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Have you ever been to the waters edge at sunset?


The way the light hits the ripples and dances in the evening descent of the sun.


The soft sound of the water rolling up on to shore.. Hitting your toes.


The birds screeching overhead as they search for dinner.


Maybe the feel of a light breeze that whisps your hair and causes you to close your eyes and just breathe.


At the edge of the water you feel peace and calm as if it's a magical spot on the Earth.


That feeling is slow living.

It’s the magic of tapping into your connection to nature, connection to quiet and the deep knowing that right now, right here in this moment, everything is ok. 

But it’s not just being near the water that feels slow.

It’s the feel of your feet on thick grass.

The relief of sinking into your sofa after a long day.

That first sip of coffee.

It’s the joy of slipping into clean sheets at bedtime

Or the eerie quiet of your back porch at night.


Slow Living happens for all of us, every day. It's in the tiniest moments that go unnoticed.


But, most people will never notice.

Society has us trained to MOVE ....


  • Be more.
  • Do more.
  • Give more.
  • Say more.
  • Work more.
  • Make more. 
  • More. 
  • Better.
  • Best.


We've been trained for so long that all of that hustle feels normal to our bodies.

It feels like it will always BE this way because it's always BEEN this way.



Our bodies have been conditioned from birth to DO.

To excel. To impress. To exceed expectation. 


The good news? The conditioning is not normal.


It’s not your baseline.

Slow is your baseline.

Ease is your baseline.

Calm is your baseline.


And even better news?  You can excel, you can impress and you can exceed expectations inside of a slow lifestyle.  


Slow Living doesn’t mean:


Quitting your job

Hiding from your friends

Saying no to everything

Living a boring, unproductive life

Being alone all the time with goats and trees.

Slow living means one thing:



Intentionally designing your life, your energy, your day, your relationships and your work to meet the energetic speed at which YOU are most comfortable.

Hi, I'm Jessica and I used to move FAST

I lived by the belief that if you weren't doing something, you were lazy. 

  • I talked fast (east coast girl here, so this will never go away)
  • I worked fast
  • I was addicted to my phone.
  • I checked email compulsively
  • Watched social media a LOT
  • Hustled harder than anyone I knew
  • Stayed up late working, got up early to work more
  • Felt like I was always behind and would never get it done 

I hustled. HARD.

Until I couldn’t hustle another moment.


In 2007, the Universe bitch slapped me and forced me to be intentional and slow down.

I didn’t have a choice.


Both of my daughters were diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis and if you have google, you can learn about it. 

Bottom line: it’s terminal and scary AF.


It required me to take a good look at my priorities.

CF taught me how to design a life where I could drop anything at a moments notice.

And it taught me how to slow down time because suddenly I didn’t know how much time I had left with my girls. 


I was desperate to slow down time.  


And so I learned how to do just that.

I started doing everything I now teach, and within about a month, my life felt different.


My hustle shifted.

My energy shifted.

My mindset made an about face.

My perspective became laced with wisdom.


And I felt the happiness creeping in to override the fear.

That creeping… the happiness taking over the fear.

The calm taking over the anxiety.

The peace creeping in to wipe out the overwhelm.


You don't need to be facing the worst moment of your life to have it.

You can have it now.


That is why I do what I do… and it’s why I’m so excited to introduce you to this program.

It’s slow.
It’s simple.
It’s life changing if you allow it to be.


A practical guide to intentional peace in a busy world.

Slow down your life to speed up your peace.


Without having to own goats, exile to the country or quit your job. 

This workshop is for people who dream of the silence while stuck inside of the hustle.



With this 7 video workshop, you’ll learn exactly how to:

  • Simplify your life so that you nip anxiety and overwhelm before they begin
  • Embrace 5 slow habits that are designed to lower stress and improve wellbeing
  • Recognize and redesign the areas of your life that disrupt your peace
  •  Use a life design tool to guide your path, your purpose and your slow living journey
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Here's What You'll Learn When You Say Yes to Slowing Down

Slow Living 101

Understanding what slow living is, what it is not, and why it matters more now than ever before in history. These are your foundations to slowing down intentionally.

5 Practical Slow Living Habits

With these 5 habits, you’ll slow down time, embrace your own well being, and learn how to prioritize your own energetic needs - so that you are showing up as your best self every day.


Life Design

Sharing a powerful tool for taking a deep look at your own life, your own unique energetic blueprint, and uncovering how this tool can guide your slow living journey - and your life.

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PLUS: One Powerful Bonus


The world is negative.

The people we love can be very negative.

Often when we become intentional about our time, our commitments, our energy and this process of slowing down, it can be upsetting to the people around us.

  • Other people may notice where they move too fast.
  • You may begin setting boundaries that were previously wide open.
  • Or the people in your life may simply not understand, and harshly let you know how they feel.


OR, you may just realize how truly negative the people you love are, and you need strategies to navigate their energy.


This mini workshop talks about how to deal with the people in your life (friends or family) who aren't the most positive people.


Total Value: $875


Step Into Slow Living Today for just $57


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Charity K.

"I'm 1 hour into this and already using what I've learned. I can feel my stress just melting away at the THOUGHT of slowing down, and this makes it so simple."


Kara G.

"I saw Jess on Tiktok and immediately knew this was what I needed. This program doesn't disappoint. She keeps it simple, and I'm already slowing down just a few days later."

Henrietta C.

"Slowing down.  It seems impossible! But I love that Jess made it easy to integrate into your day as it stands.  By adopting just a few of these tips, I'm already feeling more space in my mind and my energy. Thank you Jess! Love it!"

Words from our students in their post-workshop survey...

Ready To Slow Down? Click Here To Enroll for $57

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