I may be shunned for saying this...


Coach, you don't need to buy that $20,000 program to get your business off the ground.


 And I know that is the opposite of what you're being told elsewhere.



All gurus say "You have to invest money to make money." 

And at some point, it's true.


However you and I both know...

Most coaches can't afford a high ticket guru to help them in the first few years of business.

Because, hello - not super profitable in those early years, right?


The truth? Most coaches don't actually NEED a high ticket guru to help them in the first few years of business because you're not READY for that level of marketing or growth.


In those early years, you just need someone to bounce ideas off of, someone to guide you to actual clarity and someone who can give you advice that meets you where you are right now in your coaching journey.


Without having to invest money you don't really have to build a "7 figure business" that you're not even sure is possible.



When you're building a coaching business, there are a thousand moving parts. 


Offers   |   Social Media  |   Pricing   |   Funnels

Emails   |   Videos   |   Websites


The list goes on and on and on.

 And with each of those things, you have questions:


What's the best funnel for MY business?

How many emails should I send?

How do I get people to respond to me on social?

What should I post on social?

How can I get more clients without discovery calls?

What should I price my coaching at?

Where do I even begin to FIND clients?

Do I really need to make Reels or be on tiktok?


An endless supply of questions that you just need answered.

By a person. Not a video module recorded 3 years ago.

It's not like the answers aren't AVAILABLE. They are.

  • You're watching Youtube videos.
  • Downloading free thing after free thing.
  • Following experts on Instagram.
  • Signing up for free 5 day workshops.
  • Reading books.
  • Subscribing to email lists.
  • and so many other things...


All to find the answers to your questions and figure out how to get your business to where you want it to be.


The problem:

The information you are getting just serves to muddy the water because the information is not customized for YOU.


Your business isn't ever going to be exactly like another, and while the information you consume is Universal - the application needs to be customized for the individual business.

Hi. I'm Jessica.


If you're like I was, you're not ready for a high ticket coach.



When I was a new coach, building a new business, the idea of spending $20K on a coach who was going to take me from 0-60 in 6 months made me want to puke.

  • I didn't know my niche.
  • I didn't even know how to adequately tell someone what I DO, much less put that into an offer.
  • I had no idea what to charge, what to say or how to get myself out there.


I hadn't established my footing as a coach, and joining a $20,000 program felt like it was very extra for where I was at in my coaching journey.


I didn't need all of the bells and whistles.

I just needed someone to ask about the things I wanted to know so that I could feel like maybe I knew what I was doing and what my next steps needed to be.


Fast forward 12 years and I never found that resource for myself.

I have invested over $100,000 in many programs and many coaches.. only to feel like it was all just too much. SO much more than I needed.


And if I'm being honest? In every program, I felt like I was just another number in the crowd - another dollar sign on their bankroll.

Enter: the reason you're here.


You CAN get the support you need to get clients, and get your coaching business off the ground - and profitable.


Without investing thousands of dollars, and without feeling like just another number.



A business + marketing membership for coaches.

 Where coaches get the support, strategy and clarity needed to get their business off the ground.




Live on zoom, join me every month for live, personalized business coaching. No topic is off limits. Yes, you'll be talking directly to me. No, I won't hold back. I'm 100% transparent in what I do, how it will work for you, and the exact steps you need to take to elevate your business.


Included in your membership is a comprehensive foundational course that every coach needs to have to create a business.  You'll establish clarity on your niche, your messaging, your offers, your pricing and even your funnel.  THIS is the roadmap to profitability.


Every single month, you'll receive a new masterclass on a topic that is sure to help you grow as a coach. See below in the FAQ's for a list of our upcoming Masterclasses.


Next up:  The Reels Masterclass


It's more than just a group - it's a collective. Post your creations and get feedback. Need a resource? Ask. Want help with your copy? Share it. Want to collaborate? Ask. Need a referral? Ask. The sky is the limit in this incredible community.


"It's a breath of fresh air to have a coach who shoots straight"

"I've been following Jessica for a while and I LOVE how easy and authentic she is in her approach to marketing. With so many empty promises out there with sleazy feeling tactics, it's a breath of fresh air to have a coach who shoots straight and tells you how to navigate and  build trust with potential clients so that they WANT to work with you."

Jennifer Wreyford

"I'm booking more and more discovery calls!"


"Jessica is super informative and personable. She delivers all her amazing and vast knowledge in a super authentic and pallatable way. I've noticed that by utilizing a few of the tips Jessica gave,  I'm booking more and more discovery calls. I'm speaking to one audience on my social now and I'm finding those clients!"

Sarah Levine

What You Will Learn Inside The Foundations Course

Lesson 1:  Start With Why

Lesson 2: The Transformation

Lesson 3: Dig in to the Foundation

Lesson 4: The Mindset Shift Every Coach Needs

Lesson 5: Your Niche

Lesson 6: Talk To The People

Lesson 7: Your Hook - Refined.

Lesson 8: Get Your Messaging Straight

Lesson 9: Irresistible Offers

Lesson 10: Pricing Yourself + Your Offers

Lesson 11: Your Path To Profit 

Lesson 12: Online Visibility, Simplified



Members of the Coach Collective receive access to these beautiful bonuses - created especially for coaches.

Marketing Fast Track

Have you ever wished someone would just tell you what to do to get more clients?  

This is your guide to exactly that.

Facebook Groups - For Coaches

As a new coach, a Facebook Group is your best friend. It's the easiest and most efficient way to sell your coaching, build trust and create a community around what you do.  These trainings will help you design a group that CONVERTS.

Copy Class

All of the marketing in the world won't work if you don't know how to write in a way that people actually respond.

In this class, you'll learn to write for connection and conversion. Period.


Access to these bonuses is available to our members only with an active/paid membership.


I attended many of the monthly calls with her and she always was spot on in her coaching and her out-of-the-box ideas.


"I love you, Jessica... I love your sense of humor. I love your tell-it-like-it-is attitude and no-nonsense way of explaining things. I attended many of the monthly calls with her and she always was spot on in her coaching and her out-of-the-box ideas. I have direction in my business. Jessica helped me refine my freebie and next steps and I'm working on creating IG content now. I've also put together and am almost done creating a program course."

Michelle Anderson

She can solve every issue that you could possibly come across as a coach building your brand, getting clients, and in more ways than you even know you will need help in.

"Jessica is a powerfully effective coach with the personal experience of learning these ropes herself. She KNOWS the road, she can deeply hear you, then immediately know what you need next, and deliver a simple next step that makes all the confusion melt away. Keep following her direction and you will get results! Your only requirement is to show up, do the work and she's GOT you!  Don't just explore working with Jessica, RUN! She's helped me LEAP my business forward, and I'm so grateful!"

Lauren Power

My business is more "alive" today than it was 6 months ago.

"Jessica's knowledge of online business and marketing is stellar and her ability to understand what works and what doesn't work is invaluable. No matter what your business, she can be a great resource and guide in helping you build it. And she is full of ideas! I love her creativity and ability to brainstorm a solution to anything."

Sophia Godkin


You're going to love the Coach Collective if...

  • Every time you grab a new free thing or attend a new workshop, you have MORE questions than you started with.
  • You're ready to commit to clarity as a coach and do what it takes to build a strong foundation.
  • You're looking for a straight shooting mentor who won't lie to you or say what they think you want to hear.
  • You're not interested in overnight success - you want to take your time and build a coaching business that is sustainable.


Who this is not for:

  • Coaches who are not "coachable"  (no explanation required)
  • Coaches who only want to go viral (viral does not equal sales)
  • Coaches who don't have time to work on their business. (A few hours a week at a minimum)
  • Coaches who don't want to use social media. (Sorry - social is required to grow in today's landscape.)

"My aha- that it doesn't have to be complicated and I don't have to be a slave to social media, that I can design my marketing to fit my life & values and not the other way around."

Gina Madrigrano

"You've got to get your foundations right before you can build your audience, a step most people overlook. Jessica's clear guidance about your messaging is absolute gold. If you love simplicity when it comes to learning new things, Jessica's style is perfect for you."

Deirdre Amies

"Jessica's teaching style easy to follow, no complicated jargon just relatable content needed for my business. I now have a clear structure and direction to move forward with my online marketing."

Helen Froling

Bottom Line:

If you're a coach who is trying to figure out how to get more clients, get more visible and get your business off the ground, this membership was created specifically for you. 

Monthly Membership

No Obligation - Cancel Any Time

  • Coach Collective Foundations Course
  • Monthly Live Coaching Calls on Zoom
  • Monthly Masterclass
  • Private Community
  • BONUS: Marketing Fast Track
  • BONUS: Facebook Groups for Coaches
  • BONUS: Copy Class
  • BONUS:  Canva Templates to Fast Track your Visibility


Regular Rate:  $111/month


Founding Members Special Rate: $55/month


Last chance offer - When our launch period for this membership ends, the monthly price will increase to $111/month.  As long as your membership is current and active, you lock in this rate. 


More from Jessica's students..

"I love how she says it like it is. No sugar coating anything, and she won't let you get lost in the land of wishy washy. Jessica gives concrete advice and solid action steps."  Mary Yelena


"Jessica was honest with me and helped me see that my niche wasn't viable.  And she helped me pick a new niche that has turned out to be VERY viable."  Trina Pritchett


"There aren't many coaches who will tell you when things don't work for them and share the pitfalls of trying something. Jessica is not afraid to let people see that she's trying too, that she's building a business too, and that sometimes things don't work.  But we dust ourselves off and try again.  It's nice to see someone who is successful but also really honest about how hard it was to get there."  Grace Trevor


"I literally don't have a bad thing to say about Jess.  Besides the fact that she's hilarious, she's so creative and smart.  Her creativity bleeds into her business coaching, and it makes for coaches who have unique spins, interesting offers and wildly innovative marketing practices.  She's like a ray of sunshine in a sea of money hungry business coaches."  Hillary Emerson


"You gotta appreciate someone who cuts through the noise, tells it like it is and does everything she can to NOT overwhelm her clients. Everything is clean, straightforward and there is no fluff. It's all gold."  Whitney Owen

How The Coach Collective Works


When you enroll, you'll be directed to join us in our private Facebook Community The Coach Collective.  Inside this group is where EVERYTHING happens. 

  • Monthly Masterclasses are streamed live to this group, with a special Q+A Zoom call to clear up any questions about the topic for that month.
  • Monthly marketing + business coaching links are shared in this group. These are held on zoom, and you'll be invited to join us with a special link so that you can chat with Jessica live. This link is shared inside of the group, and the call is then streamed to the group. 
  • All Call Replays are hosted inside of this group.
  • Monthly Coaching calls are currently on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 12:00 p.m. eastern


You'll have access to the group and the materials as long as your membership is current and paid.

Upon enrollment you'll receive an email with information to join the community, as well as information to log in to your course library. Inside your course library, you'll find the Coach Collective Foundations Course, as well as all of your bonuses. 

Access to the course library is available to you as long as your membership is current and up to date. 




  • Monthly Marketing + Business Coaching - Open Office Hours for support, ideas, brainstorming and anything you can bring to the table (Value $397)
  • Coach Collective Foundations Course - a journey to clarity and your path to profit as a coach - Value $297
  • Monthly Masterclass - a new topic each month to help you GROW (Value $97)
  • Private Community - A safe space to ask for feedback on posts, landing pages, ideas, offers, copy and anything you can dream up. Also a great place to meet other coaches. (Value $97)
  • BONUS: Marketing Fast Track (Value $297)
  • BONUS: Facebook Groups for Coaches (Value $297)
  • BONUS: Copy Class (Value $97)
  • BONUS:  Canva Templates to Fast Track your Visibility



Total Value: $1579

Regular Rate:  $111/month


Founding Members Special Rate: $55/month


Last chance offer - When our launch period for this membership ends, the monthly price will increase to $111/month.  As long as your membership is current and active, you lock in this rate.