When you design your business around your expertise and experiences, you build a tribe of fans who adore you and are excited about your services and products –  resulting in more sales, more exposure and a greater impact on the world.

Perhaps you’ve been working at your business for a while or you’re brand new to being an entrepreneur, but either way you can SEE the future you.  Every visualization, every dream, every future vision tells you that you’re meant for something that changes lives, and you’re on the edge of every dream coming true.

  • I used to think that the harder I worked, the more success I would have. I thought that if I could find that perfect piece of knowledge, THEN I would be able to really go for it in my business and teachings.

Sadly, I have to report that there was no perfect piece of knowledge.

The thing that did the trick?  Consistent and intentional action.  Also known as:  Showing up.  Taking my own knowledge from my own arsenal and just showing up for people in the most imperfect way.

  • Showing up in your business doesn’t have to be complicated with funnels, webinars, books and other overwhelming internet things.  It means pushing yourself outside of your strategic comfort zone while not allowing your fears, insecurities, and knowledge gaps to hold us back.

I want to help you step over the edge you’re standing on and into something incredible.

I have simplified the process for you with our Miracle Masterclass.  You’ll gain massive clarity, confidence, strategy, and a deeper understanding of just how impactful your business can be in this world. Even better? You’ll figure out just how that business of yours can start making money and you’ll have the plan to make it happen.

Building a business that changes lives requires strategy, consistency and courage.



  • 6 weekly live intensive trainings  (recorded for you, with replay access)
  • Weekly live Q&A with Jessica to answer questions and dig a little deeper
  • Access to our Private Facebook Group for community support, to ask questions and surround yourself with women who are on a similar journey.


BONUS TRAININGS: Because strategy is one thing, but tactic is another. We are teaching you not only the “what” but the HOW.  


  • Freebies: What makes a good freebie?
  • Email List Building:  Strategies to build that list easily
  • Instagram:  How to build your following organically and quickly
  • Live Video:  Everything you need to know to go live.

Jessica’s Story…

2007 was a pivotal year in my life .. I think anyone would have been changed, but me? I was transformed entirely by just 3 phone calls.   In just 3 short phone conversations, I found out my business had burned to the ground (literally, a fire), and that both of my daughters were diagnosed with terminal Cystic Fibrosis.  It truly felt like an earthquake had rocked our entire life to it’s very core.  Priorities were reexamined, dreams adjusted, routines forever changed and everything we had so carefully crafted had to be tweaked to meet our new normal.

It’s quite a story isn’t it?  Space will not allow me to fill in all of the details, so I will share this:  the story above is shocking to many, but it’s the reason I stand in this space I’m in today. I am a woman who was thrown some of the worst life can offer and in the midst of it all, I rebuilt a business to multiple 6 figures, started a new company that achieved 6 figures in 8 months, and I’ve perfected the art of letting it all be EASY.  This journey I’ve been on has placed me in front of you as a woman who knows that life is hard, unfair, challenging and at times completely terrifying. While most people would succumb to the fear, my journey has taught me to rise above it and find laser focus on what matters – whether that is in business or family is irrelevant.  When you focus on what matters, you gain clarity.

It is that clarity that I bring to my business today. 11 years ago, I learned very quickly that businesses can be rebuilt and it doesn’t have to be hard, yet today I see so many entrepreneurs struggling with the tactics, when all they need is a simpler, easier strategy. As women we are pulled in a million directions every day and I truly believe that our businesses do not have to be difficult or strenuous. We can let it be easy by focusing on what matters.  Just as I learned how to focus on what matters in 2007, you can learn how to focus on what matters in your business and shut out the noise.  I can help you recognize what’s really important to you and then help you design a business through simple strategies and tactics that will help you achieve that beautiful work/life balance we all strive for.

Someone recently asked me why this is called the Miracle Masterclass.  I feel as if every time an entrepreneur wakes up and takes control of her life and her business, it’s a miracle.  Miracle is defined as: a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency.   Women all over the world are stepping into their greatness and my mission in my life is to empower every woman I meet to be a better version of herself – to step into that power. To let every woman know that her voice matters, that everything she touches is better for having experienced HER and that SHE is the miracle.

I guess it’s not a surprise that I truly believe our lives are guided by a higher power – you may say God, Buddha, Universe, Spirit, Source… nonetheless a higher power. We are the inexplicable event being guided by the higher power. WE are the miracle.


One of Jessica’s gifts is that she is able to simplify the complex into actionable, doable steps (and gorgeous visuals) so that her clients can translate strategies into immediate action. Whereas many business experts try to impose a one-size-fits-all formula on every clients situation, Jessica understands that there are many doorways into creating businesses (and lives) that bring us both joy and financial success… and she helps us discover the ones that best fit for us. She has made her life and her businesses works of art, and she shows us how we can do that too.”

Susan Sandler

Theatrical Speaker and Clarity Strategist for Women 45+

“I absolutely loved working with Jessica. She truly helped me come out of my shell and gave me the tools I needed to get my business on track as well as helping me create a long term plan. Her positivity is infectious and working with her is a pleasure. I highly recommend.” Amy Cucksey

Wellness Coach, The Healthy Life Movement

Jessica is an amazing coach!  She listens whole heartedly and coaches you to become more specific in the steps you are taking to reach your desires! She takes the guesswork out of building your brand and your business with her compassionate directness and expertise. I recommend her to anyone just starting a business or someone needing more precise direction to grow your business.

Alicia Thorp

Consciously Calm

I came to Jessica with no idea how I was going to make my business work. What other people were doing didn’t fit into my lifestyle or feel good to me as a person. She taught me that I can carve my own lane and do things in my own way, and people will respond because they are responding to ME, not my business. The biggest lesson for me was that I am the face of my business and if I stay true to who I am, I will attract my people.

Melanie S.

Network Marketer

Your Investment

The Miracle Masterclass is a game changer with an incredible value.  Intensive training paired with one on one coaching is the exact formula to push you out of your comfort zone and into massive success.

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