Helping network marketers step into ACTION. 


Building a network marketing business that lands you in the top 1% of your company requires 2 things: 

Confidence + Action.

Elevated Leaders will teach you exactly how to get over yourself, and get INTO your business.


"I didn't realize how much I was holding myself back until I joined this program. Jessica has the perfect combination of personal development work with taking actual action each week to make progress. She helped me quadruple my monthly income within just a few months, and I've achieved the next rank easier than ever."

~Kristen W. - DoTerra


Your company provides you with training.

You KNOW what to do.

It's not a lack of knowledge that is holding you back from achieving your goals with your company.


It's consistency.

It's action.

It's accountability.


It's fresh strategy that no one else is teaching

Hey, I'm Jessica and I deeply believe in the power of direct sales.


Here's why:

It's empowering people to build their own economy.

It's giving financial freedom to many who may have never had the opportunity

It's showing our children that they can take life by the horns and design it to be the way they want. 

Status Quo be damned.


I'm not in direct sales. I don't represent a company, or sell a product - and I truly believe that's exactly why my students see success.

I'm a business coach.

When everyone else is talking about SELLING, I talk about BUSINESS.

Strategies that work for all businesses.

Tactics that will help you grow.

The mindset pitfalls of being your own boss and how to overcome those.


I'm not in direct sales, and that is my greatest asset when it comes to guiding you into your new role:


A BUSINESS OWNER who employs the tactic of Network Marketing.

There are 4 things that make your head spin:

Exceeding Your Warm Market

Friends and family can only carry you so far, and you need to weave your connection web to be wider than it is.

Attracting A Team That Wants To WORK

There is nothing more frustrating than building a team and realizing they don't want to build the business.

Social Media + Visibility Online

Bottom line: businesses are built online, and mastering this process is critical to your success. Social media needs to be your new BFF.

Your Own Mindset + Limitations

There is a part of your mind that needs to know without a doubt that this is possible and then KEEP GOING when it gets hard.


The good news is that all 4 of these are just a few weeks away from not being an issue for you any longer.


. . . . . . . . . .


Introducing The 4 Week Intensive For Network Marketers On The Rise

Where network marketers come to step out of their fears and into ACTION.


In this 4 week, LIVE intensive you will:

  • Overcome your fears and limitations, and step fully into your chosen path
  • Establish a routine to consistently generate NEW leads without cold selling, spamming the feed or driving your friends away
  • Design an online presence that your audience cannot resist being a part of
  • Align your own mindset and energy so that you're attracting not only more business, but the right people
  • Amplify your process for attracting team members who are ALL-IN
  • Cultivate a simple, weekly process for social media, team building and client nurturing



Here's What's Included:

4 Phase Process

4 Phases, over 25 video trainings, and deep dive workbooks.  Over the course of this program you'll receive step by step trainings to help you rise to your potential

Weekly Support

Every week, join Jessica back on Zoom for a Q+A session. Ask your questions, get the help you need, and don't be offended if she asks you to show your work. These are live, and they will help you customize.

Deep Dive Workbooks

To help you do the hard work, we've created beautiful, deep dive workbooks that you can print out and spend time on the hard parts.

 In-Between Support

To help you as you implement, you will have access to Jessica via a private forum.  In between your live trainings, and for 4 weeks AFTER they end, you'll be able to get support.

Elevated Leaders was designed to help you IMPLEMENT.




You'll receive trainings that take your knowledge to the next level - teaching you the concepts, strategies and mindset shifts you need to succeed.

You'll also receive specific implementation strategies. You'll learn specific actions you need to be taking in order to have success and level up.



This program is NOT for you if you're just wanting to sit back and watch.

This program is NOT for you if you're going to ask me how to make strangers respond to your text messages. NO cold messaging required in this program.

This program if NOT for you if you're only half-way in. This program will require EFFORT for 12 weeks and if you do the work, you should be miles ahead of where you are today.


"I've done several programs and have paid more for social strategy. Jessica always provides above and beyond the value for what she charges. She's clear and gives actionable advice that CONVERTS. Most coaches have great "golden nuggets" of advice. Working with Jessica gives you the entire GOLD MINE."

Devon James - R+F

"I get in my head a lot, and I get distracted by my life, my health and my family, and Jessica is amazing at pulling it back to focus.  She gives actionable, powerful steps that WORK and because of her, my business is really taking off.  I just had my best month of sales ever!"

Jessica Brennan - Beautycounter




94% of Network Marketers never make any money.

It's not because they CAN'T - it's because they have head trash that gets in the way.

This first phase is all about YOU. We are tapping into your fears, your mindset, the Universe, and setting the foundation for an intentional, energetically strong business.

This phase combines Law of Attraction with Mindset Shifts and we dive straight into how your fears and limiting thoughts are sabotaging all of your marketing efforts. 

 "One week. It took the first week with Jessica to show me that my business wasn't growing because of me, and this week was profound. She showed me how to see the value in what I do, even if it is 'just shampoo' - there's value in that." ~ Melody T. - Monat



In a saturated network marketing space, you have to set yourself apart and elevate your own image into that 1% well before you actually get there financially.  This phase is where we'll shift the way you do this, and pivot into social selling with a new twist.


You'll step into your expertise, and into your elevated status and build a platform for yourself to stand on, and in the process, you'll make social media simple.


 "Guilty. I am that person who thought that everyone was my audience because I didn't want to miss a sale, and I also didn't realize how I was perceiving myself in all of this. This week showed me that I have so much more to offer than oils." ~ Veronica R. - Young Living



Visibility in today's business landscape is primarily based on social media and this week we will dive right in. There are 7 tactics you should be using every week to maintain a social saturation of visibility online. We are going into detail on each one of them, and by the end, you'll have a solid social media plan, and the weekly checklist to keep yourself on track.


 "Well.... I thought I knew everything about social media, but boy was I wrong. The way Jessica teaches this is so simple, but it really works. I hated social media before this, and now I love getting on there to go through her weekly domination list. It's so much fun, and it's working - the people who are following me are exactly who I need." ~ Carrie S. - DoTerra



Building a team is easy. But building a team that wants to join the growth journey? That's a different story. This week we'll talk about how you can pivot to attract ALL IN team members and also set them up for success.


Your team needs a leader to step up and step in with them. You'll design a process that elevates your powerhouse team to a whole new level and sets them apart.


 "MIND BLOWN. This training knocked my socks off as I realized that I was doing it all wrong.  After this week, I changed everything in the way I speak to my team prospects, and I changed everything in the way I THINK about them.  I signed 3 rising stars during this 4 week program, and I know that won't stop any time soon." ~ Pat W. - Plexus



These bonuses have been specially chosen to help you have MORE success on your journey

Instagram By Design

Take your Insta game to the next level and learn everything from how to optimize your profile to selling in the DM's. A-Z IG at your fingertips.

Value: $397

444 Content Ideas

Never wonder what you should share on social media EVER again.Use these prompts to create content for your Instagram, Email List, Stories, Facebook + so much more.

Value: $97



What makes Elevated Leaders different?


The world has a dagger held to the neck of network marketing at the moment. Stigmas like "pyramid scheme" or people using the industry as their personal stomping ground to belittle another human being. 

Here's the thing: people don't know what they don't know.

They don't acknowledge that while yes, 98% of network marketers never succeed, the same is true of traditional entrepreneurs.

They just throw their daggers, hoping to drag down another human being because what network marketers are doing is SCARY. 

It's different. 

And the world does not do well when people are different.

Elevated Leaders was built to make you stand out in an industry where everyone looks the same.

It brings you business strategy, tactics and actions that will build a brand around YOU - not your products. So that you can stand out in the crowd, and when you share your products, the crowd will listen.

There isn't anything out there like this program. No one is teaching these tactics in this way. And NO ONE is offering 1-1 coaching at the same time to make sure you don't fail.

Elevated Leaders is different because YOU'RE DIFFERENT.  You weren't meant to look like everyone else - you were meant to stand out, and Elevated Leaders will help you do just that.