• The Intentional Entrepreneur Program is for 3 kinds of women:

    • The inspired entrepreneur (service based) who wants to utilize a simple system for clarity to design, launch and scale a profitable business online.
    • The serious network marketer who is ready to play bigger and step it up in the social media space
    • The fresh and new coach (service based) wanting to clarify her vision, her path and monetize her business quickly and effectively. 

  • You’re showing up on social media, but no one engages with you.
  • You hate to sell because you’re afraid of being pushy or salesy.
  • You’re attracting clients, but they’re not the right clients who will spend money with you.
  • You are frustrated with inconsistent income 
  • You're tired of not having a plan for your marketing and social media.
  • You know that you're not fully showing up in the way that you could be in your business because there's work to be done on your mindset and your vibration
  • You're quite possibly a network marketer who isn't seeing the success she imagined in business, but still has the passion and just needs to think differently about the path to profit.

  • Clarity on your business vision, the exact lucrative path and the possibility
  • Clarity on who you will help, and the transformation you will give them
  • To refine and develop a signature process that is all yours, and advice on how to effectively package and price it.
  • Knowledge on how to design your social influence and re-engineer your presence online around you and what you offer.
  • Simple strategy to find the right clients, and convert them into paying clients
  • A better, more simplified understanding of social media, and the strategies to generate organic traffic
  • A strategy on how to close the perfect client in 30 minutes without ever pushing or selling.
  • A clear understanding of the Law of Attraction, and how you may be secretly sabotaging your business
  • The tools to overcome the limiting beliefs you struggle with that may be holding you back in your business and life
  • A proven system for manifesting and attracting everything you desire in life.


Yes, it is all possible.

The Intentional Entrepreneur is Now Open!

Clarity Fast Track

Instead of bouncing from one idea to the next, you'll go through our Fast Track To Clarity and find laser focus right from the start.

Consistent Leads

Stop struggling + hustling to find your next client, and use this system to simplify it without paying for ads or spending hours online.

Coaching + Hot Seats

You'll have the opportunity to get weekly coaching and hot seat time with Jessica as we customize this process for your business

Sell With Ease + Comfort

No matter what you're selling, learn Jessica's no fail simple process for selling without feeling "salesy" or "pushy."

The Intentional Entrepreneur is a 6 month group program for clarity, consistency and a cohesive mindset to uplevel today's entrepreneur:

  • 6 months of access to the complete Intentional Entrepreneur training vault with over 70 intentional trainings and 30 workbooks. *More being added every single month!
  • Weekly laser coaching sessions with Jessica as needed
  • Complete Instagram By Design Course to uplevel your IG game immediately



  • Personalized A to Z Roadmap to Profit session with Jessica - 45 minutes zoom call one-on-one to kickstart your customized plan for making the most of the next 6 months. (Value: $550 - First 10 to join the program)




Clarity fast track:

  • Your legacy + Impact
  • Your business goals
  • Your audience + Niche
  • Your audience pain points
  • Your brand + online presence
  • Signature offers
  • Pricing
  • Signature offers for Network Marketers
  • Driving traffic
  • Market research


Other training categories:


  • 30 minute conversation to close
  • Overcoming money objections
  • Direct Messenger selling + strategy
  • The challenge launch system
  • Live Video Blitz trainings
  • Freebies + Funnels
  • Content Creation + Workflow
  • Mindset School + Law of Attraction
  • Instagram by Design - Instagram A-Z.

Your Investment To Join The Intentional Entrepreneur Program Today



PER MONTH for 6 months

6 months access to the complete IE training Vault

Weekly laser coaching sessions with Jessica directly

Instagram By Design

Personalized A to Z Roadmap to Profit (45 min 1-1 call)




One Time Fee - save 10%

6 months access to the complete IE training Vault

Weekly laser coaching sessions with Jessica directly

Instagram By Design

Personalized A to Z Roadmap to Profit (45 min 1-1 call)



You started this business or side hustle as a road to freedom. Freedom to work whenever you want, freedom to travel, freedom to retire your spouse or pay for college, or just breathe easier knowing that the day is yours to design.


Maybe you’re here because you feel like you’re floundering around in your business - struggling to get crystal clear on what you do, who you do it for and how you can make enough money from it to fund that freedom you so desire.  Or maybe you’re just hustling hard every day and the leads just aren’t arriving and the cash isn’t flowing consistently.


You have days where you feel clear, alive, aligned and ready to take on the world.  But you also have days that leave you wondering if you’ll ever leave your job or if you’ll have to give up on this dream to go and get a “real” job.


You’re in that place where something’s gotta give and you’re quickly approaching that point of giving up or going all in.  You're not sure if it's your strategy or your mindset, or both.

If that's you? Then this program is for you.


The Brain Behind The Program

As a creative entrepreneur, spirit junkie and mom to two teen girls, I might not fit the typical business coach profile you're used to. 

I'm not going to sit here and tell you to hustle yourself to exhaustion. I'm not going to tell you to fake it till you make it. I'm not going to tell you to invest money you don't have. 

I'm going to tell you that I believe every business starts with intention and a deliberate focus on what you want for your life and you have to work from the end backwards.

First, we talk legacy. Then, we talk strategy and tactic.  Anything other than that is a giant waste of your time and will have you spinning your wheels and wasting precious time in your life.

I was that entrepreneur who jumped in head first and created a business out of an idea. First step: logo.  Second step: business cards.  Third step: oh shit what do I do now?  

I was there, and I learned the hard way that you always have to start with the end in mind, and after owning 3 successful businesses, I have mastered the process of building a business with intention - a business that is driven by solid strategy and backed by belief and energy. I genuinely cannot wait to help you build your intentional business.



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