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e-Design Is Your Solution To A Home You Adore

Take the guesswork out of design by working with a designer (yours truly) who can show you what it will look like before it's done. What's not to love about that?!

3D Renderings

I use photographs of your existing space, dimensions and structure to create a life like rendering of your new, designed space.  I take the guess work out of what it will look like when it's done.

Budget Friendly

No matter your budget, I will design your space accordingly to ensure that you can complete your space within the financial parameters you set.  No surprise expenses from this designer.


If you receive your renders and don't love something? Send it back with your request and I'll swap out the parts you don't like and make new suggestions.  

"I am the most indecisive person ever. I know what I like, I know what I don't like, but for the life of me cannot choose. Jessica helped me get crystal clear about what I wanted and then she showed me (literally) what it would look like and where to buy everything. She stayed within my budget and was amazing at answering my millions of questions. She's a Unicorn in the design world. Adore her!"

Hillary J.
Seattle, WA

"Jessica is a great listener. I rambled for what felt like hours on the phone, but she weeded through my thoughts and pulled out exactly what I wanted for my kitchen. In Nashville, designers are expensive and take a long time to get you on their calendar. Jessica had our design ready in 3 weeks and was there for support and questions along the way. I'm incredibly grateful to her. Did I mention she's the happiest person? SO happy! It's catching!"

Piper M.
Nashville, TN


I know you're wondering....


  • Cost Effectiveness - much less expensive than the designer who holds your hand through the entire renovation. 
  • 3D renders. Our renders provide you the security of knowing you like it before you buy it.
  • Turnaround. I typically have your final design to you within 2 weeks so that you can get started sooner than later. No waiting for your designer to free up time to work with you.
  • Budget Conscious- e-Design is perfect for the budget conscious family. Whether your budget requires IKEA or Neiman, I can make it work so that you aren't feeling the sting of the pricetag.


See the possibility. All of the images showcased here are actual renderings from actual projects.


Let's talk about the process.

The first step is knowing that you're ready to make a change in your home. When you are ready to START, then it's time to call me.
The reason for this? The suggestions I make are not going to be available for purchase forever, so it's best to have your e-Design completed when you're ready to click "buy" so that you can ensure getting what you want and not needing to settle for alternates because what you wanted was in stock 5 months ago.

From there, the process is simple!

  1. We schedule a consultation call (free) to chat about your space and find out if we're a good fit for each other.
  2. Once you've decided that you love me and I've decided that I have a vision for your space, you'll receive a quote, contract and invoice for services.  All invoices must be paid in full before I design - it's just the way it is.  
  3. Then, you'll send me some photographs, dimensions, inspiration and style photographs and your budget restrictions so that I can be sure to stay within those parameters of styled and money. (Don't worry, I have a questionnaire for this part!)
  4. Once I have all of the necessary pieces, I'll get to work on your space.  It will take me about 2 weeks (3 for kitchens) to pull it together for you.  
  5. I'll email you a PDF of everything you need to finish your space:
    1. Renderings to show you what it will look like
    2. Floorplan to show you where things go
    3. List of resources and materials used and where to find them
    4. Budget Breakdown
    5. DIY tutorials (if needed)
    6. Color suggestions and paint recommendations
    7. Additional Resources needed to implement the plan I create for you.
  6. If you have changes or don't love something? I ask that you spend a week with your design and make a comprehensive list of changes to be made so that I can make them all at once for you.  I'll happily do this twice for you before I start charging an hourly rate for design changes ($75/hr)

MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION:  What Does e-Design Cost?

  • Simple answer:  e-Design starts at $500 and can be as much as $1500 for a large or complicated space.  Best practice? Ask for a quote. 


Meet Jessica

A mother to two teenage girls, married 19 years and a resident of the first state, Jessica is obsessively creative and chooses happiness in all circumstances. Proudly combining intentional design with intentional mindset, she spends her days doing one of two things: Designing gorgeous spaces for people or helping working mothers shift their mindset.

"I don't believe that life has to be complicated or tragic, and neither does your home. I truly believe that your home is a direct reflection of what's going on inside of you, and if you're feeling that the spaces need sprucing up, it means you are being spruced up as well, and that is EXCITING.  It's amazing.  It means change is good, and change is healing.  I am a change-lover and I swoon over the spaces I make for people because the change ins't just in the surfaces - it's in their faces, it's in their hearts and it's change from a cellular level. It all starts with a design, but the change is visceral."

-Jessica Barnak



Ready to Get Started?

All you have to do is send me an email at [email protected] and we'll get you scheduled for a free consultation call.

Simple?  YES!


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