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Minimalist Marketing 



Effective marketing broken down into simple, powerful steps

"This program helped me SIMPLIFY!"

Andrea Osterhold

"Super good value, really over delivered and the worksheets were useful and clear."

Katie Rose

"A straight forward, no fuss guide to marketing."

Carol Rogers

The same way stacks of clutter around a home hide the beauty of the space...


the busy work of your marketing and piles of content hide YOU from your perfect clients.

The Motto of Today's Marketing Guru:



Be Everywhere. At all times. 

The List of What's Expected from Online Marketers is Overwhelming... and Unsustainable.

  • Crank out content every day.

  • Write blog posts several times a week.

  • Record a podcast.

  • Create Youtube Videos 3x a week!

  • Go live on Instagram. Daily

  • Share 55 stories every single day.

  • Stalk Facebook Groups - give "value"

  • Make Pins for Pinterest
  • Build a lead magnet

  • Give TikTok a try!

  • Create an online course.

  • Use a complicated funnel

  • Hold discovery calls on repeat

  • Run a weekly webinar

  • Email your list several times each week

  • Don't forget to run ads.

It's time to let go of the "clutter" in your marketing, and amplify the path of least resistance.


I see you SHOWING UP.

  • You've bought courses, hired coaches, and learned enough to write a book.
  • You've watched a LOT of webinars
  • You've created SO much content. Daily.
  • You've tried Instagram... Facebook.
  • You're looking at the new Instagram Reels thinking, "OMG, do I need to do that TOO?"

You've gone all-in on your business, but it never seems to be enough, right?

And it's not your fault! The marketing gurus WANT you to be frenzied and feel like it will never be enough... so you ask for help. 

That's why every webinar ever recorded teaches you WHAT, but not HOW.


I want to show you a new way.

Hi, I'm Jessica. I'm a recovering "hustle" addict.

I used to try to be like the gurus, and I LIVED the advice:

"Just show up. Everywhere."

And boy, did I.

  • I went live. A lot. For a long time.
  • I wrote blog posts. 3 a week.
  • I posted on Instagram every day without fail.
  • And I wrote awesome captions.
  • I learned hashtags.
  • And how to create lead magnets.
  • And email campaigns.
  • I became obsessed with stories.


The results from all of that hustle...


---> Feeling burnt out and beginning to hate social media

---> Frustration over knowing "the right thing to say" next

---> Seriously considered quitting because it felt like no one wanted what I had to offer

Fast Forward to several years ago and I was sitting on yet another webinar and in the middle of a slide about marketing, the man presenting said this:

"Just call me a digital minimalist."

And that was it. Stars. Angels singing. EPIPHANY.

I closed my laptop, grabbed my notebook, and over the course of 5 hours, 2 phone calls and 2 cups of coffee later, I had outlined what is known today as Minimalist Marketing.

60 days after adopting this process, my programs brought in $57,000 in revenue.


By month 4, my programs were bringing in 6 figures. 


Today, I'm sharing that framework with you.

Imagine ....

  • Showing up online and prospective clients seek YOU out first.. no more chasing them down.
  • Knowing that your marketing attracts high quality clients - the kind of client who is ALL-IN
  • Being considered an expert in your industry because of the content you're putting out there
  • Finally getting that time freedom... financial freedom... travel!!! MONEY!! 


All because you embraced minimalism in your marketing.


 Minimalist Marketing can help you do all of that and more.

I'm ready to be a minimalist.

"This was one of the clearest and easy-to-follow step-by-step marketing strategy courses I have ever seen. I have taken a lot of courses that were very expensive, but the value I received from this low-cost course was priceless. I'm a linear thinker and need a very clear and concise workflow. This course delivered! Thank you, Jessica! I'm looking forward to implementing what you taught."

- Pauline Aughe

Jessica's minimalist approach to marketing is a breath of fresh air. I've been crippled with overwhelm when it comes to marketing my coaching business, but the simple steps that Jessica goes through make so much sense. I now have a blueprint for driving people to my content, and I feel like I can start building a business without feeling burnt out by the endless hustling.

Youna Angevin-Castro

Thank you for an excellent course! I found the process broken down was really valuable and the brainstorming workbook is priceless. Minimalist Marketing is brilliant for those that are completely overwhelmed by the demand to perform in the social media world.

Lucy Bennett

With this system, you will...


  • Streamline your marketing to just a few hours a week.


  • Know for a FACT that your content attracts qualified, amazing clients - exactly who you WANT to work with


  • Stop posting randomly, showing up live 6x a week, and messaging strangers.


  • Let go of the need to be everything, DO everything and be everywhere


I'm so excited to introduce...

Amplify your message, simplify your marketing + attract consistent leads

Without paid ads or being online 24/7 


This workshop is for coaches, service providers and course creators who want to simplify their marketing to attract more clients.

With this 6 part process, you’ll learn exactly how to:
  • Simplify your marketing so that you are never overwhelmed
  • Streamline your message so that your audience is never confused
  • Convert fans into kickass clients without paid ads, time consuming tactics or months of follow up.
Ready To Be A Minimalist?

Here's What You'll Learn When You Say Yes to Becoming A Minimalist

A 6 Part Video Training Series To Learn:

Minimalist Content

How to simplify, make it more powerful and create content that your audience ALWAYS resonates with

Unique Messaging 

We are going into the deep end and FINALLY nailing down your brand message and you'll learn how to weave that into your content for seamless selling.

Capsule Audience

The simple process for collecting an audience in a way that builds trust, nurtures that relationship + converts

Weekly Framework

Your Rinse-Repeat weekly system to not only nurture existing audience members, but attract NEW. In just 15 minutes a week.

Recycle + Repurpose

Learn how to take one piece of content each week and repurpose it like a pro, saving you time, energy + hassle.

Conversion Events

It's only useful if it creates clients for your business, right? In this lesson you'll learn how to take your tribe and convert them into paying clients.



PLUS: There Are Bonuses!!

In the spirit of minimalism + simplicity, there are just 3 that will support you on this journey:

Weekly Marketing Checklist

Keep yourself organized with the exact checklist I use every single Monday morning to keep my life and business in perfect order.

Value: $37

Write The Perfect Caption

Learn the exact process to write captions to your content that ENGAGE, and get your audience talking to you.

Value: $37

Social Selling Workshop

In this 45 minute next level training, you'll learn how to convert your audience into customers using Social Selling. No cold messaging strangers, no spammy tactics - it's about building relationships and trust with people who are already engaging with you.

Disclaimer: this is for the person who wants to be proactive in building an audience. This is not a passive marketing process, and it's not included in the "1-2 hours a week" marketing process.

Value: $297

Do you still need social media (FB, IG, etc)?

YES, you need social media to make this work for you. BUT, what you will learn in this program is HOW to repurpose your content to be directed at your specific audience using the social media platforms you choose -- so that you are effective and avoid burning yourself out.

Facebook and Instagram are the most common platforms to effectively utilize the strategy we teach.


Total Value: $1278


Join Over 1500 Students + Become A Marketing Minimalist Today for just $37


Are You In? Click Here To Enroll for Just $37.

Words from our students..

Cicely Everson

This program is amazing. Within 1-2 days I completed the trainings and had more than 60 talk topics and I have already witnessed more visibility, more product orders and a more streamlined approach to running the content side of my business. Thank you Jessica!

Lara Piu

This program provided exceeded my expectations. I now feel like I have a marketing plan that will lead me to where I want to go and I've regained w whole new level of excitement around my business! Thank you Jessica!

Alea Quiles

"I like how the program simplified everything and broke everything down into easy and manageable steps. I loved seeing how east it could be to rinse and repeat! My aha moment was when I realized I’ve been working way too hard. Ha! I feel like a weight has lifted and I have more opportunities at my fingertips! Rinse and repeat is so easy and simple it’s almost overlooked! Why don’t more people teach this?!"

Leslie Danielson 

"I like the idea of a minimalist approach, everything I see on line is completely overwhelming! I think the repeatability is very valuable. Reusing content was a relief, perfect for when you want to get out of town or take a break for some reason. I am totally inspired! I would recommend this program because of the simplicity. I feel like this it totally doable and excited to get started."

Ashley Krout

"Minimalist Marketing helped me find clarity around what I'm sharing with the world. I was able to articulate what I do differently than others in my industry and figure out the different categories that are my biggest strengths for sharing. I have Hashimoto's and am constantly looking for systems that will allow me to get my message out into the world without using a lot of my energy up and this program helped me put together a plan that conserves my energy. Thank you!"

Pam Walrod

This was very well organized. The content was delivered in a simplified (ha!) way, with short, concise lessons that inspire action. This program is innovative and my wheels starting spinning again on how I could deliver content with this simple, step-by-step process. It's amazing! I am implementing this immediately. It's going to save me a lot of time in creating content - not hours like it was.

This program just makes sense! It's a brilliant idea. It takes everything we get bombarded with on what we need to do to gain an audience and convert clients in a condensed process. Well worth the money and time! Learned a lot! Thank you, Jessica!

Lori Palmer

What I LOVED about Minimalist Marketing is it has helped streamline my systems. I had too many paths and too many things I was trying to promote and it only created confusion for my buyers. Not only does this information help make it simple for ME but it also makes is clear and simple for my prospects to have ONE path to follow.  I love this!!!

This program is simple and clear and helped me create a strategy to make my marketing work for me, rather than constantly chasing my marketing. I recommend this for anyone that feels overwhelmed by their marketing and needs a clear simple path to follow.

Jennifer DeBrosse

This training helped me tie together what I was already doing, but in a way that is SO much easier for my audience to understand. I've actually been sharing TOO much content and it felt random and hard to follow. This system helps streamline the content I already had - this will save so much time!

Aja Vancica

The lessons where ah-mazing and I love the concept because it's similar to what I teach, but from a different angle so I completely understood it and am super excited to give it a try. My aha moment was social media marketing of the "one" thing. I've tried this in the past with a weekly show I do on my biz page, but I now see ALL of the mistakes I was making and now know how to market it. I loved this entire program. I hadn't planned on hiring another coach, but now I HAVE to look into Jessica's program!!

Melissa Duran

I saw the ad for the Minimalist Marketing mini-course and immediately knew I'd be buying it. I didn't even read anything on the sales page-- I was hooked by the name and the ad. Jessica lays out clear steps which are so very valuable. The a-ha moment for me was definitely on how to EFFECTIVELY repurpose content. Not the HOW of repurposing but how to use your repurposed content effectively. This really blew my mind because so many people talk about how to repurpose or why to repurpose-- and I get all that. I've heard it a million times. But the minimalist concept of repurposing the content was worth the price of admission alone.

Nanette Foster

This marketing system is absolutely brilliant! Jessica cuts through the overwhelm with simplicity, clarity and precision. Now I know what to do, how to do it, how often, and the exact purpose of each element. This was what my business was missing, delivered at an amazing value!

Heather Rangel

My head was hurting from overwhelm and now it's exploding with ideas. Thank you for providing such structure and an easy methodology to figuring out what to say to my people. If you have ever used the phrase, "I don't know what to say" OR "I don't have anything of value to add", then this training is FOR YOU.

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