Social Media doesn't have to be hard.


Introducing A Simple, Streamlined Process to Building an Organic Online Audience


No ads.

No "content hustle."

No 24/7 social presence.


Just intentional strategy, value and absolute clarity.

If you're like most entrepreneurs... you just need more eyes on your stuff.


You know that if more people knew about you, they'd love what you're offering.


But that's the sticky part, right?


Getting in front of new people SOUNDS easy.. the gurus surely make it sound so... but for the LOVE... it's not.


Social Media is changing on the daily, and it's exhausting to know what works, what doesn't... and how to keep up with it all.


Hi, my name is Jessica and for the LONGEST time, I was invisible.


I had amazing offers.

I knew I could help a lot of people.


But no one knew my name...


And for the love of the Universe, I was not willing to spend 24/7 on social media to get my name out there.

I just didn't have time for it. 

But I was determined to find a way to grow my visibility without burning myself out.


And so, like everything else in my world: I embraced Minimalism in my visibility.

I became deliberate about everything.

  • Deliberate about who I was talking to.
  • Deliberate about my look.
  • About my words.
  • About my content.
  • About my offers.


What happened next?


The floodgates opened.


My content started getting engagement.


Prospective clients started seeing me as the expert and reached out to ME first.


Discovery calls started saying, "I found you on Instagram."


My follower count increased with people who were in my target market.

My revenue increased from sale after sale after sale.... all from social media.


But better than ALL of that?


I had established myself as the expert at what I do .... so complete strangers were recommending me to their friends.


And I did it all without showing up 24/7, DM'ing strangers + going live every day.

 Today, I'm sharing the exact process I used to grow my social media to over 50K fans, 5000+ customers and over $75,000 in revenue each month

A Step by Step Guide to Getting Visible Without Burning Out.. and Without Paid Ads


You Will Learn How To:


Begin to attract people who are not simply followers - but fans who convert into customers.


Consistently create content that your audience actually WANTS to engage with.


Elevate your level of authority in the online space --> so they are reaching out to you.


Deliberately and intentionally be driving your organic audience to your paid offers - and they will willingly go!

But How Could That Be Everything?


There is So Much More That You'll Learn:

  • Learn how to USE social media instead of simply watching social media 
  • Tap into the 3 kinds of posts you should be sharing with your audience for maximum authority building
  • Identify and structure your offer ladder in a way that makes sense, and leads your organic followers to your paid services
  • Understand the simple 3x3 method for a powerful social media presence that takes less time for more impact.
  • Brainstorm your very own personalized and simple content process. No two businesses are the same, and no social media content strategy is either. 
  • Design your dynamic and magnetic content in a way that yields maximum response from your audience. 
  • Create a simple social calendar that is intentionally planned to engage your audience and drive them where you want them.
  • Understand the secret to viral content, and why some content does better than others just like it.
  • Unlock my secret formula to stories that makes them simple, powerful and intentional



Implement a social media process that makes sense, and doesn't burn you out




Glowing words from our students


Michelle Anderson

"I knew I needed to figure out a system. I have invested in a couple of different SM platform trainings but I came to this program needing more support with what to actually use for content. And your program showed me how to break down a brainstorm process and then you gave lots and lots of examples - that is so priceless! You overdelivered by showing me how to use the right hashtags and how to break up my content.  I haven't seen any other educators teach how to do this and that's what us newbies need to learn how to do. I feel more confident in what I'm going to attempt to do on social media now."

Laurie Santos - Life Coach

"This program helped me streamline and position myself as an expert by stopping a lot of marketing behaviors I'd learn from a previous marketing "expert" that weren't supporting me or my business. Now, I feel lighter, more targeted, and I see it is working! Daily, I'm getting more followers in my niche target audience. I recommend working with Jessica because she helps get you real, honest, and true results that benefit your business, clients and your soul."

Deirdre Amies - Business + Money Mindset Coach

"I've spent literally YEARS learning how to increase visibility online across multiple platforms, getting coaching from 'experts' who only succeeded in creating more confusion and overwhelm. If only I'd had Jessica's Minimalist Visibility back then I would have saved so much time and energy!"

Helen Froling- Identity Empowerment Coach

"I found Jessica's teaching style easy to follow, no complicated jargon just relatable content needed for my business. The 3 x 3 formula was a mindset lifesaver. Although I do majority of the times post more often than this. It simplified how social media can easily work for any business."

Gina Madrigrano - Life Coach

"A system that is in line with my values, my life as a mom and business owner without having to spend countless hours a day on social media and end up resenting it. I found most valuable all the tips for instagram and the apps that help support me and their ease of use. My aha- that it doesnt have to be complicated and i dont have to be a slave to social media, that i can design my marketing to fit my life & values and not the other way around. I recommend this program because Jessica is generous in sharing her tools, her strategies, and is quite transparent and does not sell empty promises or a quick fix."

You'll Walk Through 3 Phases of Learning


Every profitable social media presence has to have these foundations in place before you can monetize. Without them, you'll be spinning your wheels.

3x3 Method

This method is the exact process I used to simplify my visibility process and build my Instagram to over 20,000 followers in the first year, as well as establish myself as the authority online as a business coach.

Intentional Content

Social media is nothing without content.  But that content doesn't have to make you want to cry, either.  Learn my simple, powerful process for brainstorming content, organizing it, and simplifying the process of "what to share."

But there's so much more that will simplify this process for you... 


So, you'll also receive:



Hashtag Workshop

Hashtags are where it's at! But the issue is that most of the time, they attract people who do what YOU do. And that's not what we want.

Finally learn how to find the hashtags that will get you exposure, AND how to stop using hashtags that only attract people in your industry. The goal: attract your target clients - not the people who do what you do.


30 Day Instagram Reboot

Let's face it: Instagram isn't going anywhere.  I've mapped out a 30 day plan for maximum Instagram growth that incorporates the changes made in July of 2021 - so that you're on top of what's working, and what's not. instagram is changing in HUGE ways - this reboot will keep you ahead of the curve.



500+ Content Prompts

Sometimes, it's just easier when you have a spark of inspiration and a fill-in-the-blank content idea.

Over 500 prompts are provided to you in this program - so you're NEVER without an idea for your post, story or video ever again.


Content Planner

You'll receive my personal content planner - the one I actually use every month - to help you stay organized.

As a bonus, I've created a video showing you the step by step process I use every 30 days to plan my content, organize it and keep it intentionally driving my audience to my offers.


"This planner and the content prompts are worth the price of admission ALONE. I use them literally every single day."

Carrie G. - Empowerment Coach


Join Jessica every month for a live Q+A session to get your questions answered and take this process to the next level.


What are you waiting for?


There has never been a better time to master a simplified version of social media. 



  • Visibility Training Library
  • 3x3 Method
  • Simplified Content System
  • Stories Made Simple
  • BONUS: 12 months access to Monthly Live Calls
  • BONUS: Hashtag Workshop
  • BONUS: 30 Day Instagram Reboot
  • BONUS: 500+ Content Prompts



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