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One simple word is keeping you from success

You can have the prettiest brand with the nicest logo, the best brochures, and tons of money to spend on marketing, but if you are missing one key component, you’ll never move up that ladder towards those massive dreams you guys have. Imagine if you went to your hair...

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This is Us and a breath of fresh air

This is Us.  Have you watched it? Are you loving it?  I am addicted to it.  I think all of my friends are addicted to it.  It's a beautiful capsule of heart wrenching fictional reality and I swoon. The reaction has been visceral. Not just for me, but for everyone I...

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living out loud and giving up HGTV

I was talking with a friend about cable TV. She was mortified when I told her that for 5 years we had no cable television in our home. Her first question was "You're a designer! How did you watch HGTV?!?" Queue the look of horror when I said, "I didn't." "So you've...

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