There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to coaching. Below are the options we have to move forward together on this journey.

The One Coach Mastermind was designed for coaches who want to design a group coaching program AND the funnel to fill it.

  • The Clarity Coach Discovery Process
  • 90 Minute Private Strategic Intensive Session
  • Bi-weekly Coaching - Live on Zoom
  • Materials + Copy Review 
  • Design Your Signature Program
  • Create Your Profitable Funnel
  • Marketing Assets Design Workshops
  • Lifetime Access to Entire Product Suite (Every product Jessica offers)


Learn More About One Coach

"I got more out of the first 30 days in this program with Jessica than I did in my last year long mastermind - and that was $30,000.  The amount of support she provides in this program is INSANE, and the fact that she doesn't pass off the coaching to her "team" and she does it herself is magic.  She's a gold mine of information, support and genius, and after 6 months with her, my business is consistently having $23,000 months, and that is increasing every single month.  Don't even hesitate to say yes to this."

Jeremy N. - Life Coach for Men

VIP Intensive

  • Join Jessica for a 30 minute "pre-game" call to establish your goals for this intensive session
  • On your VIP day, we'll connect for 2 sessions, each 90 minutes with a  break in between.
  • After your session with Jessica, you'll receive the recordings to your call, as well as any trainings, resources and materials provided to assist you on your journey
  • For 30 days after your VIP day, you will have unlimited Voxer access to Jessica to clarify your next steps, ask questions, and receive necessary support as you implement.


Your Investment: $5000

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What can we work on during a VIP Intensive?


Design the structure of your offer ladder, your business and your client pipeline

Design your marketing funnel

Create a custom visibility plan for your business, as well as a complete content plan to simplify your exposure

Customize a signature program, design a micro offer, or create a high ticket offer and funnel to deliver to your clients


Any combination of the above.  

"Admittedly, I was nervous about investing $5000 for a single day of coaching, but WOW, Jessica can change an entire life in 3 hours.  In our time together, she helped me redesign my entire business structure so that I have passive income, create new offers that my audience is LOVING, and she helped me move past my fear of raising my prices.  Today, just a month later, I'm commanding a higher price (and GETTING it), my community is 10x larger, and my first launch of my brand new program sold $55,000 in the first 3 days - without a single testimonial. To say that she changed my life is an understatement, and I have already scheduled my next VIP day with her, and plan to do so 4x a year for as long as she'll have me."

Catherine O. - Mindset Coach for Moms

Platinum Level Coaching - One-on-One



One on One coaching is recommended for those who have either

1. An established fan base of over 20K engaged followers. If you are an influencer who wants to monetize your OWN genius and create programs and courses where you don't have to share the revenue generated (no affiliate commission here - 100% yours), then 1-1 coaching may be the perfect fit for you.


2. An established coaching business generating over $100K in revenue per year. If you are currently coaching 1-1 and want to add group programs and a powerful marketing funnel to your ecosystem, then this may be a perfect fit for you as well.


Your Investment: $2500 per month with a minimum 3 month commitment.

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Minimalist Marketing

Use this $37 powerhouse to get clear on your messaging, your unique spin and create a simple, rinse-repeat process for getting your message out there ORGANICALLY.


 Not sure which is right for you?  Drop me a message and let's figure it out together.


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