"Jessica is one of the most engaging, high energy and magnetizing speakers I've seen in a very long time. She could talk about anything and I would listen."

Melody Garrett - Founder + CEO

Signature Topics

Vibrational Marketing

In this day of information, vibration matters more than anything. In this talk, Jessica teaches CEO's, Founders + Network Marketers how to harness the power of their vibration in their marketing for greater success.  It's like finding a secret weapon.

Law of Attraction

Join Jessica for a crash course in the Law of Attraction and how it shows up inside your life and business. Learn basic strategies for maximizing this Universal Law, and simple shifts to begin attracting more of what you want and less of the rest.

Your Next Level Life

In the end, a person is rich when they have a mountain of cash, but a person is wealthy when they have balance.  In this popular conversation, Jessica will teach you what it takes to uplevel your life, your vibration and your entire journey so that it all feels rigged in your favor.

"My team loved hearing Jessica speak! They walked away motivated, inspired and finally ready to look at how they are showing up in their business. This was the most important training we've ever had."

Heather V.
Blue Diamond - DoTerra

"I'm not "woo" at all, but hearing Jessica break it down into simple terms helped me really understand how I was actually sabotaging the very thing I work for every day. She blew me away."

Julie S.
Executive Coach

"This woman is the real deal, and the stuff she's teaching you is lifelong. You can't UN-learn it. "

Cara B.
V.P. Marketing

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