I believe that every single person on this planet has a stroke of genius that they take for granted. Knowledge that can be used to better the lives of the people they encounter, and knowledge that can be used to boost their lifestyle, their financials and their overall happiness in life. I don’t believe that everyone has the gumption, grit or tenacity it takes to run with this knowledge and make a business out of it.  If you are a person who wants to help others – either by coaching, advising, writing courses, creating programs or live events, you are in the right place.

My genius is in that zone of helping others create the path that leads them where they want to go. I’m a brainstormer, idea generator, strategist and all around wizard for coaches, course creators and the change makers of the world. I’m uncomplicated by nature and I like to keep my business the same way – simple and effective.

“Jessica is one of the most resilient, flexible and courageous women I know.  She is one of those rare individuals who is able to learn from whatever life brings her in the open-hearted, curious way of the seeker.   As a result, her guidance comes from a place of deep wisdom born from experience as well as from relevant best practices.  One of her gifts is that she is able to simplify the complex into actionable, doable steps [and gorgeous visuals] so that her clients can translate strategies into immediate action.   Whereas many business experts try to impose a one-size-fits-all formula on every client’s situation, Jessica understands that there are many doorways in to creating businesses [and lives] that bring us both joy and financial success… and she helps us discover the ones that best fit for us.  She has made her life and her businesses works of art.  And she shows us how we can do that too.”

Theatrical Speaker and Clarity Strategist for Women 45+