Oh, girl. I see you.

Sitting there with a dream that is massive. 

You got into this gig to change lives, and here you are.. changing lives.  Only you wish it were MORE lives, and maybe a little bit more change to your own life too, huh?  You're probably really tired of the hustle. The constant search for the "next right thing" that will take your business to it's next level.. webinars, freebies, $27 programs and a gajillion other shiny objects that promise THIS is the answer to your problem.

I'm nodding because I get it. I used to be stuck in the hustle, watching other bosses, emulating, copying, trying to implement what they were implementing... always falling just short of the prize.

I would sit and run the numbers. "If I can just get 100 people into this business, I'll make..." - surely it couldn't be THAT hard to find 100 people who need my help.


But it is, isn't it?

I spent 3 years in that place of limbo where I had enough clients to make it worth my while, but not enough to make me financially free. It took me 3 years to finally HEAR what my coach had been telling me all along:  I was all over the freaking place.

With my messaging, my niche, my presence.  I wasn't getting enough clients because my audience had no idea what I even DID, much less how to refer people to me.


So I pivoted. 

I honed my entire business down to the power of ONE.

One message. One niche. One solution. One funnel.

The rest is history... and those numbers are extremely fun to crunch these days.

I'm the mom to 2 teenagers who have their college educations prepaid in full thanks to my decision to pivot.

I'm the proud owner of a (paid for) minivan .. you can be jealous, it's ok. ;)


My decision to pivot down to the simplest factor of one in all things I do has been the greatest decision for my business in 2 ways:


1. I know how to talk about what I do, sell what I do and market what I do clearly.

2. I no longer have to worry about what to say, what to share, or what to write because my focus is so dialed in on one thing - it's impossible to steer off course

But you came here to learn a little bit about me, right?


Some fun facts:

  • I am not much of a sports fan with two exceptions: Penn State Football and the US Open.  I am a true nittany lion at the home games (and a bit of a yeller when watching from home), and don't tell my husband but it will never suck to have to watch a sweaty Novak Djokovic run around in shorts. #sorrynotsorry


  • My first job out of college was a social worker for mentally ill prison inmates in the Texas prison system. Fun times.


  • I have an unhealthy healthy obsession with my Peloton bike, and I talk about the instructors like we are besties. BECAUSE WE ARE.


  • Coffee will solve literally any problem I have, and if you bring me coffee, you are my soul mate and I mate for life.


  • I also think I'm really funny.  Husband does not agree. Kids just roll their eyes. It's fun.