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Here's The Thing..

You got into coaching to help people, and you're damned good at what you do.

You change lives, and your business has GRIT.  It has this incredible potential to BE SOMETHING HUGE - if only you get out of your own way and focus.

But it feels like there are some things in the way of that big dream... 

So many successful coaches are doing what you do, and making serious money doing it.

And you want that too.

Because that money would mean that you have changed so many lives... including your own.

But there’s a problem…

No matter how much you show up online, or how many freebies you create, webinars you watch or how many groups you join... you're just not seeing the traction in your business.


The good news?

It's easily fixed.


The bad news?

Coaches today are ALL.OVER.THE.PLACE.


If I were to audit your social media right now, I’d find several different audiences, several different problems, a handful of freebies and a dozen different brand messages.

And that’s just in ONE week.

You have to stop being everything to everyone and allow yourself to elevate to the level of authority in your space.


And that doesn’t come by yelling “squirrel!” every time you see the next great thing that might be “it” for your business. (ahem.. how many webinars have you watched?)


If you were to audit today's successful coach, what is the "it" that makes them successful?


Would you say that they have a course that has sold thousands?

Would you say that they must have a big social following?

Would you say that they are spending boatloads on Facebook ads?


If you said any of those things, you’d be wrong.


Those coaches have something that YOU can have too:


Focus. Clarity. A Singular Direction.

Right now, you’re feeling overwhelmed by:

  • Not knowing what to say online to attract the right clients
  • Not knowing how to find new clients
  • The fear of talking to one niche because what about the rest?
  • The fear of committing to ONE THING because you can do so many things…

And so you keep doing what hasn't been working.

  • You keep your messaging general on social media. Talking AROUND the topic to keep it applicable to many.

  • You make 25 different free offers, hoping one of them will the THE ONE.

  • You troll facebook groups looking for ways to be of “value” so that maybe someone will hire you.

You’ve got to get laser focused, and it starts with letting go of your need to help everyone.


It’s 2020 and the market is saturated. 

To your prospects, coaches are a dime a dozen, and the ones they end up hiring?  They are EXPERTS.  Not expert as in “look at me, I have a PhD in blah blah” - but experts at one very simple thing:



The coaches who achieve excellence in their space do so by:


  • Taming the chaos and become known for one powerful message - everywhere.
  • Releasing the fears and speak to one niche - consistently.
  • Stepping into their authority and with One Signature Solution that all roads lead to
  • Generating new leads over and over with One Simple Funnel - rinse, repeat time and again.

Think about that… think about what THAT kind of simplicity will feel like in your coaching business. You could…


  • Get so laser focused on your niche so that you can easily create content online
  • Simplify every chaotic thought in your mind and become known for ONE thing
  • Consistently attract the exact right person every time with messaging that makes you a no-brainer choice for them
  • Generate predictable, reliable income in a way that doesn’t take MORE of you, but LESS
  • Confidently sell your services with ease because you KNOW you are THAT good.


Bottom line:  you’d have a business that is not only SIMPLE, but profitable and consistent.

That’s what One Coach is about. 


For the past 3 years, I've worked with coaches of all kinds, and all of whom have simplified their coaching business down to the factor of ONE.


One Message.  One Niche.  One Solution.  One Funnel.


That's my superpower: helping you simplify what your prospect actually needs, and then packaging it up in a way that it becomes a no-brainer choice for them.

Hey, I'm Jessica and I help coaches put down the shiny object and create a coaching business that is focused, profitable and fun.

You know how they say the coach coaches on the thing they needed to learn the most?  Well, it's true.  I coach on clarity + simplicity because for 5 years, I was stuck in limbo, and I've been in that place where you want SO badly to build a business, but the details of my own fears got in the way.

  • I've felt the fear over picking a specific niche - what if others want to hire me?
  • I've been paralyzed by overwhelm. Where do I begin and how do I know what's the RIGHT move?
  • I've obsessed over my pricing - struggling to know the PERFECT number to charge.
  • I've worried that no one would join my program.. what do I do then?
  • I've wondered if this would really work. (spoiler alert: it did)

I get it. I’ve experienced all of these fears and obstacles and many more before I finally put them away and found the courage to build an empire.  

Here’s what the gurus won’t tell you:

This program, their program, and all the 1-1 coaching in the world won’t help you if you aren’t willing to be courageous enough to pivot and say to the world:

“This is who I am now.”



A 6 Month Intensive to Help You:


Find a laser focused niche so you can stop talking to everyone.

Create a hybrid group coaching program so that you can move out of 1-1 coaching and into 1 to many seamlessly. 

Generate buzz around your business in the online space without paying for ads or spending 24/7 on social media.  (digital minimalism is a thing)

Fill your program with a simple, powerful conversion process.

Build your own economy with predictable, consistent and reliable income.


One Coach will ensure that  you save time, and rise to an exclusive level of simplicity.


Create ONE SOLUTION for ONE NICHE, with ONE MESSAGE, and using ONE FUNNEL to fill it.

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One Coach is based on 4 Simple Principles:

I created One Coach to solve a problem in the coaching industry:




There are a lot of gurus telling you to do this, or do that, or say this, or say that, and it’s all just so complicated —- so much so that it paralyzes a lot of coaches.


One Coach doesn’t just teach you how to simplify and step away from the noise of it all, One Coach helps you build a BUSINESS that is PROFITABLE.


Because, like it or not - you are a coach to change lives, yes - but you're also in this to make money.


So you have to stop marketing to broke people.


ONE COACH will walk you step by step through building a laser focused group program that is targeted and tailored to an audience who can afford you - and who will rave about you forever.


Gotta love that, no?

Devon James - Actor Coach

Actors With Intention

"Jessica is not only clear, relatable and extremely knowledgeable, and she provides actionable methods that have a financial return on your investment right away...even if that investment is simply taking the time to apply what she teaches. I’ve gained an influx of organic followers that are aligned with who I am, and vocally appreciate my content, but I’ve also shifted my focus to a much more specific niche which has gotten me 4 new paid clients without even selling them a course or even asking for payment. 

Jessica is action meets vibration -->  that is a powerful combo in a Coach."

Here's How One Coach Works...

Complete Resource Library. 

Complete with intensive trainings, documents, swipe files + more. Over 50 trainings to help you on your journey.

Weekly 1-1 Coaching On Zoom

Join Jessica every week on Zoom for laser coaching to get customized support through this process.

75 Page Deep Dive Workbook

Custom designed for One Coach, this will become your new best friend and your lifeline to a step by step transformation.

Monthly Accountability. 

Every single month, you'll be held accountable for the goals you set, and the action you plan to take. 


Over the course of 6 months, you'll go through 4 phases.


One Message

In this first phase of discovery, you will uncover the necessary details and descriptors that will solidify your brand message. This section will be the driving force for your program to ensure that what you create aligns with who you are.

One Niche

In this second phase of the program you will go through a carefully crafted process to uncover your one niche, what they struggle with, the language you'll use for your marketing, and you'll redesign the way you share what you do with the world.

One Solution

Within this third phase, you will dive into the process of creating your powerful group program. We'll work to design a signature process of your own and we'll tackle everything from naming your program to creating the sales page.

One Funnel

In the final phase of our program, you'll learn the simplified process to organic visibility in the online space. We'll cover everything from a free offer to a content plan that your audience will love - and everything in between. This phase is all about getting visible and filling that program.

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And of course.. there are BONUSES!

I've chosen these bonuses to support your journey through One Coach - to enhance it and make the process even more powerful and transformational for you.

Workshop Launch Strategy 

Join me as I walk you through the most powerful strategy to fill your program WITHOUT paid advertising. This process can be repeated every 6 weeks, and will consistently generate new members into your program.

Value: ($697)

Instagram By Design 

Instagram is by far one of the most powerful social platforms, and the easiest to find new prospects. Join me in this comprehensive A-Z Instagram course + learn how to leverage the power of the 'gram for your coaching business.

Value: ($397)

Content Creation Workshop 

When you go through this intricate process of redesigning your focus down to one, it comes with questions about social media. What do you post? In this workshop, you'll walk through my simple process for creating and brainstorming a year's worth of content in about an hour.

Value: ($297)




Email Sequence Swipe Files 

Minimalist Social Media Weekly Checklist 

Workbook Templates

Discovery Call Checklist + Training 

In This 6 Month Intensive, You'll Get:

  • One Coach Resource Library (Value: $2997)
  • Live Weekly Laser Coaching on Zoom (Value: $6000)
  • Monthly Accountability Checkins (Value $1200)
  • 75 Page Deep Dive Workbook 
  • The Coach Collective - A Private Community Just For Coaches
  • Bonus #1:  Live Workshop Conversion Events (Value: $697)
  • Bonus #2: Content Creation Workshop: (Value $297)
  • Bonus #3: Instagram By Design (Value: $397)
  • Discovery Call Cheat Sheet + Training (Value $197)
  • Email Sequence Swipe Files (Value $47)
  • Minimalist Social Media Weekly Checklist (Value $97)
  • Workbook templates (Value $147) 



Your Investment Today is only $4997

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Hannah Koschak - Dietician

Wholesome Endeavors

"Jessica is genuinely excited about the growth of her students, and always gives great advice! I liked the program because it was easy to follow, EASY to listen to, and very relevant and helpful. My confidence is so much greater now, and grew even more after enrolling my first client into my program.  Jessica helped me believe in myself, and my business.  Her guidance is invaluable, and I loved every chat we had."



Want a sneak peek?

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Suzette Mullen - Book Coach

Your Story Finder

"There’s such a need for this - to have it all in one place and simplify like this. There was so much good that came out of my time with Jessica. The path that she gave me motivated me to just go all in on my program. I enrolled 4 people in my beta group, created a program and became laser focused within just a few months. I learned a lot about what worked, what didn’t work and what I really needed to become a better coach. I learned what kind of clients I really wanted to serve, and who I did not want to serve.

If I hadn’t done this time with Jessica, I would have muddled along, feeling less and less aligned with my work. Today I’ve got a 6 month coaching offer, a 6 week offer and even an easy entry offer, and this work is already and continues to be very satisfying for me.”

If you’re still here and reading this…


I know you’re ready to let go of the chaos that you've been feeling around your business, and you're ready to get laser focused.  Your business has incredible potential to make massive ripples in the lives of everyone you work with, but it also has the potential to change your life too.

To give you financial freedom. Time freedom. Authority in your space.


One Coach will help you do that, and so much more.


In just 6 months, you can redesign your entire business to the power of ONE.

Enroll in One Coach Today

In This 6 Month Intensive, You'll Get:

  • One Coach Resource Library (Value: $2997)
  • Live Weekly Laser Coaching on Zoom (Value: $6000)
  • Monthly Accountability Checkins (Value $1200)
  • 75 Page Deep Dive Workbook 
  • The Coach Collective - A Private Community Just For Coaches
  • Bonus #1:  Live Workshop Conversion Events (Value: $697)
  • Bonus #2: Content Creation Workshop: (Value $297)
  • Bonus #3: Instagram By Design (Value: $397)
  • Discovery Call Cheat Sheet + Training (Value $197)
  • Email Sequence Swipe Files (Value $47)
  • Minimalist Social Media Weekly Checklist (Value $97)
  • Workbook templates (Value $147) 



Your Investment Today is only $4997

Enroll in One Coach Today

Meet Jessica Brennan.

Jessica started out as a Network Marketer for Beautycounter, and now?  She's a coach for Clean Living. 

Jessica wanted to find a way to combine her passion for clean living with her passion for Beautycounter, and with laser focus, we were able to clarify:

  • what Jessica ultimately stands for (One Message)
  • who needs that message (One Niche)
  • how that niche needs help making change (One Solution)
  • a simple process for generating new clients (One Funnel)

Today, Jessica runs a company called Clean Product Junkie, and she offers In-Home + Virtual Detox Coaching to help mothers understand the difference between green and clean, while recommending products that are safe alternatives.

Here's what Jessica has to say:

"I was afraid of being too specific about my audience - I was afraid of offending or turning some people off from working with me. I've realized through working with Jessica that turning people off is exactly what I need to do.  It allows me to know exactly what I'm saying and to whom, and it allows me to create offers and programs that are specific and very targeted to that person.  Doing this has helped my coaching skyrocket, and I'm having my best year ever as a coach AND a consultant."

Payment Options



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For 6 months


REMEMBER:  you’re taking 6 months to build the foundational signature program that will allow you to enroll new clients on-demand.  Most coaches charge $2000 - $6000 for their finished programs, so if you enroll just 1-2 new clients into your program, you’ll make your money back, and then some. 


PLEASE NOTE:  Due to the digital nature of this program, we do not offer refunds.  Please read this page carefully before you join. If you have questions and want to chat with us, schedule your appointment here.


Here’s the bottom line:


Coaching is needed more now than ever before. The world needs you to step up into the spotlight to help them solve their problems. They need you to be clear, specific and create powerful programs that will change their lives.

Because their lives need change.

Their lives need a boost of oxygen to feel alive again.

That oxygen is YOU. It’s your offer. It’s your message and your secret sauce.

I’m excited for you and the gifts you have to offer the world… I truly am.  From one coach to another, I hope your message spreads far and wide because we need you.  The world is thirsty for the good work that you do.