3 Ways To Overcome the MLM Stigma

Jul 12, 2020


The world seems to hate network marketing. #ammiright?  Well, not the WHOLE world - just a few thousand Karen's and a Susan or two hundred.. but nevertheless, let’s unpack the MLM stigma a bit.

Disclaimer: this is not a post about hating on network marketers. This is a post about the fact that I LOVE network marketing, and I want to teach you how to be even better at it.

If you’re in network marketing, you know what I’m talking about when I say, "the stigma". The people who run from you in the grocery because they don’t have the balls to say no.  The posts that start out with “Looking for a side job - no MLM please.” Or “looking for your favorite shampoo! No MLM please.”

Or comments like this one I received when I had the audacity to respond to a thread in a group and suggest that MLM is not the devil:


People like that are SO MUCH FUN.

Here’s the thing that most network marketers don't want to hear:  the stigma is based in real time experiences that stems from messages like these:


The world is tired of the constant selling, and network marketers need to find a new way - because the world is changing. Consumers are changing. Social media is changing.

Thankfully, you’ve landed here, on this post and I’m going to share 3 ways that you can beat the stigma AND increase your exposure as a network marketer.

Before I get into those, let me share one tiny secret with you:  I’m not a network marketer. Don’t go clicking out just yet and hear me out. 

Network marketing is a TACTIC. It’s one tiny way of running a business, finding clients and generating revenue.  It’s just ONE of hundreds, and while it’s definitely a powerful tactic, it’s losing it’s effect because the world is OVER IT.


I am a business coach, and I bring tried and true business tactics and strategy to the world of direct selling. 

Tactics and strategy that the world isn’t tired of, and is still responding to.


I truly believe that network marketing is responsible for changing millions of lives.  1000% on board with that.  Despite the fact that 98% of network marketers never actually make money, the sheer fact that people took a chance, opened their eyes to the possibility and realized that they can take control - that is a powerful gift.  Yes, only 2% are profitable - but 100% were willing, and that’s incredible to me because it means that the world is shifting away from the status quo and into something the fits into the lives we actually live.

So let’s talk about how we can change the way you show up as a network marketer and try something new.


Lead with a story.

Two scenarios for you: Molly sells essential oils.  She’s creating a video about her oils on Facebook. Which one would you watch?

“Hey everyone, I’m Molly and today I’m going to share with you Lavender oil and all of the amazing benefits it can have for everyone.”


“So, last night I was laying in bed and I was dead tired - like send-me-to-the-morgue-tired - and of course, my mind was like a monkey jumping around, and I just could not fall asleep! Have any of you ever felt this way? I was vibrating with thoughts in my head. Probably 2 hours, y’all.  TWO HOURS before my husband looked at me and said, “Um… Molly, you sling oils. Fix yourself.”  And so I thought I would tell you how I fixed myself and fell asleep in about 10 minutes.”


The second one, of course! Because it leads with a story. It leads with connection and rapport building and leaves your viewer thinking, “Yeah, that’s me.”

Whenever possible, lead with a story - hook your viewer or reader into your world by giving them something they can relate to.



Follow the rules, Karen.

The 80/20 rule. You’ve heard this, but most of you don’t like it very much.  It means that 80% of your content is about everything but your business, and only 20% is about your business and promotions.  Most network marketers have this backwards, and that is the problem.

80% of the time, you need to be connecting, sharing, entertaining, amusing and inspiring your audience to the point where they are thinking, “I like her.” And 20% of the time when you sling your wares? Those people will actually tolerate it because they love the other 80%.

People buy from people they like and trust.  If you’re just selling all the time, you’re not building any trust - you’re destroying it.  You have to EARN the right to sell to someone by being a decent human being first. Then you can sling your goods to an audience that’s actually receptive because they like who you are.



Simplify your content

So many of you are stuck in the content cycle.  Create a post that phases out in 24 hours, so you have to create another post.  What kind of life is that?

Consider breaking the mold and creating a blog, a youtube series or an IGTV series. I know - blogs are old school - I get it.  But they are STILL WORKING. 

Picture this:

You create a blog and release one post a week. 

That post gets promoted by you every week for 6 weeks - it gets pinned, tweeted, posted, recorded and shared.

Instead of your content being gone in 24 hours, your post will likely get you attention and traction for at least 3-6 months after you write it. Instead of being in the game for the instant gratification, switch your mindset to the long haul - the long term impact. 


I realize that this is a new way of thinking for network marketers, but here’s something you need to understand: 

Even though you are with a company, you are your brand. People want to know YOU. They want to like YOU. They want to follow YOU. 


Network Marketing is a powerful way to make a living, but friend you have to change it up because the old tactics are no longer effective. The consumer is smart, savvy and onto you.

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