A Minimalist Coaching Business - Simplify to Amplify Your Revenue



This post is going to be for you if you are a coach who's trying to market your programs, offers and services, and you're frustrated.

  • Frustrated by the marketing that doesn't seem to work.
  • By the social media that makes you want to scream.
  • By the gurus who tell you to DO MORE - meanwhile, you're crying and begging to do less.
  • For the love, you just want to COACH - not market.
  • And if you could make 6 figures in 5 hours a week - even better.

If that's you?  Keep reading because you're going to learn how I redesigned my entire business to be simple, less time consuming, and also: extremely profitable. 

. . . . . . . . . . . .

It started on a lake in the Pocono Mountains more than a few summers back. My husband had whisked our family off to a glorious week surrounded by a calm lake, hundreds of deer, and nothing but stars at night.

I remember the first 2.5 days so vividly because I was STRUNG OUT. 

The first 3 days of my trip were spent decompressing.

  • I couldn't meditate.
  • I could barely journal.
  • I kept checking social. Obsessively.
  • I wasn't sleeping well,


Simply stated: I was going through the hustle withdrawals.

My whole body was tense. My mind wouldn't stop thinking business, social, to-dos and of all the things I should be doing.


On day 3, I woke up at 8 am.  For the first time in 4 years, I slept past 5, and for the first time in a long time, I didn't roll over and look at my phone.  I woke up peaceful.

That day, I didn't even turn my phone on.

I read books. Fiction - not marketing.

I took walks and thought of nothing.

I meditated on the paddle board to the sound of lapping water.


It had taken me nearly 3 days of my vacation, but I had released the hustle, the grind and the grip the modern business world had around my throat, and I had never felt better.

My family noticed. I was nicer.

I noticed. I felt better.


And on that trip to Arrowhead Lake, I made a vow never to let that grind get a grip again.


On day 6, before we were to head back, I made a list of things I can do differently to simplify my business so that my well being wasn't suffering. So that my family wasn't suffering.


(Arrowhead Lake, Pocono Mountains, PA)


Let's talk about how I simplified everything in order to feel better, and how that ended up amplifying my entire revenue stream.


Stop Reinventing Yourself.

Part of my hustle was reinventing the wheel.  I would create a program, and when it didn't launch well, or no one wanted it, or I had a better idea, I would scrap it and create something new.

I was always creating a program that was better and more refined.

I decided that I would pick the one program that applied to the most people, and for one year, I would promote just that one program to my higher ticket prospects.  Just one thing.

If someone came to me and that one group program wasn't a good fit, I offered them 1-1 coaching. If they weren't interested in that? We didn't work together.

Ultimately, what happened was that I ended up adding modules to my existing program to expand what kind of coaches it worked for, and so within 1 year, almost every discovery call was a good fit for the program. Instead of reinventing something new, I added to what was already built.

As a result of that first year of focus, I was closing 80% of my discovery calls, to the tune of over $15,000 a month in new coaching clients.


Stop Pleasing Everyone

One of the biggest hustle contributors in my life was trying to make sure my content, programs, emails, offers and messaging was "universal" - meaning: it applied to everyone. 

I was afraid that if I pivoted into one audience/niche, that I would lose out on business. 

The reality was that when I pivoted, I ended up with MORE business because my audience finally knew what I did and who I did it for. They could finally begin to trust that I could help them with their specific problems.

Which led to more discovery calls.

More program enrollments.

More revenue. 

For the first time, Instagram began bringing me clients who enrolled. I'll never forget the first time I sold over $10,000 in coaching in ONE WEEK from a single instagram post.


Stop doing things you're not good at.

Admittedly, this one is super hard for me. I don't delegate well. 

But I knew that if I wanted to truly NOT hustle any longer, I needed to.

At the time of the vacation, I was building a low ticket offer called Minimalist Marketing. It was a $37 program that I knew I wanted to be my first foray into facebook ads. So, I did what we all do and I bought a course on Facebook ads - thinking, "how hard can it be?"

Turns out - it's not an easy thing.

Within a month of buying that course, I was hiring an ads manager to take over for me because I could feel the stress creeping in - and I wasn't willing to go there again.

Within 3 days of taking over my ads, she had paid for her fee in revenue. Within a month, she had made me over $35,000 in profit. Within a year, Minimalist Marketing had generated well over $400,000 in revenue for my business. 


Think about those 3 simplifying practices:

1. Add on to what you have instead of creating new

2. Niche down without fear of repelling people. Your messaging becomes 1000x easier.

3. Outsource that which you're not great at.


Which one of these things can help to alleviate your stress in your business, and help you detox from the hustle?


Truthfully, it's a process. You'll apply the practice of minimalism over and over again to your business, and you'll never stop. We are always simplifying so that we can gain more time.



But pay attention, friends - are you trying what you see someone else doing because why not? Or are you intentionally analyzing how that will work for your business and letting go of something else that isn't working first?

Most of the time, coaches are adding on to their list of to-dos, adding on to their marketing practices, and in the end have a pile of things that just don't work, but require upkeep.


My challenge for you is this:

For one year, focus on one niche, with one problem, offer them one solution and use one funnel to generate leads.

For one year.

And see where you land.


As always, if you need help with your strategy, your funnels or help with simplifying your marketing into something that actually works and takes less time, reach out.  That's what I do, and I'd love to chat about how we can get you out of the hustle and into a bit of intentional marketing


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