sabotage your reach, undermine your relationship with your audience, and in the end seriously impact your revenue. 

Today, we'll talk about the 3 improvements you can make on your content from my perspective as a business coach, and by the end of this article, I’m hoping you’ll feel empowered to show up differently in the online space.


Improvement #1

Putting INTENTION behind your content

Have you ever gotten up in the morning, made your coffee, feeling good, and then about 7 hours into your work day you realize, "Oh shit, I have to post something online."

You're not alone if you have. Social media is a necessary step in the marketing process for coaches, and until it becomes second nature to think about it FIRST, this is a common scenario. The result is coaches who post online with no plan, no intention, no strategy and no behind the scenes intentional path to profit.

There's no roadmap to the content.

Your content has to LEAD your audience to a destination, and the first stop on that road is trust. 

In order to create content that has INTENTION and strategy behind it, you have to ask yourself these questions:

  • What problem are you solving?
  • What are you inspiring them to overcome?
  • Who needs this from you?
  • Is your content written in YOUR language or is it written in their language?

When you consider the answers to these questions, you consider your audience, and you consider the path that they need to walk. That path will gently lead them to the place where they see you as the trusted expert in your space, but they also see you as a potential solution to their problems. Ultimately, they trust you.

That is the purpose of content.

Example:  As a business coach, a lot of my content is about social media because THAT is what my audience believes will solve all of their problems.  Is social media my job? Nope.  It's just a part of my job, but because you as coaches believe that if you can improve your social media presence you'll get more clients, then I absolutely have to talk about it.  Because you - my audience - believe that you need it.

When I talk about social media, I am building trust in my expertise (because I'm really good at social media), and when I build trust, my audience sticks with me.  As they stick with me, I start talking about other things that I know they need to help them on their journey - clarity, niching down, pricing strategies, group programs and scaling.  

I started with social media to build trust, but then with that trust, I'm walking them down the path towards what I know will truly solve the problem for coaches.


Improvement #2

Reverse the 80/20 rule.

The 80/20 rule states that 80% of your content on social media has everything to do with your audience and their struggles, dreams and aspirations and NOTHING to do with your business.  20% of your content has to relate directly to your business.

If you were to look at the last 20 social media posts you made, how many were about your business? How many were about your audience?  If you're like most coaches, the numbers are off - if not entirely reversed.

I get it - it feels like it should just WORK to tell the world what you do straight out without all of the fluffy nurturing, but it's just not effective. Consumers are smart, they are tired of being sold to, and they NEED you to show them that they can trust you before they can tolerate your sales posts.  It's like meeting a new dog. You have to ease your hand up, let him sniff you, talk gently and work your way into his good graces. You can't just grab his collar and expect him to be happy about it from the first moment. It takes time and trust.

Most coaches are stuck on the content and don't know what to post. They have no clarity around their audience, the struggles, or the language their audience needs them to use to resonate at a heart level.  Without this clarity, the mistake is posting too much salesy content, and that is driving away customers.

The solution is to think about your audience as human beings instead of prospects.  As human beings, where do they need you to educate them? What are they struggling with as human beings - not as potential clients?

Example: If my perfect audience is a mother who is a coach, and I sell business coaching. 20% of my posts will be about my business, but the other 80% are going to be about being a mother who is also an entrepreneur. I'll talk about time management, stress, mindset shifts, juggling kids and business during the quarantine.  Thinking of this woman as a whole human being and not just as a coach who needs business services.

This is the process to building trust because I'm not just grabbing her collar and saying "hire me."


Improvement #3

Embrace Your Actual Job

99% of coaches hop on whatever platform they're using, make a post and then leave the platform.  If the hairs on the back of your neck just went up because you've done this, don't worry - you're not alone. We've ALL done this.

Unfortunately, not only will this practice not help you, it's actually going to hurt you.  The algorithm is designed to reward people who spend time on the platform - no matter what platform you use - and if you're posting, praying and leaving? You're setting yourself up for lower results. 

Coaches inevitably say this to me:

"Jessica, I don't have an hour a day to spend online."

But then they also say this:

"I really want to use social media to make money as a coach."

Here's the thing you don't want to hear:

Being on social media consistently is a critical part of your business tasks every day. It's as important - if not MORE important - than writing that email to your list or obsessing over your logo.  You run a business in a time like no other, and you have to move past the mental block that your time on social media is wasteful.

When you're a coach who's building a business? It's critical. 

You are a social seller.

Having said that, you have to show up with intention, right? It's not about scrolling your sister's pictures, or watching your best friend from high school have a facebook fight - it's about being intentional about where you are spending time on the platforms.

  • Respond to comments.
  • Respond to messages.
  • Make your post.
  • Engage with hashtags.
  • Follow your prospects.
  • Make Videos.



The bottom line is this: you have to show up every day, and share value consistently. That is how you'll build trust in your audience and build that bridge between your solution and their problem.  This consistency creates trust, it creates referrals, it's extending outreach, opening conversations and ultimately that will show up in your revenue. 

Being a social seller means that you have to get clear on who you're talking to, clear on what they need, and you have to let them into your world - letting them get to know you for you.  AND, you have to create content that keeps them coming back for more and more and more and more.

This is how I build trust with my audience:

Every Wednesday inside the Coach Collective I create a workshop for my tribe. It's free, it's 25 minutes and it's high value. Why do you think I do that? Because I don't have anything better to do with my time? No. I do it because everyone in that group is a superfan BECAUSE of my high value workshops.  So that when I make the announcement in that group that I have 2 openings for 1-1 coaching available - those openings are gone within hours because I've presented them to an audience that already trusts me.

That is the power of your content. 

There is no quick silver bullet that will build trust and generate sales. Consistent value and consistent online presence is literally the only way for 99% of coaches.

So start showing up with intention. Start showing up with heart.


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