to the program designed for exceptional coaches who want to build exceptional programs.


. . . . . 

You're a coach, and you are EXCEPTIONAL at what you do.


Your clients rave. They refer. They see incredible results.


You are the caliber of coach who makes sure your clients are supported, nurtured and never walk away disappointed in your time together.


You feel privileged to be their advisor.


And you're damn good at it.

But even a coach of your expertise reaches the point where…


  • Being tied to your calendar begins to feel restricting.
  • Repeating yourself on coaching calls… stirs feelings of irritation.
  • You realize that you are ONE person, and there is a limit to the number of people you may serve, which also limits your revenue.

Which means…


You're starting to think about group coaching.


But…. Ick.


It feels low end - like one size fits all pants.

It feels like cattle herding onto a trailer

It feels like you'll be letting down your clients


And you're just not willing to sacrifice quality for quantity

What if I told you that you could design an exclusive coaching experience for your clients...


...that is comprehensive and marked by excellence and distinction for THEM...


...while ensuring YOU enjoy the freedom you truly desire?


and that you could offer it to MANY people at once…


...and that the caliber of your coaching would not be diminished.

Your future clients expect excellence.


They expect every detail of the experience to reflect exceptional service.


. . . . . . . 


Designed exclusively for coaches of distinction...


The One Coach Program provides a comprehensive suite of resources + personal support to ensure your client's group experience is nothing short of exceptional.


"The path that Jessica gave me motivated me to go all-in on my program. I enrolled 4 people in my group, created a program and became laser focused within just a few months.


If I hadn’t done this time with Jessica, I would have muddled along, and today I’ve got a 6 month coaching offer, a 6 week offer and even an easy entry offer.”

Suzette Mullen - Author Coach

One Coach is Based on 4 Core Principles



The Power of ONE is the secret sauce to transformative experiences for your clients.


Your program must be marked by attention to detail, exclusive access and unparalleled support tailored to the needs of the participant.


And this is where most coaches struggle.

As a high performing 1-1 coach, you are nimble...

You can solve a multitude of problems and provide resolution and guidance to your clients for nearly any situation that arises.

That is why you're good at what you do.

You're versatile.


Versatility is an asset to the 1-1 client relationship...

...but it can be the downfall of an exceptional group experience.

Unparalleled group programs are distinguished by 2 essential elements:


Critical Focus + Accountability


When these are missing... group programs have no sustainability.


But when they are present, clients rave, they refer and they experience incredible transformation because quality was not sacrificed.

"I was afraid of being too specific about my audience - I was afraid of offending or turning some people off from working with me in a group setting. I've realized through working with Jessica that turning people off is exactly what I need to do.  It allows me to know exactly what I'm saying and to whom, and it allows me to create offers and programs that are specific and very targeted to that person.  Doing this has helped my coaching skyrocket, and I'm having my best year ever as a coach."

Jessica Brennan - Clean Product Junkie

As a Exclusive Member of One Coach, you will receive unmatched and personalized support to guide you through...

  • Tailoring your message to meet the specific needs of your ideal client 


  • Designing an exclusive and supportive group coaching program to deliver transformation without sacrificing quality


  • Accelerating your authority in the online space to simplify + streamline your marketing


  • Refining your client acquisition process to be simple + scalable



We ensure that you rise to a distinct level of simplicity + authority for your clients.


One Coach has been designed to support you every step of the way

1-1 Laser Coaching

Join Jessica every week (as you require) on a 1-1 laser coaching Zoom call.  Face to Face support - so you accelerate your progress.

(Value: $12,000)

Materials Review

Each week join Jessica live on Zoom, and we'll walk through your materials, copy, sales pages, websites - tweaking your materials for the best possible result.

(Value: $10,000)

Training Vault

Inside the program you will receive access to over 50 trainings to guide you through the step by step process to building your own exceptional group program. 

(Value: $3000)

In Our 6 Month Intensive, You Will Be Guided Through 4 Phases:


In this first phase of discovery, you will identify the details, descriptors and elements necessary to solidify your messaging and establish you as an authority. This section will be the critical foundation to a program designed with distinction.


In this second phase of the program you'll be guided through a carefully crafted process to deliberately and deeply understand your perfect audience, what they truly struggle with, the language you'll use to connect with them more easily, and you'll redesign you process for sharing your message.


Within your third phase begins the deep-dive into the process of creating an exceptional group program. You'll be guided through outlining, pricing, naming, your sales page + more.


In the final phase of your 6 month journey, you'll understand simplified process to visibility in the online space. We'll leave no stone unturned as we navigate everything from a free offer to a content plan that your audience will love - and all the elements between. This phase is visibility resulting in enrollment. 

Additional Perks For Our Members

Live Launch

Learn the most powerful organic strategy to fill your program with qualified prospects. This process can be repeated every 6 weeks, and will consistently generate new members into your program.

Value $1000

Vibrate Higher

A 7 figure coach does not exist without mindset work, and understanding how your own thoughts, beliefs and energy are sabotaging your growth. Give yourself an edge + harness the power of a better vibration.

Value: $2000

Instagram By Design

By far one of the most effective social platforms in existence right now. Learn how to leverage the power of this visual platform to build authority, grow a tribe and convert into clients.

Value  $400

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"The Vibrate Higher bonus opened my eyes to becoming more aware of my every day emotions and how they shape my outlook on how I deal with personal and professional events. Jessica breaks down this topic into easy to understand and doable steps, and by implementing just a few of these steps I am able to change my vibration quickly. It feels incredibly good and something I know I'll be able to improve upon as my awareness grows with daily practice. Highly recommend"

Heike Martin 

As A Valued Member of One Coach, You'll Receive:

  • 1-1 Coaching weekly with Jessica LIVE on Zoom (Value: $12,000)
  • Materials Review - Live with Jessica each week (Value $10,000)
  • Training Vault - Videos + Accompanying Workbooks (Value $3000)
  • Live Launch Enrollment Method (Value $1000)
  • Vibrate Higher Law of Attraction Academy (Value $2000)
  • Instagram by Design (Value $400)
  • Email Sequence Swipe Files (Value $100)
  • Minimalist Marketing Program (Value $37)
  • Workbook Templates (Value $100)
  • Content Creation Workshop (Value $300)




Your Investment Today is Only $5000

(payment plan is available)

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"Jessica is genuinely excited about the growth of her students, and always gives great advice! I liked the program because it was easy to follow, EASY to listen to, and very relevant and helpful. My confidence is SO much greater now, and grew even more after enrolling my first client into my program.  Jessica helped me believe in myself, and my business.  Her guidance is invaluable, and I loved every chat we had."

Hannah Koschak - Dietitian

"Jessica is not only clear, relatable and extremely knowledgeable, and she provides actionable methods that have a financial return on your investment right away...even if that investment is simply taking the time to apply what she teaches. I’ve gained an influx of organic followers that are aligned with who I am, and vocally appreciate my content, but I’ve also shifted my focus to a much more specific niche which has gotten me 4 new paid clients without even selling them a course or even asking for payment. 

Jessica is action meets vibration -->  that is a powerful combo in a Coach."

Devon James - Actors With Intention

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Hi. I'm Jessica.

3 years ago, my coaching business hit a wall.

At the time, I was charging $2200 a month for my 1-1 business coaching clients, and I was serving between 12 and 15 a month.

As a 1-1 coach, you know this is a lot of clients who have high expectations of excellence at that price point.

But my daughter became very sick, and was admitted to the hospital.  For 21 days, I lived in the hospital with her, and I was constantly torn.

I was racing between making sure she was healing, comforted and feeling loved... and making sure my clients were feeling the same.

I raced from hospital bed to conference room so that I could take a zoom call.

But there was one moment in particular where it all changed.  My daughter was crying, scared and terrified of her impending surgery.... and I had a zoom call with my most high maintenance client starting in 7 minutes.

I remember the moment clearly because it was the moment in which I decided I would never feel that way again.. having such an inflexible schedule that I had to choose between my child and my client.

I chose my child.

I lost that client.

And from there, I worked to design a structure to my coaching practice that allows me the ultimate in flexible time without limiting my revenue potential.

Today, One Coach is a hybrid program that will teach you how to do that as well.  You'll walk away from this program with a group coaching program that can run without you - should you need it to.

Friends, life is short. We have to be deliberate about the design of businesses that fit into the lives and legacies we'd like to leave behind.

See you on the inside, 



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