Do you have a graveyard of unfinished courses?

Are you tired of buying courses, getting the knowledge and then never implementing what you learn?


You've landed here on this page because you're serious about your business and you're ready to find new clients online and make money from all of your efforts.

We live in the age where information is free. You can click over to google right this moment and learn anything about anything and within a week you could call yourself the "expert."

But it's useless information if you don't know how to IMPLEMENT what you learn. 

Part of the problem with the business industry right now is that too many coaches are HANDS-OFF. 

  • No accountability.
  • No follow up.
  • No "How is this working for you?" and "How can I help you?"

In order to succeed in business in today's online space, we have to take massive action.

If you are one of those who has purchased course, after course, after course and you're still not seeing the results you want? You're in the right place.


Intentional Entrepreneur Program

The Intentional Entrepreneur is a 6 month Business and Instagram intensive for today's spiritually minded entrepreneur.  We help you harness the power of clarity, focus and consistency so that you can make 6 and 7 figure leaps in your business.  Not only will you have absolute clarity, but you'll have a plan that doesn't overwhelm you.  Our goal with this program is to help you design a simple system that is tailored to your business that you can use over and over again to sell products, fill programs and generate more leads. A system that will bring you that financial freedom you seek.


Private 1-1 Coaching with Jessica

You have questions and you need feedback that is tailored to your business specifically, consistently and frequently. You are looking for someone who's accessible, will hold you personally accountable and who will push you outside of your comfort zone. 1-1 coaching is perfect for that business owner who needs play-by-play support and a customized plan of action for her business.

1-1 coaching may just be perfect for you.

Instagram VIP Day

If Instagram is a real issue for you, then a VIP session with Jessica may just be the answer.  We'll take a deep look at your Instagram, your business, your goals and create a comprehensive plan of action for you to move forward using the platform. You'll walk away with clarity around your audience, your IG strategy, your content strategy and your overall messaging on the platform.  Our VIP days are packed with info, massive action and motivation to make huge leaps in your Instagram starting TODAY.



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