This Graceful Life

We’ve gotten it wrong.  This life.  It’s not about the hustle. It’s not about the dreams and the goals and the 7 figure incomes. It’s not about how big your house is or what kind of car you drive. It’s not about the intelligence of your kids or the college they attend, and it’s not about your parenting skills. 


It’s not about the things we soothe ourselves with to numb out the pain.  It’s not about wine Wednesday’s or escaping to a Netflix Binge.


We’ve gotten it all wrong. We’ve missed the message and destroyed the point of life.


We are here to rise. To evolve. To become a better person from a SOUL level. To learn how to play the symphony of life’s lessons so that we can create a masterpiece in co-creation with the Universe. 


Your life is an interwoven blanket of micro-lessons. The small ones, the big ones and the catastrophic moments that are meant to help us grow into the space our soul knows we can reach.


It’s not about the dark moments, the happy moments, the joyful, the sad and the intimate moments. It’s about how we navigate them. It’s about how we move through the pain and the sadness and the joy and the elation. It’s about how we love others and ourselves. It’s about how we love.  Simply put, this life is about choosing love more than fear.


Give me 4 weeks and I will give you a new perspective, a new mindset and a fresh set of soul-centered eyes upon which to co-design the life you love.


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