You don't have to go into debt to work with a coach + build a profitable business.


For Only $11/month You Can Get The Help You Need And Finally Get Serious About Building Your Business



Visibility  |  Social Media Strategy  |  Simplified Business Tactics



When I was a new coach, I was FRUSTRATED that most programs created to help me grow my business were $2000, $4000 or even $15000 or more.... and I wasn't making that much money.


Now, as an experienced business coach, I've decided to create a coaching program that EVERY boss can afford for just $11/month. 


Even better than that? It's SIMPLE.

YES! I Want Live Coaching On My Business + Visibility For Just $11



Take a look at the graphic below. Which steps do you struggle with?

If you're like most entrepreneurs, you glossed over the first 5 and went straight to 6. And now you're stuck.

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For $11 a month, I can help you get UNSTUCK and move to step #8, which is where the magic happens.


Because if you're like I was...

  • you've got this amazing idea for a business AND
  • you KNOW it's going to change lives

But getting it in front of the right people so they will actually BUY it? That's a whole new beast you have to tackle.

In your logical mind, you know that hiring a business coach is the fastest way to get there, but you're just not willing to put your family's financial future at risk for it, and so you're:

  • watching youtube like it's your job - trying to learn as much as you can from the nuggets other people give away as their "free content"
  • signing up for every free webinar you can get your hands on
  • watching other entrepreneurs in your space have success and trying what they do to see if it will work for you


And all of that is expanding your mind - and it's good. 

But none of it is working, because you need customized tweaks for YOUR business, and there's no one who will answer the questions that you have - well, at least not without charging you thousands of dollars first.


Until now.


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What You Get For Only $11/month

Cancel Anytime. No contracts. No Hassle
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30+ Video Lessons

  • The CLARITY FAST TRACK - Understand Who, What and How to target your perfect audience
  • CONTENT + NURTURING YOUR AUDIENCE  - Learn the overall content strategy to building trust and relationships on social media.
  • SIMPLIFIED SOCIAL MEDIA - Get the foundations of social media engagement, strategy and tactics
  • TOTAL MINDSET RESET for Entrepreneurs - Because sometimes you have to get out of your own way
  • BONUS TRAINING: INSTAGRAM FOR BUSINESS - The complete Instagram course to learn how to monetize and grow your following
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  • Receive Customized Feedback On Your Social Media Presence + Visibility Tactics
  • Get Help With Strategy From A Business Coach LIVE
  • Brainstorm Content That Your Audience Will Love.
  • Find The Clarity You Need To Attract The Right Person With A Simple Approach
  • Get Expert Advice On Organic Growth In The Online Space
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  • Get Unstuck By Asking Questions + Making Consistent Progress
  • Stop Using Tactics That Don't Work + Stay On Top Of What Does
  • Get Help Writing Copy That Will Convert
  • Get Off Of The Social Media Hamster Wheel and Show Up With Intention
  • Make Massive Mindset Shifts For A Powerful Entrepreneurial Journey + Get Out Of Your Own Way
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We'll Answer Questions Like...

  • How can I stand apart from my competition on social media?
  • How do I get people to buy from me online?
  • What content should I share on social media?
  • Which platform should I use?
  • How can I use Instagram to generate sales?
  • What can I do to get my audience to engage with me more online?
YES! I Want Live Coaching On My Business + Visibility For Just $11

BONUS: When you join today..


My Complete Instagram A-Z course:


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15 Intensive trainings on Instagram + how to monetize the platform

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Comprehensive workbook to uplevel your IG game

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Bonus video: tour of Instagram. Learn all of the features!

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The 9 changes everyone needs to make on Instagram for 2020 profitability

YES! I Want Live Coaching On My Business + Visibility For Just $11


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"Jessica offers clear, applicable ways HOW to make change. Clear, specific examples. And I love that Jessica doesn’t pull any punches, drops all her truth bombs with love and inspiration."

Holly McEwan

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"This training gave us so many more focused actions to take, and small, powerful steps we can take to improve our reach on Instagram."

Amber Volkin

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"What was so special about this training? 1. It's concise, 2. It's precise and 3. It's no BS. 

As always, Jessica provides high value and amazing content!"

Carole Vaudable Interior Design

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"Whereas many business experts try to impose a one-size-fits-all formula on every client's situation, Jessica understands that there are many doorways in to creating businesses [and lives] that bring us both joy and financial success... and she helps us discover the ones that best fit for us.  She has made her life and her businesses works of art."

Susan Sandler - Theatrical Speaker

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"No one is talking about social media like this. There's actual business strategy behind it, and you could almost call this a mini-business class in clarity."

Heather Williams

"I didn't know what to expect, but WOW. I feel like I just had my Instagram ass handed to me - in the BEST possible way. Jessica, you are awesome."

Brit Henley

"It's crazy how simple and POWERFUL these steps are. They aren't just applicable to Instagram, but all social media.  Powerhouse content for the price."

Gretchen Thompson

"In just 10 days since watching the videos on this, my social media is exploding, and I'm seeing more engagement than ever before - including 1 DM conversation that landed me a new client.  Makes me wish I had started this 3 years ago!"

Carrie Gray

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YES! I Want Live Coaching On My Business + Visibility For Just $11
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Hey, I'm Jessica

I'm a Business Simplicity Strategist for female entrepreneurs in the online space. Also known as @spiritualbosses on Instagram

I used to be where you are. I used to attend all of the free things, trying to absorb as much as I could without spending much money because I wasn't yet MAKING that much money, and it seemed like everything I did make had to be funneled back into my household to pay actual bills.

I struggled for a long time, and it took me nearly 4 years of struggling to make enough money to hire my first business coach.  Coincidentally, that's when it all took off for me. She taught me to streamline, simplify and be more focused. She pushed me to try new things and step out of my comfort zone and get over my fears.

I created this program at $11 a month to give that experience to the entrepreneurs in the world who are where I was:  Obsessed with your dream and just wishing someone would answer all of your questions so you could MONETIZE it, and have a larger impact on the world - and on your family.

I talk to a LOT of entrepreneurs, and there are some the common themes:  finding the right followers, knowing what to post, what to say, what to create, how to create it, what to charge... and the bottom line to all of that is this:

Your business is not nearly as complicated as you want it to be.  

Most entrepreneurs are inundating their audience with too much content in too many different themes, with too many different messages. I teach my clients to SIMPLIFY what they are doing, and have more impact with less frenzied action. By partnering mindset work with powerful, impactful strategy, my clients are able to build 6 and 7 figure businesses without burning out.

Sometimes, simple is the fastest way to grow.

YES! I Want Live Coaching On My Business + Visibility For Just $11
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