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Having owned 3 successful businesses in the past 16 years, Jessica is no stranger to business principles, marketing and exactly what it takes to bring a business to life in this day of social presence. She has helped hundreds of bosses accelerate their profits and find success and prosperity doing exactly what they love to do.


Infused into everything Jessica does is a bit of that spirit junkie style and a deep belief in the fact that the Universe does indeed have your back.  Having studied with Gabrielle Bernstein, Jessica brings a unique flair to the entrepreneurial journey by combining mindset work, Universal law and business into so much of her coaching. 


A self proclaimed Instagram addict, Jessica has found her social media home on the platform. With over 23,000 followers and a high engagement and conversion rate, Jessica has found the strategy and tactics required to not only grow her following, but to MONETIZE that following into dollars in her pocket.  Follow her here.


The mother of 2 teenage girls who have Cystic Fibrosis, Jessica understands the pull between family and work, and has found a way to successfully navigate both.  She lives by a principle that family always comes first, and as such, entrepreneurs should make it their goal to work less for more money.  That's exactly what Jessica teaches you to do.


"Jessica is one of the most resilient, flexible and courageous women I know.  She is one of those rare individuals who is able to learn from whatever life brings her in the open-hearted, curious way of the seeker.   As a result, her guidance comes from a place of deep wisdom born from experience as well as from relevant best practices.  One of her gifts is that she is able to simplify the complex into actionable, doable steps [and gorgeous visuals] so that her clients can translate strategies into immediate action.   Whereas many business experts try to impose a one-size-fits-all formula on every client’s situation, Jessica understands that there are many doorways in to creating businesses [and lives] that bring us both joy and financial success… and she helps us discover the ones that best fit for us.  She has made her life and her businesses works of art.  And she shows us how we can do that too."

Susan Sandler

Theatrical Speaker and Clarity Strategist for Women 45+

She takes the guesswork out of building your business!

"Jessica is an amazing coach! She listens whole heartedly and coaches you to become more specific in the steps you are taking to reach your desires.  She takes the guesswork out of building your brand and your business with her compassionate directness and expertise. I recommend her to anyone just starting a business or someone needing more precise direction to grow your business."

Alicia Thorp

Consciously Calm

She helped me out of my shell and gave me a plan.

"I absolutely loved working with Jessica. She truly helped me come out of my shell and gave me the tools I needed to get my business on track as well as helping me create a long term plan.  Her positivity is infectious and working with her is a pleasure."

Amy Cucksey

The Healthy Life Movement

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