How To Surrender To The Universe

Nov 26, 2019


We hear it all of the time. Surrender. Turn it over to God. Surrender to the Universe. Let it go and let it be. It all sounds so amazing in theory, right? If we could just learn to surrender our worries, our fears and all of the stuff that weighs us down over to some unseen higher power, life would be that much easier.

We both know that it’s much easier said than practiced, and that is what we’re tapping into today. We’re going to chat about what it actually means to surrender, to have faith and to truly “let it go.”

Faith is a finicky thing. 75% of Americans say they believe in a higher power and give it some kind of label. God. Universe. Source. Spirit. Inner Being. 75% of Americans identify as believing that there is a force greater than themselves in control of everything. 75% of Americans say things like “everything happens for a reason” or “if it’s meant to be, it will be.”

Yet- and here’s the kicker for...


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