better days


because contrary to popular belief:  it's not about being happy all of the time 

People are assholes.



There's really no getting around it.

If you're like me, you have people in your life who make you want to buy a cabin in the woods and remove yourself from civilization for a while.

I get it.

People suck. 


99% of the time, the stress, anxiety and fear we feel is the result of our interactions with other people.


 We all know this.  But the real question is this:


How do we live our lives in a world where people suck and NOT let them bring us down?


It's the million dollar question.


There is a not-so-secret-weapon that can be

a game changer for you.

It’s Time To Stop Letting Other People Ruin Your Day



A one of a kind process that will teach you how to move from low vibe and surrounded by assholes to high vibe where you feel like everyone is in your corner. 


The goal: more good days than bad. 

The goal:  a more peaceful, less chaotic life.


It's time to stop carrying chaos that doesn't belong to you.


Being "high vibe" doesn't always have to mean crystals, mantras, affirmations + meditation.


The spiritual world wants you to think that you have to use all of these tools and techniques to have an "aligned" life.

Not true.

Raising your vibration is much simpler than all of that.

And it's exactly what we'll teach you inside the Elevate Method.







You'll know when you're low vibe or high vibe, so yaou can pivot accordingly.

You'll have the tools to change even the worst mood into a better one - in just a few minutes.

Your manifestations will appear faster, and more powerfully.

The people around you will tell you that you're the happiest person they know.






It all starts with truly understanding vibration. What you think it is, what it actually is, what it is NOT and how vibration impacts your daily life, your conversations and your dreams.


The Elevate Method is a process that we developed to help you notice when you're in a low vibration and pivot as quickly as is healthy for you into a new, better feeling vibration.


We're tapping into all the ways you can raise your vibration - no matter what your day looks like.  Hint: it's not about meditation, crystals or chanting.  This is full of real life techniques made for busy people.


We are chatting about the simple process to magnify your manifestations and find vibrational alignment to the things you desire in life.

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I started this page by talking about how people are assholes.

This bonus will teach you how to deal with them. You'll learn how to not let someone who's toxic bring you into their negative space, and how to gracefully let someone know that you're not having it.

This is so much fun to learn because once you do, it's a game changer for every interaction going forward.

PS: this includes those asshole family members that you have to tolerate because they are family, but if they weren't, you'd totally kick them to the curb with a sweet smile and a little "Bye, Felicia."

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I've been surrounded by a lot of negative people in my life, and for the longest time I allowed the actions, beliefs, words and opinions of other people to impact MY day.

I allowed other people to make me feel like shit.


I realized one day about a decade ago that my mood was negatively impacting not only my relationships, but my kids.

And so THAT had to stop.

I set out on a path to learn how to stop letting other people ruin my day.


And so here we are.


We're not talking bubble gum, happy valley girl positivity.

We're not talking about becoming one of those people who says they're happy but is obviously NOT.

We're learning how to actually FEEL a higher vibration - so much so that you raise everyone around you, and change your life in the process. 


"I find myself using the Elevate method every day.  I've told all of my friends about it, and it's no exaggeration that this process is life changing.  Jessica is sweet, funny and this whole thing is life at the next level."

Nikki Fraser


"This process needs to be taught in every school, every office and it needs to be a prerequisite for adulthood.  Incredible.  Jessi is relatable, kind, funny and she teaches in a way that is so easy to understand."

Michael Waller


"Jessi teaches in a way that is so simple to understand, and she uses examples that are real. Real life situations, real life complications, and real life encounters to explain her points, and to show us how to pivot out of the pit they leave us in.  She should be charging so much more for this because it's THAT life changing."

Caroline Nichols


"You can't help but love this woman.  Her energy is intoxicating, and her teaching style is next level special. She takes a topic that isn't mainstream and makes it so relatable, and so relevant to modern day life.  From the very first video, I found myself a changed person."

Victoria Greyson
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 You know when you wake up, there's that moment before you remember.

  • Before you remember who you are.
  • Before you remember what you have to do that day.
  • Before you remember how much people need from you.

There's a moment of just being.  You're not unhappy. You're not overly happy.  You're just existing - contentedly existing.


That is the moment this program aims to teach you how to achieve in the middle of your day, in the middle of dinner, or on the train after work.

Because it's not about being happy all of the time.

It's about noticing when you feel low and intentionally bringing yourself and your vibration back to that level of early morning feeling of being content.


Right now, your vibration swings wildly like a death defying roller coaster.  One moment content, the next moment triggered by a coworker's loud chewing.


My goal is to help you find less of that unpredictable emotional roller coaster and more of that calm "alone in the middle of a cabin in the woods" feeling.






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