When Your Family Cannot Support You

Nov 22, 2019

Everyone has them. Those people in your lives who make you feel as though there is nothing you can do that will make them proud of you.  It doesn’t matter if you are the most successful, most beautiful, richest, kindest or most compassionate person - they will not be able to fully support you with unconditional love.

They criticize everything you do.

They judge your choices.

They seem to take every step possible to try and make you feel as though you are not enough.

It’s exhausting.  It’s infuriating.  And it’s something that you can overcome easily by understanding that these people cannot support you for 2 very simple reasons, and if you can comprehend and fully embrace these reasons described below, you'll have a much better perspective from which you can approach these family members who dismiss you and your dreams.

It all starts with this:

If they praise you for all that you do, it shines a spotlight on all that they are not doing.



How You Are Allowing Negativity Into Your Life

Dec 28, 2018



Recently I shared a graphic on Instagram that caused a bit of a stir.  It was this image and the caption said:

 "Repeat after me: I cannot make anyone feel anything that they aren’t ALLOWING themselves to feel." 

Who knew such a simple statement could strike a nerve like it did.  Dozens of private messages, nasty comments (all deleted - I don't allow that energy to stay in my space), and a LOT of feelings over this simple statement. 

It would seem that people are not keen on being told that the negative feelings they've been feeling for so long are actually within their control and not the fault of another human being.  So, I thought I would take this space to explain what I mean and why I firmly believe that we cannot make someone feel something they are not allowing themselves to feel.

Imagine for a moment that you are sitting in a restaurant and you're waiting on the wait staff to come to your table.  He or she is late and...


How To Handle Your Bad Mood

Oct 04, 2018


I woke up in a funk last week. I knew it from the moment my eyes opened and the first thing I saw was my husband had all of the covers on his side of the bed and he was cocooned around them instead of under them and I was freezing. I knew it because the first thing I thought that day was “asshole.” I realized it further when my coffee spilled everywhere, and I dropped the wet grinds all over the countertop.

I knew it from the very moment I turned on my phone and it proceeded to die, and when my mother called me to tell me her computer had crashed. Followed by a phone call from a family member with a horrific story, and a text from a friend about her hardships too. Throw in the sick child and unexpected bill, and my day was off to a fabulous start.

The day had gone from slightly annoying to frustrating to downright irritating, and my mood was 100% on track with that.

I remember being in the midst of this day and thinking, “I’m watching my own...


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