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The Coaching Industry is Exploding

And with good reason.

Now, more than ever before the world needs support and is beginning to see the value of your expertise.

The world is waking up.


Yet, coaches still struggle to book clients consistently.


That's what I hope to change.




Right now, the marketing gurus are whispering in your ear:

"Just show up... everywhere."





There's an industry standard for coaches:

  • Create a Youtube channel.
  • Instagram everything
  • Go live
  • Write a blog
  • Do Interviews
  • Start a Podcast
  • Take photos every week
  • Email your list


All of this is incredibly overwhelming, isn't it?

You became a coach to help people - not to spend all day on social media trying to say the right thing and hoping for clients.

This is NOT what you signed up for, and that list is enough to make you want to throw in the towel.



Here's what I needed to learn before I could have real, tangible, wildly profitable success:


Clarity breeds revenue. 

Right now, you probably have 1-1 clients.

You probably have a course you've created.

You might even have a group.



But it's muddy.

Your audience is confused because you've got too many offers, too many messages, and you're trying too many things to get them to work with you.



I know this because I lived this.

For years, I showed up on social media, talked to anyone who would listen, and I HUSTLED. Hard.

I shared videos. Lessons. Tutorials. Tips. Tricks. 


I tried sharing tips:  "Maybe THIS tip will make them send me a message."

I tried inspiring them with mindset shifts: "Maybe THIS message will make them realize I'm worth hiring."

I tried emailing them high value: "Maybe THIS email will be the one that they all love."

I even tried offering free calls: "Maybe if they talk to me, they'll say yes without hesitation."



I spent years floundering around looking for that magic bullet that would kick things into high gear for me, and fill my calendar with exactly the right person.


Until one day, I woke up and realized I had been hustling and trying for 3 years, and had little success to show for it, and it was for one simple reason:


I was complicating everything.

It was then when I decided enough was enough, and chose to get laser FOCUSED.


I decided that for 90 days, I would focus on the power of One.


One message for one person with one problem, offering one solution and using one funnel to sell it.


And it was a game changer.


  • I pivoted my messaging.
  • Chose 1 social platform to focus on.
  • Promoted one solution.
  • Created one funnel 
  • And all of it was for one person.


What happened next was remarkable.


  • Within a week I was getting 5+ DM's every day asking me about my program.  People were coming TO ME.
  • My calendar was suddenly filling with discovery calls.  Prospects were excited to talk to me... and they were asking about my program before I could even bring it up!
  • Within a month I had signed 3 clients, and none of them hesitated to pay me. None of them balked at my price.
  • Within 6 months I had a 6 figure coaching business, and I was working less than 10 hours a week to make it happen.


I had ditched the social media saturation to embrace Minimalism in my business, and everything EXPLODED.

What I Did To Make This Happen:


Instead of offering 15 different things to 15 different kinds of people, I chose just ONE. Instead of creating content for 5 different platforms, I chose just ONE. Instead of being known for 10 different things, I chose just ONE.


When you offer free things, you attract people who want free things. I let go of the scarcity mindset, and designed everything for people who INVEST


Funnels don't have to be complicated or terrifying. My funnel works when I'm not, and consistently brings me new leads. Yours can do this too.


Right now, you believe that success will only come if you show up online in front of people constantly.

You believe that the hustle is the only way.


That kind of thinking is 100% false, and it's one of the biggest obstacles holding you back.


It's time to let go of this limitation and recognize that less is more.

There is a method to enroll $3000, $5000 or even $10,000+ coaching packages without the overwhelm of a 24/7 social presence, a big team or 60 hour work weeks.

It's a method that is based on the principle of minimalism: 
Getting laser focused on what your audience needs, focusing on efficient simplicity +  throwing away the clutter.
The process and system to design a hybrid coaching practice is incredibly simple, yet a game changer for your bottom line once you learn it.

Imagine what it will feel like when you are able to…

  • Develop a marketing system that allows new clients to come to YOU without having to chase them down... and without having to saturate social media.
  • Repel the "I'm broke" clients and consistently attract your perfect clients with systems that prequalify the BEST and repel the rest.
  • Simplify your entire marketing process into a rinse-repeat evergreen system that takes you a few hours a week to manage.
  • Increase your prices and FINALLY charge what you know your services are worth - and feel CONFIDENT doing it.
  • Design a powerful and transformational hybrid coaching business that delivers high touch, high level service without the calendar commitment of the 1-1 model.

What would it mean for you to be able to let go of the hamster wheel and stop spinning your wheels on tactics that don't generate clients?


Imagine being able to look at your business every week and KNOW that your marketing process is bringing you consistent clients without the hustle… and you don’t have to spend all day on social to make it happen.


Imagine eliminating 90% of the noise from your coaching business so that you can focus on the ONE thing you love doing:

transforming lives.

One Coach is the only program teaching coaches how to elevate their revenue with SIMPLE marketing. 


Design a transformational coaching business + the simple marketing required to sell it.


Here's What You'll Accomplish Inside One Coach:


  • Get clear - crystal clear - on: Who. What. Why. How. And also your brand messaging, positioning and unique proposition in your specific market


  • Identify and structure your coaching offer ladder in a way that makes sense, and leads your prospects through an intentional and dynamic process that leaves them wanting more, and more, and more. (hint: it's not a freebie… we want SPENDERS, so we are designing with that in mind)


  • Craft your very own, personalized and SIMPLE funnel to fill your program from day 1. You'll be presented with 4 funnels to choose from - all 4 are simple and all 4 are effective. All 4 can be run organically, or with paid traffic - your choice.


  • Design your exclusive and dynamic Hybrid coaching program in a way that yields the highest price, and is also scalable so that it's not sucking up all of your time.  Plus, you'll be able to serve your clients at a very high level. Already have a program? GREAT! You'll be ahead of the game, and this process will help you make it even better.


  • Create the marketing assets needed to construct a coaching business that runs on autopilot while you do the work that actually matters. (Your free offer, your micro offer, your signature offer, and even a masterclass.)


  • Implement a marketing process that makes sense, and works while you're not.


Receive live, real time support to help you:
  • the obstacles holding you back
  • questions you have about the content
  • customized ideas for your business + marketing
  • your social media presence

Whether you choose our classic or VIP option, you'll have the support you need to make massive progress in your business.

This program has been designed to inspire action. Over the course of 6 months you will completely redesign your coaching practice. 
In 6 months you will:
  • get clear on your message, your audience, your program + your path to profit
  • build and optimize your own coaching practice for conversions
  • design the marketing assets required to attract prospects into your business ecosystem
  • implement and automate your simplified marketing funnel
  • create a rinse-repeat system for consistent enrollments
  • establish a simplified social media process 

Submit your materials and copy for review.  We'll take a look, make suggestions and help you refine everything you're putting out into the world to be better and more targeted.

This perk is available only to our VIP students.



In order to design a beautiful program and an efficiently simple funnel, you need to get clear.  In this phase, you'll walk through the foundational process every coach needs to have in place to build any high ticket program.  We'll help you identify your messaging, your unique selling proposition, your secret sauce and how to set yourself apart from day one as a coach.

The goal is to attract the RIGHT people from the beginning, which means that we have to get clear on who that person is, what they struggle with, why they struggle, what they need, what they've tried, and how you can communicate everything you do with ease and clarity.   We'll make sure that you know your audience so well that it feels like you read their private journal (but you won't). This work sets the deeper foundation for your program, your offers, your offer ladder and everything you will design after this point.

Design an exclusive and dynamic hybrid coaching offers that your future clients cannot resist - even when you charge $5000, $10,000 or $15,000 for it.  This phase is where you get your hands dirty and design your offers from start to finish by intentionally keeping the steps that your client needs and throwing away what doesn't matter.  By the end of this phase, you'll have a beautifully structured hybrid program that is transformational, priced to position you as an expert in the market, and ready to enroll. We'll talk about everything from naming your offers to pricing and creating that sales page.

Create a simple, minimalistic sales funnel that takes the guess work out of your marketing and enrolls clients consistently.  We'll present you with 4 different funnels, and you'll choose just ONE to start. Each of the 4 funnels can be run organically or with paid traffic, and they each work independently of each other, so if you wanted to implement all 4, you can.  In this phase you'll design your offer ladder, and we'll walk you through the minimalists approach to marketing with funnels.  You'll be stunned when you see how easy we make this process for you, and of course, you'll receive step by step trainings to build each piece of the funnel you choose.




Micro Offer

Have you noticed on social media how everyone has a $27 or $37 offer?  You'll design your own, and it will be the perfect prequalifier to lead into your high ticket group coaching program. We'll walk you through step by step how to know what to offer, what to include and how to frame it in a way that makes them want MORE.

Masterclass By Design

Tired of boring old webinars? Yep! Me too.  Instead, you'll learn the easy, step by step system to write and record your own Designer Masterclass, and we'll teach you a simple funnel process that attracts the perfect clients, who prequalify THEMSELVES, and helps you enroll students without ever having to make another sales call.

Live Launch

Kelly Roach created the Live Launch Method, and as a former student of hers, and avid fan, I am taking that method of launching your program and teaching it to you step by step. This method is responsible for 6 figure sales in my own group program, and will be the most powerful, organic method of enrolling clients into your program every 6 weeks.  I learned this from the master herself, and now I share this with you.


"I was afraid of being too specific about my audience - I was afraid of offending or turning some people off from working with me in a group setting. I've realized through working with Jessica that turning people off is exactly what I need to do.  It allows me to know exactly what I'm saying and to whom, and it allows me to create offers and programs that are specific and very targeted to that person.  Doing this has helped my coaching skyrocket, and I'm having my best year ever as a coach."

Jessica Brennan - Clean Product Junkie

"The path that Jessica gave me motivated me to go all-in on my program. I enrolled 4 people in my group, created a program and became laser focused within just a few months.


If I hadn’t done this time with Jessica, I would have muddled along, and today I’ve got a 6 month coaching offer, a 6 week offer and even an easy entry offer.”

Suzette Mullen - Dream to Draft

"Jessica is genuinely excited about the growth of her students, and always gives great advice! I liked the program because it was easy to follow, EASY to listen to, and very relevant and helpful. My confidence is SO much greater now, and grew even more after enrolling my first client into my program.  Jessica helped me believe in myself, and my business.  Her guidance is invaluable, and I loved every chat we had."

Hannah Koschak - Wholesome Endeavors

"Jessica is not only clear, relatable and extremely knowledgeable, and she provides actionable methods that have a financial return on your investment right away...even if that investment is simply taking the time to apply what she teaches. I’ve gained an influx of organic followers that are aligned with who I am, and vocally appreciate my content, but I’ve also shifted my focus to a much more specific niche which has gotten me 4 new paid clients without even selling them a course or even asking for payment. 

Jessica is action meets vibration -->  that is a powerful combo in a Coach."

Devon James - Actors With Intention

One Coach is flipping the coaching industry on its head because it cuts out the noise and focuses only on what WORKS.

One Coach Classic




  • Intensive Training Vault 
  • Bi-Weekly Coaching Call 
  • Templates, swipe files + more 
  • Trello Boards 
  • Micro Offer Bonus 
  • Live Launch Bonus 
  • Masterclass by Design Bonus 











One Coach Platinum




  • Intensive Training Vault
  • Bi-Weekly Coaching Call 
  • Templates, swipe files + more
  • Trello Boards 
  • Micro Offer Bonus
  • Live Launch Bonus 
  • Masterclass by Design Bonus


  • 6 months Voxer Access to Jessica for customized support and feedback as you need it
  • Materials + Copy Review (Weekly) - submit anything you create to us and we'll help you refine it and tweak it to be better










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