You just want to coach.

You're not a marketer.

You're not a visibility guru.

You're not addicted to Tiktok.


If you're like I was, you've got a coaching business that you love, and all you want to do is TELL people about it so that you can have a greater impact.


You also really want to make good money, and work no more than 20 hours a week. Because, HELLO - time freedom and financial freedom are why you signed up for this.


But everywhere you look you see "firehose" coaches - showering you with a marketing task list that feels paralyzing, and like a lot of work that never ends.


You want to transform lives, but there is no way you're going to jump on the "latest and greatest" marketing bandwagon to do it.


And if you're like me.. you aren't interested in building a big team, managing a corporation or running some 8 figure empire.


You just want to do what you do, get paid for doing it and change a few lives in the process.





Hi! I’m Jessica

A marketing strategist + business designer for coaches like you.


I’ve been an entrepreneur for 18 years, and I've been masterminded by spiritual business legends Gabby Bernstein + Rebecca Campbell, and studied with the queen of business Kelly Roach.


I specialize in helping coaches build profitable businesses that are designed around "working to live" instead of "living to work."


If you're ready to amplify your revenue by simplifying everything, keep reading.

"No one has ever helped me the way Jessica has helped me."


My coaching business was a confusing mess and I wasn't charging nearly as much as I should be. Jessica helped me to get clear on what I was offering, who needed it, what I could actually charge (and get!) and then she helped me learn how to fill my program. 

I made back my One Coach investment in 90 days - TIMES FIVE.  

Jessica is the real deal. She's not saying what you want to hear - she keeps it real, and doesn't hold anything back. 

She's an absolute diamond in a pile of cookie-cutter coaching rubbish.

Vienna T.  - Confidence Coach

Designing Your Coaching Business Really Can Be Simple

Your Step by Step Process
Before you can build anything scalable, your first step will be to immerse yourself in the clarity process - it's a powerful, eye opening experience, and the foundation to everything you’ll build.
After you're clear, we’ll meet for a private 90 minute Path to Profit session where we’ll map out your next 6 months. We'll work together to design your custom strategy to achieve your income goals
Then, you’ll dive into designing your program, and bring to life the beautiful transformation your clients will experience through your coaching.
(you’ll even tackle that sales page, pricing + the next level magic that takes your program from mediocre to amazing)
Once your foundation is solid and you program on its way to being incredible, you'll select the one funnel that feels aligned to you. Every coach works differently, and we've created 5 funnels for you to choose from - to customize your business for YOU and the way you connect with the world.
No matter which funnel you choose, we'll walk you through the step by step process of designing each piece to be perfect for your target audience - so that your marketing becomes an irresistible, no-brainer yes for your audience (and consistently brings you new leads over and over again)
A funnel only works if you put it out into the world, and so you'll begin using your funnel to implement your marketing campaign organically, or work with our ads specialist.
Everything we teach works organically (without ads), and it can be enhanced through the process of paid advertising.  The choice is yours.
Apply For the One Coach Intensive Today
One Coach is a 6 month intensive that cuts through the noise of today's marketing overwhelm to create a simple, profitable process that enrolls clients consistently.
Without a 24/7 social presence or a big team.



Here's What We'll Do Together For 6 Months Inside of the One Coach Intensive


The Clarity Coach Discovery Process

Includes a 6 step process for the ultimate clarity as a coach, so you always know who you serve, what you do, and what sets you apart


90 Minute Path To Profit Session

Join Jessica for a 1-1 90 minute strategy session. Designed to create a "fast track" for your growth and implementation, we will customize your path through the program and help you refine your plan for maximum reach and growth.
This is your roadmap from where you are today to a profitable, scalable coaching business.


Bi-Weekly Coaching Sessions - Live on Zoom

Join Jessica live every other week to receive coaching and customized support for your journey on this process. Multiple times are available to serve our clients across the globe.


Materials + Copy Review

Submit your copy, sales pages, and outlines to us and we'll take a look, provide feedback and help you improve all of your marketing assets for higher conversions.

Your Signature Hybrid Program

Every program must be irresistible to the person purchasing it, and that's exactly what you'll create.  Your program will be transformative - and a no-brainer YES for your audience.
You'll design everything from the program modules to the price, the name, the workbooks and even the sales page. (Have a program already? Awesome! This will help you make it BETTER.)


Your Minimalist Funnel

Choose from 5 funnels designed to bring you new leads consistently. Each funnel works organically or with paid ads.  Simple, powerful and a beautiful rinse-repeat system for growth


Marketing Asset Design Workshops

As you begin marketing your services, you'll need to design your marketing assets: Micro Offers, Upsells, Masterclasses, Freebies and more.  One Coach provides simple, step by step trainings to design each of these pieces should you decide to use them in your funnel.


Lifetime Product Suite Access

As a student of One Coach, you will have lifetime access to the entire Minimalist Course Library including: One Coach, Minimalist Marketing, Minimalist Visibility + (coming soon: Minimalist Mindset)

You'll walk away with...

  • Absolute Clarity - on: Who. What. Why. How. And also your brand messaging, positioning and unique proposition in your specific market
  • The structure of your coaching offer ladder -- designed in a way that makes sense, and leads your prospects through an intentional and dynamic process that leaves them wanting more, and more, and more. (hint: it's not a freebie… we want SPENDERS, so we are designing with that in mind)
  • A a beautiful, exclusive and dynamic Hybrid coaching program -- created in a way that yields the highest price, and is also scalable so that it's not sucking up all of your time.  Plus, you'll be able to serve your clients at a very high level. Already have a program? GREAT! You'll be ahead of the game, and this process will help you make it even better.
  • Your very own, personalized and SIMPLE funnel to fill your program from day 1. You'll be presented with 5 funnels to choose from - all 5 are simple and all 5 are effective. All 5 can be run organically, or with paid traffic - your choice. (A FUNNEL is just an intentional process to take someone who finds you on the internet from being a stranger to being a fan to being a client)
  • Marketing assets so that you can construct a coaching business that runs on autopilot while you do the work that actually matters. (Your free offer, your micro offer, your signature offer, and even a 4 day video series.)
  • A RINSE-REPEAT marketing process that makes sense, and works while you're not.

You will go from feeling like you're all over the place to knowing exactly where your next client is coming from.

"Jessica heard my vision, understood my current hesitations and perceived challenges, and helped me to create a personalized and simple pathway"


"At the start with Jessica Barnak, I had all of the things that make me an incredible contribution to the world of coaching: tons of experience, expertise, confidence, and belief in what I do. And although these qualities got me off to a great start with my therapeutic coaching business, they weren’t enough to gather around me the people whose lives were meant to benefit from my services.
And that’s where Jessica came in.
By the end, I had a clear path from A (my expertise) to Z (how I will shape that into courses and coaching offerings to maximally and progressively nurture my future clients in their personal journeys to genuine happiness). Jessica heard my vision, understood my current hesitations and perceived challenges, and helped me to create a personalized and simple pathway (what the marketing folks call a funnel 😊) to translate my personal magic into a series of offerings that will benefit my clients far into the future. I’ve always had the gifts; now I have a way to share them more readily with the world. Thank you, Jessica!
Sophia Godkin - The Happiness Doctor
"The path that Jessica gave me motivated me to go all-in on my program. I enrolled 4 people in my group, created a program and became laser focused within just a few months.
If I hadn’t done this time with Jessica, I would have muddled along, and today I’ve got a 6 month coaching offer, a 6 week offer and even an easy entry offer.”
Suzette Mullen - Dream to Draft
"I was afraid of being too specific about my audience - I was afraid of offending or turning some people off from working with me in a group setting. I've realized through working with Jessica that turning people off is exactly what I need to do.  It allows me to know exactly what I'm saying and to whom, and it allows me to create offers and programs that are specific and very targeted to that person.  Doing this has helped my coaching skyrocket, and I'm having my best year ever as a coach."
Jessica Brennan - Clean Product Junkie
"Jessica is both kind and direct. She doesn't waste time and she'll work hard to make sure you don't either. The fact that she doesn't just put a series of slides up then disappear - she offers bi weekly coaching, she adds interesting bonus content - gives me the impression that she is on my side. It's not just an impression. I can absolutely assert she is on my side and will pull no punches - and always in a kind way. 
Jessica has helped me realize I have always down-played my own talent. I always assumed people hired me because I was kind, funny, charming, cute. It never occurred to me they hired me because I was talented."
Greg Rowe-Pasos - Relationship Coach

One Coach Is Perfect If You Are...

  • A 1-1 coach who would like to step into a simple, profitable (+scalable), group coaching offer 
  • New to coaching and you want to fast track your business, growth and skip the trial and error of building this dream of yours
  • An influencer who has an engaged, adoring audience, and you'd like to design a program to sell them that is designed around your own genius (not the affiliate payments of someone else's product)
  • Tired of feeling like your coaching business is all over the place
  • Ready to go all-in, get focused and design a program, marketing funnel and a business that requires less of you to make more money
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"You might look at her and see a sweet, kind blonde beauty, but underneath all of that is a killer with the most creative business mind I've ever encountered."


I joined this program hoping to just design my own program like it. I wanted what Jessica has because it works.  I left this program with so much more.  I have a group program making over $10,000 a month, a micro offer that makes me about $200 a day in profit (and climbing!) and every month gets better and better. 
Matthew V. - Financial Coach + Advisor

"The live calls were a game changer."

I have been a part of $20,000 masterminds and a few high ticket programs and NEVER have I been a part of something that was so action based. This program was WORK, but now that it's all done, I find myself wondering most days how it can be this simple because I don't have to create anything. It's all done - and it works.  Not going to sugar coat it: One Coach is not for the person who doesn't want to do the work, but if you do, you will wake up 6 months from now excited about the balance in your bank account, the messages in your inbox, and you'll wish you had done this program 3 years earlier.  
I have a group of over 3000 people now, and every time I open my program, I'm selling over $75000 to the members consistently. One Coach is a gold mine for the coaching industry, and could easily be 4x what Jessica charges because the revenue you'll make after you implement this process is limitless.
Victor Y. - Marketing Coach

"It feels too easy."


In just 3 months, Jessica took me from having nothing but 1-1 clients to having a full group program that generates over $15,000 a month in recurring payment revenue.
Chris E. - Ads Specialist

"When I found Jessica, her simple, joyful style spoke to me immediately."

I've been trying for 3 years to get my coaching business off the ground, and it all felt like I was walking through quicksand. There is so much to learn, and so much to process.
6 months with Jessica, and I have an actual funnel (I didn't even know what that was going into this program!) and my coaching enrolls 3-5 new clients every single month at $3500 a piece.  She would hate me saying this, but I've never met anyone like her, and she is my forever coach.
Magdalena R. - Spiritual Coach

"The fact that I was able to send Jessica my sales page and masterclass slides to look at and tweak was worth the price of admission alone."

I learned so much in this program, and I made A LOT of money (over $75K on my first launch), but the most valuable piece of this is Jessica.  She has set up milestones for her students to meet, and when you meet the milestone, you submit your creation and she'll review it, tweak it, make changes and make it BETTER.  
I've never met a coach who got their hands dirty like this..
Here's what she helped me with:
  • She gave me tips to take my sales page from being "ho hum" to being sleek, modern and a work of art.  Every client comments on it.
  • She made incredible suggestions to the slides of my masterclass - to make it less "salesy" and more authentic.
  • She gave me ideas on how to make my freebie easier to read, and even added some pieces to it that help it convert better.
  • She completely revised my upsell thank you page for my offer, and now it converts over 35% of the time.
To say that she's amazing is an understatement. I'm a fan.
Brett H. - Money Coach


  • 90 minute 1-1 VIP Day Strategy Session
  • Bi-weekly Coaching Sessions. Live access to coaching every other week for 6 months.
  • "Halfway" 30 minute 1-1 coaching call.  Check in with Jessica at any point for this bonus 30 minute coaching call to avoid getting stuck.
  • Materials and Copy Review. Submit your sales pages, outlines, and copy to us and we'll take a look and make suggestions.
  • Lifetime Access to the resource library. The coaching part of the program is 6 months, but you'll have lifetime access to the materials and all updates
  • Private Facebook Group for questions and support

Apply For The One Coach Intensive Today

What happens after I apply?


Due to the high touch and customized nature of this program, we have a limited number of spots inside of the Intensive.  
This is not scarcity or urgency - just the plain truth.


In order to serve our clients a high level, we have limited the enrollment.


As such, not every applicant will be a good fit. We'll review your application, and if we feel that the program will be helpful to you, we'll reach out with your next steps, and the process for you to schedule a final enrollment call. 


On this call, we'll chat about your goals, and answer any questions you might have.
Please note that if you feel One Coach to be a good fit for you, we will finalize your enrollment on this call.  


If you choose not to enroll on this call, we cannot guarantee a spot in the program, as we will allocate your seat to another applicant.