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Monthly Business + Mindset Coaching

Join Jessica Barnak once a month for a LIVE and interactive coaching experience for today's business owner.

  • Jessica will show you how to attract your ideal customers, speak their language, build a social media presence, create content, set better goals and so much more.
  • You'll learn the simplified process to building a business that is PROFITABLE in today's online space.
  • Jessica has over 17 years of business experience and THREE 6-figure businesses to show from it.  
  • Can't make it live? Every session is recorded for you! You'll have access to the Video and Audio versions for 30 days after the session.
  • PLUS!!! You'll have access to our private Facebook Group to interact with members, and ask more questions.


With your membership, you'll get access to:

  • 60 minute intensive LIVE business masterclass (upcoming topics found below)
  • Comprehensive workbook to dive deeper
  • Opportunity to ask Jessica questions during a separate monthly Q+A coaching experience
  • Private Facebook Community to find support, feedback and like minded women in business
  • Early bird discounts to Jessica's programs, services and special offers.


Here's how it works:

Each month, you'll receive an email with a link to join Jessica on a zoom call where she will teach live for 60 minutes on the topic of the month.

When the training is over, you'll receive a comprehensive workbook to dive deeper into the topic.

We'll take 24 hours to upload the training video to our website, where you'll have access to that month's masterclass for 30 days, or until the next masterclass airs.

About a week later, you'll receive a second invitation to join Jessica for a live Q+A session in which you'll have the opportunity to join Jessica and ask questions live, or you may submit them ahead of time.

Currently, our masterclasses are held during the 3rd week of each month at 7:00 p.m. eastern. The day will vary, however it will never be on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

(The next session is September 18, 2019 - sessions are recorded for those who cannot attend live)

JOIN THE MASTERCLASS FOR JUST $33 (next topic: Content Creation!!)

Who is Jessica Barnak?

Frustrated.  I used to be so frustrated by the online space.  Everyone I knew was creating complicated email funnels, paying for Facebook Ads, hiring video experts, webinar experts and spending their time trying to look perfect online.

I was exhausted by it all, and none of it resonated with me or why I started my business.  I felt like the doctor who got into the field to help people only to be inundated by insurance claims and paperwork.

I decided to change it.  I decided to simplify my business, my online presence and my strategy to be more aligned, focused and intentional - and it worked. I went from spinning my wheels in business to making BANK in my business.  This year, I will hit income levels that I only dreamt of years ago, and I'll be working a fraction of the hours I was putting in before.

I want that for you. I want you to love your business, enjoy being IN your business, and instead of wondering when it's all going to start working, I want you to learn how to make it start working now.

Business in the online space can be simple. It can be so simple that it leaves you time for your family, for self care and for doing what you love.  I hope you'll join me for this masterclass so that I can share that simplicity with you.



"Jessica doesn’t mess around. She’s a whirlwind of energy, creativity, passion, and action. She gets stuff done! After lapping up great (and free!) content in her Facebook group, I was ready for more. I took the plunge and signed up for a VIP Day. It wasn’t cheap, but it WAS worth every penny. In a few short hours, Jessica analyzed a number of income stream possibilities for me, shared her recommendations on the most profitable direction, and step by step, mapped out my Path to Profit. At the end of the day, I felt like I could actually do this. I can’t say enough about Jessica’s skills as a strategist and motivator. Count me in as a permanent Jessica Barnak fan girl!"

Suzette Mullen
Your Story Finder (

"You think you know, but then you talk to Jess and you realize you don't know - and suddenly there's a whole new world in front of you. Jessica is a rockstar in the business world, and to be able to learn from her in such an affordable, easy to access way is a gift from the Universe. Your business will be forever changed."

Heather Thames
Life Coach + Network Marketer

""Jessica is an amazing coach! She listens whole heartedly and coaches you to become more specific in the steps you are taking to reach your desires! She takes the guesswork out of building your brand and your business with her compassionate directness and expertise. I recommend her to anyone just starting a business or someone needing more precise direction to grow your business. Thank you Jessica!!""

Alicia Thorp
Consciously Calm


These are not in order of release and this list is not comprehensive.

Instagram Growth For Business

Your Brand Online

Social Media + Your Audience Needs

Online Courses 101

Facebook Groups + Launching

IGTV + IG Live

Attraction through Hashtags

Pinterest Made Simple

Content Creation Simplified

Direct Messenger Sales Strategy

Instagram Stories

Monetize Your Instagram

Scaling to 7 Figures

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 90 minute intensive business masterclass (upcoming topics found below)
  • Comprehensive workbook to dive deeper
  • Opportunity to ask Jessica questions during a monthly Q+A coaching experience
  • Private Facebook Community to find support, feedback and like minded women in business
  • Exclusive access to interviews with experts, influencers and guest speakers inside our community
  • Early bird discounts to Jessica's programs, services and special offers.


We are confident that no matter the topic, you'll walk away with some inspiration, education or a nugget of knowledge that will help your business. 

Nope.  The reason is simple:  Social media and business change quickly, and the information we are teaching is current, up to date and works TODAY.  Not 2 years ago, not 6 months ago .. in some cases, not even 6 weeks ago.

Canceling your membership is easy - simply email [email protected] and we'll take care of it, no questions asked. Please note that when you request to cancel, your membership is revoked immediately.

Also note: enrollment in the Masterclass is not open 100% of the time, so if you cancel and want to come back in for a topic of interest, you'll have to wait until we reopen and risk 2 things:

1. missing the topic that interests you

2. forfeiting the price you initially paid. 

Absolutely. Each masterclass is recorded and provided to you on our website in your library. You'll have access to the recording for 30 days, or until the next masterclass airs. We do not store or provide recordings of masterclasses beyond 30 days prior.

Masterclasses are held on the 3rd Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. eastern.  We announce the next topic live at the end of each Masterclass. 


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