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Law of Attraction | Mindset | Manifesting | Vibration | Positivity

Short, easy to digest lessons in positivity --> Straight to your inbox. Every morning.

What people are saying about the daily emails...

"These emails are the BEST and set my tone for the day. THANK YOU!"  ~ Helena L. 


"Every email is so good. Keep them coming! They are the best part of my day."  ~ Jenny R. 


"I have all of these emails saved in a folder on my computer so that when I'm in a mood or having a moment, I can read them again.  Powerful, transformational words come out of this woman.  I hope they never stop." ~Rebecca V.


"I've told so many people about these emails, and I'm receiving constant messages of thanks from them.  Jessica is the real deal, and the way she explains and inspires is so different than anyone else." Victoria B. 


"If you're not receiving these emails every morning, you're missing out. Every day it feels like they are written for ME - how is she in my head?!?"  Brit P. 

Who the heck is Jessica?

Superfoods. Chocolate. Yoga instead of treadmill. Mocktails. Lake instead of ocean. Heated blankets and firepits. Mother. Wife. Creative. Little white dogs. Insta stories. Meditation.

17 years as an entrepreneur has taught me a little bit about mindset, fears and how to design a life and business that you actually love. I share those tidbits of wisdom every day straight to your inbox, and it is the best part of my week when I get to sit down and write lessons for you. I want you to see love, abundance, success and satisfaction in your life, and if you take these micro-lessons to heart, you will.




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