Get CLEAR, Get VISIBLE + Get coaching CLIENTS using INSTAGRAM.


Find clarity, design offers that prospects can't say no to, and create an Instagram strategy that sells consistently.


If you're a coach, you likely have one major problem:


Getting clients off of the internet.


Coaches require a distinct and specialized marketing strategy to convert clients, and it can feel like A LOT.


You've probably tried a lot of things...

- posting on social only to hear crickets

- making freebies because it will "fill your list"

- offering free sessions to get testimonials from people who never give them

- going live to less than 10 people

- creating a course because a $97 offer is surely easier to sell than a $3000 coaching package, right?




The time for meaningless hustle is over.

It's time to take a beat, breathe deeply and move forward with INTENTION.  


Because your business needs you to put on your CEO hat and make some massive changes to thrive in this market.




You can't "just show up" and expect to make money...

and I think it's time we called bullshit on this outdated thinking.



The gurus say that if you "show up every day, you'll never want for clients ever again."


Hello. No. False.


In a hella-saturated online space, it takes more than dancing around and pointing in a Tiktok to make real money.


Especially for coaches.


The gurus sure as hell make it SOUND easy, but the reality is that it’s complicated... and really hard.


  • Knowing what to actually say to attract the right people...
  • Getting people to respond when you put yourself out there…
  • Asking people to hire you…
  • Getting paid to make a difference in the way you imagined.


The struggle is real.


The good news is that you don’t need to add MORE complicated things to get what you want.


The solution is in simplicity.

Hey, I'm Jessica.


About 4 years ago, I was a coach who was hustling. HARD.

Working 50-60 hours a week and I wasn’t seeing the results.

  • I was showing up on social. Crickets.
  • I was emailing people. Crickets.
  • I was making videos. Crickets.
  • I was doing all of the things that people like Gary V tell you to do, and it wasn’t getting me anywhere.


I was frustrated. Tired.  And wondering why I was wasting my time.


In a last ditch effort, I decided to do the very thing everyone said was the wrong thing to do:




I stopped talking to all of the people and focused on one.

I ditched all of my offers except for one.

I started promoting one thing and one thing only.


And I became known as the expert for ONE thing. 

What happened next made my head spin.


  • My content started getting people to talk.
  • My videos started getting thousands of views.
  • My offers started selling like crazy.
  • My bank account was finally showing some extra zeroes.


All because I stopped the rat race, shut out the noise and focused on the simplicity of one.


Here’s the thing:

this is hard for coaches to do. 


Most of you can help anyone I put in front of you, so for me to ask you to choose just one? That feels wrong.


And I get it. I felt the same way.


But my Instagram marketing required me to get over my own fears and for one year, focus on intentional simplicity.


Right now, you are in one of two places:


  1. You’re showing up on Instagram, trying to build a coaching business and it’s just not working very well.
  2. You’re a brand new coach, paralyzed by where to start because it’s all so overwhelming.


No matter which place you’re in, simplicity is the answer.


Intention is the answer.

If the whole of your marketing strategy is to show up on social randomly, stalk Facebook groups and spam your FB personal profile, it’s time for a more strategic way to grow your business.


Because here's the thing:  Instagram is the new Facebook. And every coach needs to get on board NOW, while you can.


An Instagram Marketing Intensive for Coaches


Learn how to market your coaching with intention, purpose and a deeper connection to the people you serve.



Here's What's Included:

Comprehensive Course Library


Broken into 3 Phases of education and action, your course library includes trainings answering every question and guiding you through the process of building a coaching business that thrives online. Everything from clarity to your social media funnel is covered in depth.


"The quality of the material is amazing, it was easy to follow and I loved the combination of having video learning modules as well as the lives with Jessica." - Vanessa Doyle

Monthly Live Coaching Sessions

You will have the opportunity to join Jessica live on Zoom to ask questions, get coaching, hop in the hotseat and really customize this process for YOUR business. Offered at 2 different times to accommodate time zone discrepancies.


"Don't skip the call! The call combined with the course materials will be a game changer for you." -- Megan Kruger 

Comprehensive Workbooks

The deep dive is in the workbook, and these are invaluable to your journey as a coach. Use them now, and revisit them once a year to keep yourself fresh and on track with your business and marketing goals.


"I'm a visual person and I need to write! The workbooks in. this program are worth the price of admission." - Diane Ramsey

12 months access to Jessica's Private Student Community

For the next year, you have a safe place to get feedback, learn new things and meet other coaches.  Need eyes on your sales page? post it. Need someone to help with your Instagram video, share it.  The student community is your new best friend to make sure you're getting it right.


"It's rare to have a coach who actually answers your questions herself. Jessica is in her community every day and she doesn't hold back. She even created a LOOM for me to show me exactly how to do something. What coach does that?!" - Patricia Gaines

"I truly believe that this woman is one of those coaches who should be famous. In 3 months, she took my business from a hot mess to streamlined. I have over 650 new instagram followers, and I've landed 7 new coaching clients - for over $15,000 in revenue from INSTAGRAM. "

Lisa Preston - Life Coach


Here's The Journey We Will Take Together:


So that your audience is clear about what you do, and so are you. This is CLARITY to the MAX. Most coaches skip this step and jump right to social media, but without these 3 critical foundations in place, your business doesn’t stand a chance. We’ll dive deep into each one, and by the end of this phase, you’ll feel confident about what you do, and your audience will be able to clearly understand who you are.


All of that clarity is useless without traffic, and so we’re going to take you through our simple process for generating traffic using Instagram.  This will require bravery, commitment and consistency, but if you follow this process, you’ll see more and more prospects into your business every single week.  


So that you have a system in place that is working while you’re not. Call it a pipeline, call it a funnel, call it a sales process - whatever you call it, we’re going to design your process to drive your new prospects directly to your paid offers.  And as always, we’re going to keep it simple.  You’ll walk away with a strong social media pipeline, the emails to send, and even a sales page that converts consistently.

Bonuses to fast track your progress...

The masterclasses will set you on the right path, but these bonus workshops are pre-recorded and will help you with ALL of the details in between.


You don't have to think because we've done the planning for you. Give us 30 days and we'll give you a jumpstart to your exposure. No ads required.

Value: $197


"The Visibility Jumpstart is helping me TONS with creating these Reels. Thank you!!" - Laurie Santos


Reels are the fastest way to generate exposure and build trust.  But it's more than pointing and dancing (you don't have to do that) - We'll teach you a simple, effective way to make Reels so that you're building authority in your space AND making new clients. 

Value $197


"I just made 12 Reels in 1 hour because of you. This is the most productive I've ever been on Instagram." - Heather Emory


You'll literally never run out of ideas with this list.  We have clients who use this list every day, and if you do, it's over 18 months of daily ideas.  That's more than a year of not having to wonder "what will I post today?"

Value $47


"I have these printed out and next to me and I literally refer to them daily.  No lie, it's like my content bible."  - Wendy Trevors


The hardest part of marketing is often the email sequence - and yet, it's also one of the most important. We're sharing our highest converting email sequence.We're even sharing our Copy Class so that you write like a pro every time.

Value $97


"The way these are written is so natural, and makes it seem like emails are just a natural extension of you - instead of being so salesy all the time. Genius." -   Bridgit Frier

But that's not it! You'll also receive:


  • Landing Page Design Simplified

  • Facebook Groups for coaches - sell with ease using a group

  • Canva Templates GALORE! - so you don't have to THINK about design

  • 30 Minute Close - Discovery Calls Made Simple

  • DM connection - without being sleezy or social selling
Your only requirement is to show up, do the work and she's GOT you! She can solve every issue that you could possibly come across as a coach building your brand, getting clients, and in more ways than you even know you will need help in. Don't just explore working with Jessica, RUN! She's helped me LEAP my business forward, and I'm so grateful!
Lauren Power - Business Coach

"My business is more "alive" today than it was 6 months ago. I have more of an effective social media presence and I have started to earn some passive income which I hope to increase dramatically in years to come. Jessica's knowledge of online business and marketing is stellar and her ability to understand what works and what doesn't work is invaluable. She is full of ideas! I love her creativity and ability to brainstorm a solution to anything."

Dr. Sophia Godkin - The Happiness Doctor


Jessica, everyone and their brother is telling me how to market my coaching.. why is this any different?


So listen, I get it. There are a hundred thousand people out there like me, who could teach you what I'm going to teach you.

I've worked with over a dozen business coaches in my career, and I can tell you the one thing that frustrated me with every single one of them:


They made it all so complicated.


I don't know about you, but I'm the type of person who just wants to know the most direct route to my end game.  

The path of least resistance is my JAM. Thank you Abraham.


Yes, I'll work hard.

Yes, I'll show up. 

But don't waste my time.


What makes this different?

The path of least resistance makes this different.

It's a powerful process to get you from having no working marketing system to having something that starts seeing momentum quickly.

  • I'm not wasting your time teaching you about allll of the things that you'll never actually use.
  • I'm not going to make you run ads and spend thousands testing them.
  • I'm not going to overwhelm you to the point where you're ready to cry and quit, and so the only option is that you hire me for 1-1 coaching.

Path of least resistance, remember?


"If I hadn’t done this time with Jessica, I would have muddled along, and today I’ve got a 6 month coaching offer, a 6 week offer and even an easy entry offer.”

"The path that Jessica gave me motivated me to go all-in on my program. I enrolled 4 people in my group, created a program and became laser focused within just a few months.

Suzette Mullen - Dream to Draft

"I was afraid of being too specific about my audience"

I was afraid of offending or turning some people off from working with me in a group setting. I've realized through working with Jessica that turning people off is exactly what I need to do.  It allows me to know exactly what I'm saying and to whom, and it allows me to create offers and programs that are specific and very targeted to that person.  Doing this has helped my coaching skyrocket, and I'm having my best year ever as a coach."

Jessica Brennan - Clean Product Junkie

"No one has ever helped me the way Jessica has helped me."

My coaching business was a confusing mess and I wasn't charging nearly as much as I should be. Jessica helped me to get clear on what I was offering, who needed it, what I could actually charge (and get!) and then she helped me learn how to fill my program. 

I made back my investment in 90 days - TIMES FIVE.  

Jessica is the real deal. She's not saying what you want to hear - she keeps it real, and doesn't hold anything back. 

She's an absolute diamond in a pile of cookie-cutter coaching rubbish.


y'all listen... Intentional Marketing is not for everyone.

It's a process that requires work, focus and quite a bit of courage.


But here's my promise to you:


I won’t let you get lost in the fear of choosing a niche.

I won’t let you overthink your offers.

I won’t let you fall victim of the shiny object syndrome and change your mind half way through.


We are getting it DONE.


It’s not going to be for you if you can't make a decision, or you're not READY to go all-in.

It’s not going to be for you if you don't want to use social media.

It’s not going to be for you if you’re not sure what kind of coaching you offer or what you actually want to do.

It's not going to be for you if you're against choosing a niche and getting laser focused on your audience.


Getting it DONE requires decisive thinking.

But if you can put aside the fear of choosing wrong? In just a few months, your business will be unrecognizable.



  • Finally feeling like you actually know how to market your business
  • Not having to worry about where your next client will come from
  • Having so much clarity in your business that you can create content in your sleep
  • That moment when you realize your followers are looking to YOU for the answers, and they're willing to pay for your help


Imagine waking up every day and getting to focus on what you LOVE (coaching!) instead of the gut wrenching grind of marketing online.


The ease of a flourishing, profitable coaching business is closer than you think.


Want the best news? 



Enroll before the timer runs out and you'll receive the complete guide to Micro Offers.


You see them all over Facebook, and it's time YOU created one for your business too.


In the first 12 months, Jessica's $37 Micro Offer brought in over $250K in PROFIT.


This comprehensive training will teach you how to design your own Micro Offer from start to finish.


The Micro Offer Bonus Workshop expires in:











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12 Months Access to:

  • Course Library 
    • Phase 1 Masterclass on Clarity + Supportive Trainings
    • Phase 2 Masterclass on Instagram + Comprehensive Instagram trainings
    • Phase 3 Masterclass on Conversion Funnel + Supportive trainings
  • Monthly Live Q+A sessions (2 hours each)
  • 12 months access to program and student community
  • Comprehensive Workbooks


Enjoy Access to These Bonuses:

  • Reels for Coaches
  • 30 Day Visibility Quick Start
  • 500+ Content Ideas
  • Email Sequence Template
  • Facebook Groups for Coaches
  • Canva templates (to make it easy for you!)
  • 30 Minute Close - Discovery Call Workshop 



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12 Months Access to:

  • Course Library 
    • Phase 1 Masterclass on Clarity + Supportive Trainings
    • Phase 2 Masterclass on Instagram + Comprehensive Instagram trainings
    • Phase 3 Masterclass on Conversion Funnel + Supportive trainings
  • Monthly Live Q+A sessions (2 hours each)
  • 12 months access to program and student community
  • Comprehensive Workbooks


Enjoy Access to These Bonuses:

  • Reels for Coaches
  • 30 Day Visibility Quick Start
  • 500+ Content Ideas
  • Email Sequence Template
  • Facebook Groups for Coaches
  • Canva templates (to make it easy for you!)
  • 30 Minute Close - Discovery Call Workshop



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Regular Price $2797


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