Learn how to attract the RIGHT team members who are as driven, motivated and as passionate as you are.


Have you ever thought one of these things:


"I wish my team was more motivated."

"I don't know how to get them to WANT to do the work."

"My team is full of people who just want the discount."


Most likely, you have. And you're definitely not alone.

93% of the network marketers I've talked to have all said the same thing:

"I just want to find people who are as passionate about this as I am."


Here's the thing:

  • Network marketing is a saturated space.
  • The stigma is real.
  • Prospects are weary
  • Building a driven team feels really hard.


The good news:

It doesn't have to be this frustrating, and with a few simple changes, you'll be attracting builders in no time.

Join over 400 Network Marketers who have learned how to be intentional about who they attract into their team!


Regular price: $137

Your price:  ONLY $27 (for a very limited time)


Here's What You'll Discover....

Before you can build a successful team, you first have to go through a deliberate process of self awareness that will allow you to shift your message moving forward.

"This process helped me realize how I was actually sabotaging not only my success, but the success of my team. No wonder they aren't motivated." ~ Grace T (Doterra)

In this second lesson you'll learn how to be intentional about designing your team, and you'll walk through the powerful process of uncovering the right things to say to your next prospect.

"No one is teaching team building in this way. Jessica guides you to be deliberate about your team, and this lesson was a game changer for me. I have 4 (four!!!!) new team members in the past 3 weeks - and they are ALL energized." ~ Kimberly P. (Plexus)

In this final lesson, you'll learn how to pivot your language, your message and your social media content to intentionally attract the motivated person you seek. 

"I was blown away by this process. The first time I tried this, I had an amazing response. Since then, every time I follow this formula, I have at least 2 conversations with people about my business." ~ Cathy D. (Beautycounter)


There are 8 Billion (nearly) people in the world. You need the tiniest fraction to achieve your biggest dreams.


Your perfect team is out there.


They are simply waiting for you to say what they need to hear in a way that makes sense to them... in a way that they can envision that future for themselves.


You'll learn how to do that in this workshop.



You can get INSTANT ACCESS TODAY + all of these extra bonuses....

  • LIFETIME ACCESS to the videos + bonuses so you can binge whenever you need a tactic reminder
  • VISIBILITY BOOTCAMP - so that you can get in front of more people, more consistently on social media (Value $197)
  • THE PROSPECT DIRECT MESSAGE FORMULA - Learn how to send a message that your prospects WANT to respond to. (Value: $47)
  • HASHTAG WORKSHOP -Learn the two most powerful ways to FIND and USE the right hashtags to attract your perfect customer (Value $127)
  • THE PERFECT CAPTION - Grab my formula to writing the perfect caption every time... so your audience WANTS to respond (Value $37)
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YOUR PRICE:  ONLY $27 (For a limited time)

OK. I'M IN!!!



"This is the kind of USEFUL training we should be getting from our companies. Thank you Jessica for making it so simple!"


"No one is teaching this to network marketers. This is a whole new level of leadership."


"Tactic #3 of the Visibility Bootcamp started working for me on DAY 1, and 3 weeks later, it's still converting... MIND.BLOWN."


"Jessica gives the most value of any coach I've ever met. Don't even hesitate to buy this. It's worth FAR more, and it will change everything about your engagement on social media, and who you attract to your team."


"The Hashtag Workshop ALONE is worth $27.. even more! This is a steal!"


I'm a business coach who's talked to, worked with or coached over 4000 network marketers, and there are a few things I know:

Network Marketing isn't going anywhere (despite what the haters say!)

You have big dreams. Huge goals.

There are a few things standing in your way:

  1. The stigma.
  2. Finding and attracting builders (hello to this $27 workshop)
  3. Your mindset
  4. Social Media and getting out of your warm market

I know that you have a LOT of conversations. You talk to a lot of people, just like I do, and you want to see a greater return on those conversations.

I want to help you receive that too.

Here's what you need to know about me:

I'm not a network marketer. I'm a business coach.  I apply tried and true business strategy to the world of network marketing to help my clients, my students and my tribe elevate to the level they desire. 

Network Marketing is a singular tactic to grow a business. ONE.TACTIC.

I teach you, and thousands of others in network marketing how to tap into the many other options out there to rise faster.

It all starts with learning how to build a team that is full of motivated, driven people just like you - which is why I created this workshop.  I'm offering it at $27 so that every network marketer can afford it, and so that every network marketer can start making massive progress, and an incredible impact on the world.